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What is Fast&Up Goodeatz?

GoodEatz is a new sub-brand of Fast&Up, which aims to offer its consumers clean nutrition- fill meals and meal replacement products. All the new launches of GoodEatz are catered to enhance people's health along with a pinch of delicious and mouth–watering meals. GoodEatz contains products such as Mealshakes, Oats and Soups for your daily health.

What are Goodeatz products?

GoodEatz provides three amazing products for your health and well-being. They are taste approved by famous chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

1. MealShake

The protein-rich meal shakes from GoodEatz include 19g of high-quality, instant, plant-based protein per serving. It is a well-balanced, full-meal replacement drink with pure nutrients that aid in weight management.

It contains Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which stop bloating and support a healthy gut and digestive system.

The additional 22 multivitamins fill up any nutritional gaps in the diet and maintain overall well-being by meeting the body's daily vitamin and mineral needs. They aid in accelerating the body's metabolism and fat burning. It also contains twelve plant-based superfoods that are nutrient-dense and can help you receive the nutrients you need to stay active all day.

GoodEatz meal shake provides 19g of protein and is free of soy, lactose, gluten, and other allergens. All dangerous additives like artificial colours, artificial flavours, and preservatives are absent from it. It has no added sugar.

GoodEatz meal shakes help to speed up metabolism and turn fat into energy. They are 100% vegan and come in delicious Chocolate flavours.

2. Soup

GoodEatz Soup has been painstakingly made with 10X More Instant Protein to meet your daily nutritional needs. This soup is filling and nutritious, and each serving of fresh vegetable soup mix has 2g of dietary fibre and 10g (50%) of instant protein.

GoodEatz soup is available in delicious Lentil, mixed-veg and mushroom flavours. Additionally, it contains vital superfoods like curcumin and tulsi that support a strong immune system. It has no soy, sugar, palm oil, trans fat, or cholesterol and is fully vegan and plant-based. You can enjoy GoodEatz soups with your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Oats

Delicious and rich in protein, GoodEatz Masala Oats are a must-try. These delicious and healthy oats have 10g of Instant Protein and 5g of dietary fibre in each serving.

GoodEatz oats help improve general well-being; they also contain Tulsi, crunchy seeds, and actual vegetables. These whole grains and low-calorie rolled oats assist in controlling your heart and cholesterol issues. It is easy to make, tastes great, and can be substituted for plain, unflavored oats.

For your daily health & happiness, make the protein-rich oats in just 3 minutes and enjoy them right away. GoodEatz oats are available in two flavours: masala oats and tomato twist.

What are the Benefits & uses of Protein Foods

• Helps in weight management

Foods with high protein content help you feel fuller for longer. This helps to consume fewer calories which reduces weight. Protein-rich foods help to speed up metabolism, which is good for weight loss.

• Increases muscle mass and strength

Eating an adequate amount of protein-rich foods aids in muscle growth. Best Protein foods help to build muscle after the workout. A combination of strength exercise and protein-rich foods helps to build and conserve lean muscles and increases muscle strength.

• Helps to boost the metabolism

The body needs to burn calories to digest and use the nutrients in foods. High-protein-rich foods increase the number of calories you burn. This helps to boost the metabolism.

• Helps to improve immunity

Protein plays a vital role in hormone regulation, especially during the transformation and development of cells during puberty.

• Provides nutrition

Best Protein foods, especially Plant-based protein foods, have a substantially higher concentration of vital minerals like magnesium, potassium, and dietary fibres, which helps fulfil nutritional inadequacies and a protein gap.

Are these products used as High Protein Snacks?

Yes, GoodEatz products can be used as high-protein snacks. GoodEatz products provide more protein per serving than other products in the same category. GoodEatz products also provide 100% vegan protein, which is clean and high-quality.

How to choose the right protein shakes?

How to choose the right protein shakes depends on your health and fitness goals. If you are looking to build muscles, then choose a protein shake that provides a minimum of 24g of protein with added amino acids. If you are looking for general health and well-being, then look for protein supplements that offer herbal ingredients other than protein. If you are new to taking a protein supplement, then you can start with daily protein shakes that will help to fulfil the daily protein requirements.

How can these products be used?

Meal shake - Add two scoops of 500ml of water or milk of your choice. For a dairy-free meal shake, mix with water or plant-based milk of your choice.

Soup - Just add hot water to make the flavorful instant protein soup! Empty the contents of the pack (22g) into a bowl. Pour 150ml of freshly boiled water and stir briskly until well mixed. Leave for a minute & enjoy the protein-rich, delicious soup.

Oats - Quick Oats ready in 3 minutes! Take 45g (½ cup approx.) into a pan. Add 180-200 ml of water & cook for ~3 mins on a medium flame. Stir occasionally & enjoy delicious oats.

Are Goodeatz products safe to consume?

Yes, GoodEatz products are absolutely safe to consume. GoodEatz products provide 100% vegan protein. They are soy-free, lactose-free and gluten-free. GoodEatz products contain no artificial colour, flavour or preservative. They also have no added sugar.


1. Is it healthy to only drink meal replacement shakes?

While meal replacement shakes are an excellent choice to replace any one of the meals during the day, it is not recommended to only drink meal replacement shakes.

2. Are meal replacement shakes good for weight loss?

Yes, meal replacement shakes are good for weight loss. Good eatz meal shake helps in weight loss by satisfying your appetite with the right amount of carbs, proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, and much more. It is the best option for a low-calorie meal.

3. Can you replace every meal with meal-replacement shakes?

No, it is only recommended to replace only one meal with a meal replacement shake.

4. Is a Soup Diet a Healthy Choice for You?

Soup can be included in the regular diet as a healthy choice. The ingredients in the soup determine whether it is healthy or not. GoodEatz soup contains 50% of instant plant-based protein (10g) and 10% of dietary fibre (2g), along with essential superfoods like Curcumin & Tulsi, which support a healthy immune system.

5. Should I eat oats if I am trying to lose weight?

Yes, you can eat oats to lose weight. GoodEatz oats contain 10g of protein which helps to keep you full for a longer period of time. This helps you to avoid consuming excessive calories, thus helping you to lose weight.

6. Do oats contain protein?

GoodEatz instant protein oats contain 10g of high-quality vegan protein, which is 2.5X more than other regular oats.

7. Are oats gluten-free?

Pure oats can be gluten-free. If you are buying instant ready-to-make oats from the market, then check the label before buying. GoodEatz oats are gluten-free, and soy-free, with no artificial colour or flavours.



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