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A lab that is overlooking the picturesque and beautiful hills of Lugano in Switzerland can never be far from Sports! The Baratelli family have always been avid sports lovers and it was one of those eventful discussions with some bikers which led to the start of a wondrous journey into the world of Sports Nutrition.

The year was 2006, and athletes yearned for genuine nutrition options. The discussions with cyclists and numerous other sky-runners pointed to unmet needs - and here was a company which took pride in being a world class effervescent manufacturer.

Can we make a product which is effervescent with the right ingredients, unbeatable mix of amino acids, boost energy and aid in recovery? The answer was a resounding Yes!

Easier said than done. The road was filled with hurdles, but with passion and competency; dreams do come true. After multiple attempts at getting the right mix of efficacy, taste, flavor and also imagined perception - the lab in Lugano was ready to start the tryst with the outside world.

The verdict was unanimous. Effervescent tablets had delivered!

We had the right mix which gave results over a period of time. Faster absorption and better bio-availability was an unbeatable combination. A product was needed, which was easy-to- use, practical and fast that gives the desired results - Fast&Up, a new brand in Sports Nutrition took shape! It heralded the development of a platform of products for sports nutrition where each product addressed a specific need of a sports person or a health enthusiast.

Extensive testing over different conditions and geographies has ensured that we bring out products which meets the requirement of our diverse customers yet ensuring performance levels are in no way compromised!

Come join the Fast&Up journey!

India Story

The journey of Fast&Up continues.

With highly innovative Swiss R&D and Italian inputs, the company aims to revolutionize the way sports nutrition is administered. The Sports journey that began in Switzerland with a vision to provide innovative products to the market has become a recognizable brand in Europe and USA is now making its way to India!

Indian sport has been waiting to take off for a long time. Awareness of nutrition has been on the rise. However, lack of quality alternatives and education has been a dampener. Fast&Up has taken upon itself an ambitious target of educating and providing high class, innovative sports nutrition to India. This includes people across the spectrum right from the Elite athletes to the occasional health enthusiasts who frequent the gym.

With athletics & sports getting the attention they deserve and Indian Athletes being empowered to compete on various platforms, the sports scenario in India is truly shifting towards a positive direction of progress. Fast&Up intends to provide nutrition support to Indian Athletes in their endeavor to take on the best in the world!

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Payday Sale - Up to 50% OFF + Free Immunity Booster