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Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink
Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink

Fast&Up Reload - Travel Friendly Hydration & Energy Drink

5 Essential Electrolytes + 2 Added Vitamins - Lime and Lemon Flavour 

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Fast&Up Reload is a Hypotonic Drink with an Intelligent Combination Of 5 Electrolytes including Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium & Chloride and Vitamin B12 & C, making it an ideal hydration drink for Instant hydration and energy.

  • Introducing Fast&Up Reload Stick Pack from House of Fast&Up Reload, a water-soluble powdered form which offers easy and convenient hydration and energy.  
  • Hydrates 2x Faster than water alone
  • 5 Essential Electrolytes- Helps Replenish and Restore Electrolytes Lost Through Sweat
  • Vitamin B12 & C - Helps Optimise Recovery Process and Recharge During any Physical Activity
  •  Our Premium stick pack electrolyte drink fits easily into your pocket which makes it Travel Friendly
  • Formulated With Swiss Effervescent Technology, it provides Higher Nutrient Bioavailability and is Banned Substance Free and Available in Refreshing Lime and Lemon suFlavour 

15 sachets in 1 box
How to Use:
Tear and pour contents of 1 sachet into 250 ml water, stir or shake and wait until it dissolves completely, then drink. You can consume 2-3 sachets during the day during acute dehydration

When to consume: You can consume in between any activity, after workout or at the end of a tiring day

Fast&Up Reload is now available in a stick pack format with 15 sachets in a pouch, making it super convenient and easy to carry providing you instant hydration On-The Go! With the right combination of 5 Essential Electrolytes, Vitamins B12 and C, minerals and antioxidants. Available in the form of powder, Fast&Up Reload comes in energising and refreshing flavour- Lime and Lemon flavour that helps you beat the heat, replenish electrolytes lost in sweat and recharge instantaneously during travel, or any physical activity. Fast&Up Reload helps you to hydrate more efficiently than water alone with vital electrolytes such as Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride & Calcium & Vitamins B12 and C and is gentle on the stomach. It helps prevent dehydration and fatigue, maintains the body's fluid balance and helps replace electrolyte loss in sweat. Vitamin B12 and C help in reducing muscle soreness. Available in delicious Lime and lemon flavour, it is gentle on the stomach, easy to digest and helps prevent any GI distress or stomach upsets. It is 100% vegan, non-GMO and easy to consume. Just drop 1 sachet in 250ml water, stir or shake and consume for instant hydration and energy. 

Nutritional Info (Approx Values):

Energy 13.94 kcal 0.70%
0.07 0.13%
3.39 *
Total Sugars 
0 *
Added Sugar
Total Fat 
0.01 0.01%

%RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) values established as per ICMR 2020 Men Sedentary Work and based upon 2000 kcal diet. *RDA value not established.

Each effervescent tablet contains:

Energy 82.01kJ/19.60kcal
4.85 mg

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1. What is unique about Fast&Up Reload Stick Pack?

Fast&Up Reload is formulated to energise your water with an ideal combination of essential electrolytes and vital vitamins. It helps us in replenishing lost electrolytes, instant hydration, beat the heat and keep you energised, hydrated and active all day.

2. Why Fast&Up Reload Stick Packs?

Fast&Up Reload energising electrolyte drink is gentle on the stomach and helps you to maintain hydration and electrolyte balance in the body. It helps to maintain the body's fluid balance and helps to reduce muscle soreness, injuries and exhaustion. Fast&Up Reload contains; Calcium: Supports nutrient metabolism Potassium: Helps regulate fluid balance Magnesium: Works in tandem with Calcium Sodium: Helps maintain hydration process Chloride: for fluid balance.

3. When to use it?

It can be consumed by anyone over the age of 14 years, anytime during workout or intense activity, travel, post a tiring day or when you feel dehydrated for instant hydration and energy or even after a big party night. It contributes to replenish lost electrolytes in sweat and maintain the body's electrolyte balance

4. How do electrolytes help?

When you sweat, you not only lose water, but also electrolytes. Electrolytes play a key role in maintaining essential processes in the body such as conducting nervous impulses, muscle contraction and relaxation and regulating body’s pH. 

5. Why Fast&Up Reload Stick packs?

Stick packs are easy and convenient to carry. Formulated in powder form it is easy to carry and comes in a travel friendly sachet.

6. How many sachets can be consumed a day?

Normally, one can consume one sachet a day. But if someone is active and sweats a lot, they can have 2 sachets a day. Scientifically formulated to dissolve better into your bloodstream on dissolution with water for better nutrient absorption.

7. What is the minimum age to consume Fast&Up Reload?

Anyone above the age of 14 years can have Reload.

8. What are the flavours of Reload Stick pack?

Reload comes in 1 delicious flavour, refreshing Lime and Lemon.

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