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Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan
Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan

Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B-12 - 100% Vegan

Organic, Naturally Derived B-12 for Energy, Brain & Nervous Health

Intensity level: Low Intensity level: Low

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Aeronutrix Sports Products Pvt. Ltd. 315, Woodrow, 19 Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

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E.I.D. Parry (India) Limited (Nutraceuticals Division), Oonaiyur Village, Kadiyapatti - Nemathanpatti Road, Panangudi P.O., Pudukottai Dist, Pudukottai (Tamil Nadu) - 622505

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100% Vegan and Organic B12 for Daily Health 

Fast&Up Vitamin B12 is USDA Organic Certified, Plant Based Vitamin B12 which contributes to fulfil daily requirements of Vit. B12. It is Soy Free, Gluten Free and 100% Vegan.

Fast&Up Vitamin B12:
  • Plant-based B12 extracted from Wheatgrass, Alfalfa, Chlorella and Spirulina powder.
  • Naturally derived Vitamin B12 that helps fulfil daily requirements of Vitamin B12.
  • Helps support the Brain and nervous system, red blood cells, and energy production.
  • USDA Organic Certified 100% vegan with no added sugar, no artificial colors, , no preservatives and is NON-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free .
  • Ideal for vegans and vegetarians, Fast&Up B12 with superior nutrient absorption and bioavailability contributes to fulfilling 100% vitamin B-12 requirements .

How To Use:

Consume 2 tablets with water, and post any meal to meet daily vitamin B12 requirements.

When To Use:

Post any meal of optimum absorption.

What is the role of Vitamin B-12 In The Body?

Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. It acts as a building block of the body, which has a direct influence on energy levels, red blood cell production, brain, and nervous system function. Being a water-soluble vitamin, it is important to maintain daily vitamin B12 Supplements.

Why Vitamin B12 supplement is important for vegans? 

A vegan diet lacks vitamin B12 .B12 deficiency results in lethargy, low energy, and damage to the nervous system.  B-12 supplements when taken on a regular basis help in fulfilling the body’s daily Vitamin B12 requirements. 

Why Fast&Up Plant Based Vitamin B12?   

USDA organic certified and packed with plant power, Fast&Up B12 provides high quality and vegan B12 which contributes to fulfilling our body’s 100% vitamin B12 requirements. In addition, it also contains nutrient-dense whole food powder. B12 helps in supporting energy and red blood cell production along with supporting brain and nervous system functions. 

How Does Fast&Up B12 Help?  

Fast&Up tablets of vitamin B12 are formulated with organic, natural, and high-quality powders such as organic spirulina powder, organic chlorella powder, organic alfalfa powder, and organic wheatgrass powder which all constitute form organic wholefood vitamins. Organic wholefood Vitamin B12 tablets provide a superior nutrient profile as compared to synthetic or artificial sources. This helps in fulfilling the daily vitamin B12 requirements. Vitamin B12 tablets also help to protect myelin sheath, which protects brain and nervous system function and helps in converting the food we eat into energy.

How To Consume Fast&Up B12?  

Consume 2 tablets with water, and post any meal.

Who Should Opt For Fast&Up B-12?  

  •  Those who are on a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  • Those who have Vitamin B deficiency.
  • Those who are low on energy .
  • Those who have active and hectic schedules .
  • Those who want to ensure optimum brain and nervous system health.
  • Those who want to maintain general well-being .


Serving size – 2 Tablets

Number of servings: 30

Energy Value (kcal) 
8.02 0.40%
Protein (g) 
1.12 2.08%
Carbohydrates (g) 
Total Sugars (g)
0.02  *
Added Sugars (g) 

Total Fat (g) 
Saturated Fat (g) 
0.04 0.18%
Monounsaturated fatty acid (g) 
Polyunsaturated fatty acid (g) 
0.04   *
Sodium (mg) 
12.8 0.64%
Spirulina (algae) from Spirulina platensis
1200 mg*
Chlorella vulgaris – dried powder 
500 mg *
Triticum aestivum Tender shoot 
195 mg *
Medicago sativa extract 
95 mg  *
Vitamin B12 (Naturally derived) 
2 mcg 90.90%
( 4.8)
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( 4.0)

Really Good

The best think in fast&up b-12 is plant source.

By NOOR khan
( 5.0)

Plant Based Vitamin

My Nutritionist has suggested me Fast&Up B12, after my recent blood profile showed that there is B12 deficiency. I used to feel low on energy and always used to be lethargic. After consuming B12 on a regular basis, i have seen a positive influence of energy and no longer feel tired all day. This one tablet helped me fulfil the daily B12 content required and along with that it provided me with complete other B vitamins. The best part is it's all organic and naturally sourced and is easy to consume as well.

By Tanvika
( 5.0)

good product b12 ruselt better'

good product

By Siddrath Rajput
( 5.0)



By Parag Thakker

1. What Is Unique About Fast&Up B-12?

Packed with plant power, Fast&Up B-12 is USDA Organic Certified, 100% vegan, natural, soy free, gluten free and helps in fulfilling the daily vitamin B12 requirements of the body. It offers superior nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Taking Vitamin B12 Tablets?

Vitamin B12 play a crucial role in energy production as they help in conversion of food that we eat to energy. Along with that, they help to protect the myelin sheath a protective layer of nervous system.

3. What Are The Side Effects Of Vitamin B12 Tablet?

There are no side effects of consuming vitamin B12 tablets.

4. What Is USDA Organic Certified Imply?

USDA Organic Certified implies that the ingredients used are completely organic and even while farming, all organic, natural method are used. These ingredients are grown in soil, which has no prohibited substances applied for three years to harvest. This gives 100% organic and nutrient rich ingredient with high quality.

5. What Is The Source Of Vitamin B In Fast&Up B12 Tablets?

The source of Vitamin B in Fast&Up Plant based Vitamin B-12 is organic wholefood vitamin which consists of 100% natural, organic plant based organic spirulina powder, organic chlorella powder, organic wheat grass powder and organic alfalfa grass powder.

6. Is It Completely Vegan?

Yes, Fast&Up B12 is 100% Vegan.


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