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All products of Fast&Up are Made In India in our in-house R&D centre and manufacturing unit located in Khopoli near Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our Effervescent tablets are prepared with Hybrid effervescent technology with no solvent usage and least heat preventing degradation of nutrients and activity of the final product. Our manufacturing unit follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) which ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled in accordance with set quality standards.
Our products are produced with the best and high quality ingredients and excipients. The raw materials are sourced from proven suppliers. For instance, we directly source carnitine from Carnipure™ Lonza which is the largest carnitine manufacturer in the world. Our other globally sourced raw materials includes Whey protein from Europe, Plant based protein from USA, Arginine from Korea, Glutathione from Japan, Rosehip powder from Germany. KSM-66 Ashwagandha sourced is 100% USDA Organic. Our raw ingredients are well researched, clinically proven and high quality providing our consumers with the best and clean nutrition. We are also the largest exporter of effervescent supplements of India supplying 30 countries from our in-house facility in India.
High-quality products are always our top priority, as are our consumers'. Our flagship products are Informed Choice and Informed Sports Certified which are global third-party testing and certified programmes which test products for banned substances and impurities within sports nutrition supplements. Fast&Up products are also GMP Certified, approved by FSSAI and WADA complaint. Each production batch of all products undergoes quality assurance and control measures to provide our consumers with products of the highest quality and purity.

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All Fast&Up products are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs) certified, approved by FSSAI and WADA complaint. Fast&Up flagship products are Informed Choice and Sports certified.
Fast&Up is a sports nutrition brand supported by Swiss Technology offers a wide range of products for athletic performance, intelligent nutrition and dietary supplementation for an active lifestyle. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the country trust Fast&Up to improve their health and performance.
Fast&Up was founded in 2015 by Vijayaraghavan Venugopal and Varun Khanna.
Fast&Up is an Indian brand which has acquired the brand and technology from Novelty Pharma, Switzerland.
You can contact Fast&Up on 1800-120-9656 and [email protected]
You can buy Fast&Up original products from our website and authorised retail stores. To check the originality of the product: 1. Scratch the verification sticker on the lid 2. Scan the QR Code 3. Add required details 4. Know the originality and details of the product
Fast&Up offers a wide range of nutritional products from sports to daily supplements manufactured with high quality and well researched ingredients.
Fast&Up has partnered with Varun Dhawan as Good Vibes Officer and Shilpa Shetty Kundra as fitness brand ambassador.
FUPCOINS are rewards for all Fast&Up customers. Members can earn FUPCOIN by purchasing products, registering with Fast&Up, referring a friend and updating your birthday.
GMP Certified and approved by W.H.O


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