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Fast&Up Reload - Combo of 2 Tubes - Berry Flavour

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  • Instant Hydration and Recharge to help you beat heat and prevent dehydration while you train, travel or perform any activity
  •  Maintains electrolyte balance to prevent muscle cramps
  • Reduces fatigue, relieves muscle exhaustion and muscle soreness
  • Provide instant and sustained energy
  • Great Tasting, Fast Acting
  • HOW TO USE: Drop, Dissolve, Drink. Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it dissolves completely and the drink is ready to be consumed. You can consume this hydration drink anytime during the day or during your workout. For 500 ml - Drop 2 effervescent tablets, wait till it Dissolves and Drink


Fast&Up Reload is a hypotonic effervescent hydration supplement during workout for instant hydration and electrolyte replenishment for your body with the right combination of electrolytes, antioxidant, carbohydrates and vitamins. Available in the form of an effervescent tablet, this hydration supplement in energizing Berry Flavour helps you to beat heat, replenish electrolytes lost during sweat and recharge instantaneously during travel or any fitness activity. Made in India, this 100% vegetarian hydration supplement is available in a tube of 20 effervescent tablets to help you beat heat and prevent dehydration while you train, travel or perform any activity.


Fast&Up Reload hydration drink contains a unique combination of Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidant and Carbohydrates for instant hydration and replenishment of nutrients essential for hydration. Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chlorides are the major electrolytes lost during training and travelling. With the right combination of electrolytes, Fast&Up Reload electrolyte supplement is gentle on stomach and helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance. It maintains the body fluid balance and helps replace fluids lost by sweating and relieves muscle exhaustion and muscle soreness.
Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Calcium aids in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. Vitamin D contributes towards your intake which many people in the population have inadequate amounts of.
The unique Maltodextrin and Fructose combination in a 2:1 ratio provides ideal combination of Sustained Energy and Instant Energy without having any sudden spurts in sugars.
The effervescent form of electrolyte supplement helps in avoiding any kind of gastrointestinal distress during your workouts! Fast&Up Reload helps you replenish them and rehydrate your body with no added sugar to ensure good health and a good workout.


India’s Only Pure, Clean and Fastest Acting Hydration Supplement, Fast&Up Reload is India’s First Effervescent Hypotonic Hydration Supplement to be Informed Choice Certified. The ideal combination of Maltodextrin and Fructose (2:1) helps ensure instant and sustained energy. With the unique effervescent technology, Reload is convenient to carry & easy to drink. All you have to do is Drop, Dissolve in 250mL water and Drink.


The Informed Choice Certificate is a globally recognised quality assurance program which certifies the not only the actual finished product itself, but all the composite raw materials, the supply chain and the manufacturing plant/facility is clean, safe and of high quality to ensure that the products do not carry ingredients that would be prohibited in sports by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).


Hypotonic hydration drinks contain particles that are less concentrated than body fluid which means they are more quickly absorbed by the body. They help ensure quick hydration without any muscle cramps or dryness in the mouth. They speed up the rehydration process. This is just what your body needs to hydrate itself. With the right combination of Electrolytes, Antioxidants and Carbohydrates in hypotonic formula, Fast&Up Reload is the perfect hydration choice during workout for your body.


It can be consumed anytime during your workout or even on a hot day when you need to hydrate yourself. It is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain hydration balance in body during various sessions of activities. The drink can be used all the year round for hydration purposes for various kinds of exercises.


Energy354.92 Kcal13.84 Kcal
Carbohydrate69.79  g2.72 g
Total Sugars46.43  g1.81 g
Protein0.53 g0.02 g
Fat0.00 g0.00 g

Each effervescent tablet contains:

Sodium 180 mg
Potassium 77 mg
Chloride 122.87 mg
Magnesium 20 mg
Calcium 12.5 mg
Vitamin C 37.5 mg
Vitamin B12 1 mcg
Vitamin D3 100 I.U.

1. What is unique about Fast & Up Reload?
Fast&Up Reload is India's First Effervescent Hypotonic Hydration Supplement to be Informed Choice Certified with an ideal combination of Maltodextrin and Fructose (2:1) helps ensure instant and sustained energy. Reload is convenient to carry & easy to drink. All you have to do is Drop, Dissolve in 250mL water and Drink.

2. Why Fast & Up Reload is useful?
Fast&Up Reload electrolyte supplement is gentle on the stomach and helps to maintain the right electrolyte balance. It maintains the body's fluid balance and helps replace fluids lost by sweating and relieves muscle exhaustion and muscle soreness.

3. When to use it?
It can be consumed anytime during your workout or even on a hot day when you need to hydrate yourself. It is suitable for anyone who wants to maintain hydration balance in body during various sessions of activities. The drink can be used all year round for hydration purposes for various kinds of exercises.

4. How to use it?
Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink

5. How much water?
You can dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water.

6. How many tablets a day?
A normal person can take 1 tablet per day. But a person who is active and spending a lot of sweat in any physical activity can easily intake 2-3 tablets per day.

7. Can you consume it directly?
It's made from the unique effervescent technology and so it is to be had after dissolving in the water and have it in a drink form so that the nutrients are absorbed effectively.

8. What is the minimum age to consume the tablets?
It can be taken by anyone who is above 8 years of age.

9. Is it Informed choice and what does it mean?
Yes. The Informed Choice Certificate is a globally recognized quality assurance program which certifies not only the actual finished product itself, but all the composite raw materials, the supply chain and the manufacturing plant/facility is clean, safe and of high quality to ensure that the products do not carry ingredients that would be prohibited in sports by the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA).?

10. Is it ok if we take it pre workout?
The Fast & Up Reload is an electrolyte and hydration energy drink which is to be taken during the workout to replenish the electrolytes and energy lost during the workout. However, there is no harm in taking it pre-workout for getting good hydration levels.

11. Is it fine to take a reload on an empty stomach?
Yes, it is fine to take it on an empty stomach.

12. Does it contain Caffeine?
The other flavors do not contain caffeine. But, Fast & Up Reload + Caffeine contains 30 mg of Caffeine.

13. Does it have any side effects?
It does not have any side effects. In fact, it's easy to use, easy on the stomach and works very effectively.

14. Does it helps in promoting stamina?
Yes, it helps in instant energy and replenishing the electrolytes and so, it helps increase stamina.

15. Does it contain added sugar?
No, it does not contain any added sugar. The sweetener used in the tablet is Sucralose which is completely safe and is diabetic friendly.

16. Does it help in replenishing the electrolytes?
Yes, it helps in replenishing the electrolytes lost in sweat during intense exercise.

17. Which of all other nutrients are included in the diet?
It has Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, etc. in addition to the electrolytes.

18. Fast & Up Reload is available in which all flavours?
Blueberry, Cola, Lime & Lemon, Berry, Citrus

19. Is there soda in the product?
The products do not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz

20. Does it have chemicals, how can it replace the natural foods?
The products are not meant to replace natural food, they are supplements the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to today's lifestyle and diet.

Product Reviews

Deepesh baranwal

I like the taste of berry flavour
Jyoti Shankar

Taste is so good

It's good in taste. Effectiveness, need to test
Anand Nott

love the taste. I dislike getting addicted
Dr Prashant

Berry is excellent one
Janak patel

Fantastic product. I use during my LSD.
Arun Kumar

Very testy

Very effective electrolytes for endurance sports like marathons and Bram's :)
Sanjay Bhardwaj

Good very testey

Very nice

No complaint

Products are goods

Jiten Agrawal

One of the most effective supplement
S natarajan

I have tried muti vitamin tablet. It works well for my recovery post run

Quick disolving Great taste Helps build immunity

Refreshing and good..taste. works well during workout. Easy to carry while travelling
Meena Chaudhary

It really energies me as ASO feeling rresh

The product are very good, since I have using fast n up I m not having any cramps and the energy gel is very useful

The product is good, this is helpful

Lime n lemon is very tasty

Good taste good to use


You guys have very good taste and flavours.
Paresh sachdeva

The reload was amazing

Ravi kumar

N sharma

Excellent taste of product.i this this can be carried for long as expiry is 18 months.this suits very well as duration between 2 runs can be long .a big blue for me

Good taste

Love how it makes me feel during run

Gud product,always use while running

Reload berry flovour is an awesome product, provides instant boost to energy and balances the electrolytes
Vivek Misra

I am a regular user of Activate, Reload and Recover. It's nothing like anything else. The Best

Very good and a good replacement for a snack or meal before workout
Shivakumar G K

No complete run without Fast & up
Peasant singh

Great product for runner


I have been using FnU for last 2+ years. It gives amazing energy and recovery boost for the runs. Ideal companion for long runs. Thanks

I have used it in Malabar ultra and it helped me to keep up my energy and salt levels up to the mark . Was able complete 80km with fastandup product use. Taste is really good and never feel bored of taste after long use in ultras... They need to reduce the colouring agents . Overall it is best product for endurance activity.
George Shimin

It's good hydration drink. It's good for recovery after run.
Sai Sravanth

Reload tube is a very refreshing drink to have after the workout, been using it for over a year now
Jai Pagaria

Best hydration I have used till date

I take the reload durin run and find it realy amazing
Sanjay Bajaj

I have been using fast and up products for past 3 years, reload, vitalize and recover are excellent products, gives me enough energy during my workout, recover helps in quick recovery, excellent products for fitness enthusiasts.
Sunny yadav

Bhagyesh hede

Love the feeling of effervescence and electrolytes . Recovery from exhaustion is very effective. Must have after long run.
Sri Devi

Really effective
Badri narayana

Reload while running makes me run faster kind of gives me energy and finish the line
M Jeya Prakash

Good pre and post run fuel
Varadaraj honnappa

It's very good and gives energy and refreshment

Really energetic when ever I feel down in my running

Been using Fast and Up for all my long runs, and love it.

I have been an active user of fast and up and it never fails to provide instant energy and hydration
Harish MD

Very good

Vikash kumar

The best

Liked good source to boot
Vasu k

Taste is good
Anxiety Venkataram

I love the product after a heavy workout. Used to get headaches before I started using this
Sandhya Jayaram

Trying new berry flavour, liked it. Green apple BCAA tastes good.
Anuradha maligachari

Liked it, berry has nice fruity flavour, citrus flavour tastes artificial.

Overall good taste
Yash sharma

I really love fast and up. It helps me recover after my runs
Ravi Deshmukh

TUBE Package is a good way to keep the tabs unharmed on the travel. Nice to carry and use as per convinience…………..
Pooja Jori

Give it a try guys!!!!!! Reload did not false promise anything and delived as mentioned in the adds. To improve just continue using it and get to know the difference. Amazing flavour though.
Nandini gowda

First I thought the tabs will take time to dissolve but surprisingly they were really quick …. You can drink it quick giving instant boost… I like that it has really minimum amount of sugar for energy , No added sweetness used… Really amazing product to have.
Vikas Prajapati

The tubes are sealed pretty well and the tabs were in good form too… Ordered quite a few times !!!
Priyanka Desai

The tabs are great for in between exercise breaks which is hardly for 30 seconds not much when you switch. No need to drink extra water other than the dissolved tab ones.
Jaya Naik

I have been using Reload tabs in between my badminton practises and also after a match… It does hydrate me well also I don’t get bloated with additional water intake I used to take in before…. Just the right amounts of nutriments I was looking for….
Shramik Waghela

Reload is not just an ordinary electrolyte drink…. Infact the sugar content is good enough for the boost as well as the salts that rehydrte you well during exercise…
Rajesh Gholap

I get to see a lot of Buzz around Marathons which a number of energy drink campaigns. 5 months ago I happen to come across Fast&Up which offfered good range of products for sports… I tried Reload which was there in flavors and liked it.. Berry is my personal favourite and it also has good ingredient value to make up for the endurance needed for the long runs. Been ordering it frequently and quite satisfied with the results as well.
Dikshita Meher

My Cramps occurrence has reduced drastically as I started using Reload berry on a regular basis. Perfect hydration product which also gives you the necessary energy shoot up required while running. I participate in running with my husband and we both recommend Fast&Up Reload to all...
Shantanu S

Reload berry helped a lot to overcome my fatigue…
Ritvik Joshi

BOX of Reload berry is what I order frequently… Feels good for taste and refreshment than your daily Lemonade as such…. Nutritive values are also precise with right sugar amounts and electrolyts.
Debashish Mitra

The tabs were in good condition and received the order on time as well.

FAST&UP Reload berry is amazing….. I didn’t knew the dissolving tabelts could give such instant bubbles.. Great thought by fastandup guys !!!
K. Madhubabu

Cycling is so much Fun as now I take less stops to refuel myself… All the Credit goes to Fast&up RELOAD. Tabs in water just tickle your tongue as its tasty and you can feel the difference soon enough… I recommend this if you wanna see real boosts in yor performance.. Going for more flavours now !!
Jithesh Bannari

The tubes packing is realy convinient to carry around. I add it up to my Sipper and do all running without long breaks to catch up on my stamina.. Reload gave me the push I required in my daily running… A must have product in you list.
Ripun Sangma

Boxing is my passion and I have been practising day in and out from 5 years for lifting my stamina. Reload sips in between my regular practise rounds did great.. Charge felt after having it is for REAL!!!!!!!!
Deepak Mahopatra

I can see improvements in my stamina all the way long since I started using Reload couple of years back. It sure has helped me come a long way with my fitness freak buddies. Getting your game up is what you ultimatly look for in a supplement and Relaod gives that to you at a descent cost....
Pratiksha B

Awesome drink one needs for the daily morning jogs like me if you wish to stay fit..
Jay Shah

I own my 1st full marathon completion to Reload….. My running mates asked me to try the Reload tabs at it really helped a Lot! Looking for more Runs ahead with it...
Rahul Tripathi

I read the reviews of Reload hence decide to try the same. It did not disappoint me at all .. Eally good taste, tablets make a good fizz for your tastbuds treat…. Also the detailed nutrition content is descent as it has proper balance of sals and sugar required to charge you up.
Dhvani Jalota

The Best Stamina Booster with great Taste that I know !!!!
Kiran Gohil

I play football from my college team from past 2 years. I knew only gatorade product earlier but came across Reload last year and tried it. Really a cool drink to have when ur at intense run-up and sweating all the way….
Pushkar Sawant

I go for marathons on weekends as a hobby. It not only helps me to stay fit but also meet new people and influensive athletes… I came across Reload on one such marathons in mumbai and gave it a thought! I must say it really works wonders…
Tejraj Shete

Sipping in between by Tennis practise for refreshment.. Its really good and tasty and Now Reload ha become a fix part of my practise Kit bag……
Pranav Maurya

The tablets were well packed and given in slim tubes….. EASY to carry!
Sukanya Mestry

It is a bit difficult to keep urself fit and going when you are a working mother… The Reoad tablets are easy to dissolve quickly and sip it up between the really short breaks that I get and even when I m on my morning walks. A definate energy booster!!!
Sagar Senani

A drink with less sugar is what I crave for my fitness. Reload is the Right Choice me.

Reload has a great taste than few products I tried which makes it easier to drink water . I pesonally do not feel like hydrating on plain water during workouts but Reload has a perfect blend of nutrition and taste…
Manjush R.

Reload has got on my Favourites list for a year now ! Awesome for my Taekwondo practise breaks for hydration….. I cannot take many products one for hydration, one for energy n so on.. Reload does it all !!!
Nisha Dalvi

The FizZZ is just amazing guys………… can never get tired of its amazing taste. My after workout intake of RELOAD is refreshes me a lot….
Shashank S.

Being a long-distance swimmer, I am bound to choose the best for my health and performance. Fastand up products are well known to deliver what they claim for thus making me a regular and happy customer of it. Keep UP the great work Guys!!!
Divya Janak

I was sceptical at 1st as I use couple of products already for my marathon runs .. Trying Reload did help in noticable changes as I feel much less tired on the Runs than earlier.
Johan Fernandes

M sticking to Reload for a very long time….. It all you need for your Stamina RUN.. Great taste…ready to go tubes and the refreshing Fizzz.
Vikram Chaughule

Received the product from fast&up in a very well packed condition.. The tubes are so light I can carry it all they way to my mornings Jogs, then even at office. It cool to have a easy to use option when you are running all the way..Geat job fast&Up !! As per use is concerned i did not find a false note anywhere it surely helped a lot to improve on my stamina...

Cycling is my passion but I tend to get time only on weekends. Reload tube helped me reach extra miles without getting tired then my usual stamina.. Taste just makes mind fresh too…

Hats Off to the flavoured tubes.. Worked better than I expected!
Jai Bhanushali

I suggested to use the Reload tube to my fellow mates at Gym and they liked it too.. Working out is too much fun when you got great friends and amazing energizer by your side.
Vishnu Samarth

Berry is my favourite…. What else you need for you daily running if it has both marvelous flavor and works great for your hydration..

Does what it says all over the place. Cool produts FastandUPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mayur Wagh

I started working out recently as I need to get back to shape. Reload tube is perfect as I don’t wish to get trapped in those other suggary flavored drinks with no effect at all
Disha Gandhi

I feel the fizz is what makes the tabs really intresting. I also read how it helps to better get the benefit to my body. All my chores require less stress now. Regular office or whatever its just the thing to have.
kritika Seth

Great taste….great packing and its so light, easity slips into small bag as I hate carrying heavy stuff to outdoors.
Gaurav Mehta

I am a semi pro photographer and travel across the country with lots of tech gears. Relaod tube helped me to speed up my shoots even on bright sunny days.

Fizzzz Fizzzz Fizzzz …….. The bubbled up water just makes you to have it more.. Never getting tired of this drink.
Adarsh K.

It all started with an ad I saw on instagram for Reload. Its been a year now I am using the product and I must say it didn’t disappoint me at all. I take a bottle of water and tube or reload with me to Gym, that’s it and results are great.
Vikas Jha

WAY TO GO FAST&UP !!!!!!!! Smooth flavours now I drink more water than earlier.
Reema Chaudhary

I am a fitness freak as I attend daily dance classes and Reload does the trick for make up my waterloss.
Yash Sahai

I Prefer carrying all my sports nutrition with me to camping and Reload adds up to my list just perfectly. Regular sips at intervals of 20 minutes is what I do to take a non-stop activities all day long.
Neha Singh

Reload berry is amazing, I can have it all day without getting bored with the flavour and the bubbles of tablets….
Karan Jog

I had it just before my gym and it helped a lot….Continues sweat and strain on body with heat !!!! Reload is perfect for such sessions..i recommend it totally. Go for it guys
Ritu shah

Like the brand says Fast and Up ! The berry blast gives a cool fruity taste to consume.

Great tablets with great taste……. I started taking it to increase my jogging stamina and it lived upto my expectations! Also I feel less tired now….
Jigar J

Weekend treks with my friends is an old hobby I want to continue for long… Reload is easier to carry and dissolve in water than carrying water, energy drinks n all differently… Tastes good too .

I travel all day for my work so switched to Reload as it tastes great and also makes it easier for water intake. Tablets just dissolve in water quickly to have it on way the wherever I am…..
Ganesh Tithe

Really great citrus berry flavor to freshenup from all the exercise stress… Getting addicted to it now….
Megha Rathod

All I have to do is sip it up in between my workout routine and I am all set to go……
Anurag Dey

Theres so many sports drinks available in market now. I tried Fastandup Reload and it got me what I was looking for from quite a long time. Perfect !
Dipesh Jain

I spend my weekends cycling with a tube of Reload from past 2 months. Its Easy, its Quick and makes up for my daily hydration. Great Job Fast&Up !!!
Jeet Khakrodia

Amazing flavor !!! It really kicks in the energy after a long sweaty workout.

Never makes me feel dehydrated. Best dose of electrolytes & berry flavour. Amazing taste!
Prashant Bohare

Thanks Fast&Up for bringing this pack of Reload. Now i can have all the flavors together in a month. Awesome and Efficient products of Reload.
Prashant Bohare

A complete package for the whole month with awesome results. Best flavor in Reload to enjoi.
Isha Samtani

I can't go a day without Reload berry, reload is my support system.
Prashant Bohare

Reload Berry is the best fizz type drink to enjoi during workout
Amar Valia

Reload Berry is just awesome... My workouts are never without a reload
Kanika D

I absolutely love these. I use them regularly for tennis. Reload is not as sweet as other sports drinks, and is a bit effervescent. Much easier to drink.
Shail Desai

Reload is my favorite drink supplement. It is super hot and humid when I run, so to prevent losing all my electrolytes I add two tablets to my bottle of water. I like the flavor and the added energy is helpful!
Neil S

I go through one of these tubes a month. My go-to drink during a ride or workout. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!
Tanya A

Reload is my go to electrolyte source for sports now. Very happy!
Ankur S

Really like these! Easy on my stomach and help give me a boost on long runs.
Kamini Pujara

Don't like water? Don't care for electrolyte drinks that are sugary? Try Fast&up! I was lucky to learn about these from a friend who is a runner and I owe her a HUGE thank you. These brought me out of a series of dizzy spells I was having due to hydration issues. Thank you Reload!
Satya A

Does it hydrate? Yes. Does it provide energy? Yes. Does it dissolve easily? No. Does it taste good? Yes. Would I buy it again? Yes
Anubhav P

I’m at a point where I don’t know if I can exist without these. Reload has saved me from headaches, hangovers, tiredness, etc. I took these to a music festival and they kept me going, and are great for at home use as well. I’ve re-ordered them several times. Berry is my favorite.
Pari G

Life saver on the tennis court. Must buy!
Vidhi L

Love this stuff. Need to get some more. I drink this during or after a migraine attack and it helps me get over the fatigue and tired feeling. The taste is good and I like that it has some fizz. Plus no sugar which I am trying to avoid.
Soumya Bose

Love Fast&Up. I have a sensitive stomach and have not faced any issues with this product. Also, these are great because you can carry several bottles worth of drink mix in the small tube. Really helpful.
Aryaman K

I play cricket, and this is my favorite drink during my match and practice sessions. I don't leave without my tube.
Astha Ray

Super product!
Vinay Pansari

Great flavors! My work requires a lot of travelling so I keep a bottle in my purse all the time. It helps prevent those dehydration migraines!
Rhea Puri

Very refreshing and has helped stop post workout headaches and cramps
Pooja Kapoor

The hydration and flavour is wonderful and I do feel they give me more energy!
Sarthak Khanna

My son's cricket team uses these so I thought I would try them also. I truly feel better 20 minutes or so after taking one dissolved in a glass of cold water. I start the morning with one at breakfast then another whenever I feel tired.
Sneha Agarwal

Reload has been my go-to hydration product for years, it has been giving me a little energy boost for early morning workouts or during races! I love the fact that there's very little sugar, no artificial colors, and the flavors are fantastic!
Dhara Vachharajani

I am a yoga teacher and have been dealing with some pretty intense dehydration headaches and was looking for an easy solution. All my friends told me about Reload so I decided to go with the “berry” version first because they I liked the flavour idea. I have to say - I am hooked! The taste is way better than any other hydration product I have tried. As other reviews have said they do take time to dissolve but I’m patient enough to deal with it. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!
Rahul Shah

They really have helped me. I run first thing in the morning, shower and then sit down to work. I have a desk job so my calves get tight. I stated having Reload and now it is no more pain. As a bonus I don't feel exhausted 2 hours after my run like I do after a really hard one. Great product.
Radhika M

Dehydration is dangerous and sneak up on you, especially in the winter. I carry this in my pack to work and it really helps get hydrated. A medic at work gave me one during a super hot july day when I couldn't drink enough water to stay hydrated and it literally saved the day!
Nd (verified_owner)

Very good product.
preyas_18 (verified_owner)

great taste and gives good energy
Samarth Ambujakshan (verified_owner)

I must say this is one of the most effective budget friendly intra workout supplement. I never ran out of energy with this! Its named "Reload" for the very purpose it serves!!!! Hi5 Team for this supplement. Will definitely try out the other supplements too. :-)
Vinod N (verified_owner)

Our cricket team has been using this for sometime now and all of us love this drink apart from which i have been using it during my run and cycling workouts too!!!
Brojen Nongmaithem (verified_owner)

I have been using reload for around a year now. I use it for my running as well as for my gym purposes, though I am a runner primarily. I take them in every workout and helps me quite good. Happy with the product. The shipping was real quick and the order came to me in two days time.
Ch Sravan Kumar

Just now received ghe product and tried one glass.. it works well... Everyone should use this every day..
Parashuram Chenji (verified_owner)

Its my favourite training and racing tool. Best electrolyte mix for my bicycle rides and gym work.
AB (verified_owner)

Vishwadev Muraleedharan

I have been using the Relaod for the past 4 mounths now after going through different products for hydration . Its simple to use and even easier to carry it while training on the road(cycling) . Would recommend this product a 100% to all.
Joshua DSilva

Great Stuff ....
ashishsandu (verified_owner)

Very effictive.Really helps me in my long runs. Now it is must part of my hydration.
Brojen Nongmaithem (verified_owner)

Have been using Reload for around more than half a year now. It works very good for me. Purchased this set of 8 Reload Berry flavour for my run club. It was ordered and the delivery was next day, so so quick it was. I run with Reload in all my running workouts and I use it as well for my gym purposes also.
Devon Bhandary (verified_owner)

This is a very effective product.
Krishna mohan MVT (verified_owner)

Good product. Promptly delivered. Value for money.
Anjali Saraogi (verified_owner)

Anjali - 30 JUNE 2017 An extremely sensible product for distance runners and athletes.Helps delay fatigue. Very refreshing and good taste. The fizz has a reinvirgorating effect which helps maintain stamina .
Yasir (verified_owner)

yummiest flavor for an electrolyte. Attractive color too! Works like a charm!
Gagan Reddy

Perfect training kit u could ever find which will keep up your energy levels high through out ur training hours with really awesome taste
Dr. Gowri Shankar (verified_owner)

A Simple solution to rehydration needs. have been using fast & up reload effervescent tablets during and after long runs. Very effective and easy on the stomach.
KRISH CAPTAIN (verified_owner)


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Please note that due to the current situation of Covid-19, cities under lockdown may face a delay in the dispatches.