Looking for Pre Workout Drink with 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine? Fast&Up Activate is the best pre workout Effervescent Tablet, Pre Workout Supplements in India. Activate is an intelligent choice as a pre-workout drink! Order Pre Workout Supplements Online. Quick Delivery.
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Fast&Up Activate - Combo of 2 Tubes - Orange Flavour

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  • Powerful preworkout supplement formulated with 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine to ensure that you are ready for your training
  • Boosts performance with increased energy and stamina
  • Helps increase blood flow
  • Enhances oxygen availability to muscle cells
  • HOW TO USE: Drop, Dissolve and Drink. All you have to do is DROP 1 tablet in 250 ml water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink 30 minutes prior to your workout or training

Fast&Up Activate supplement is a unique effervescent preworkout drink with an intelligent combination of 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine and Essential Active Nutrients to make sure that you never waste a workout. Fast&Up Activate is the most recommended effervescent pre workout supplement which helps you gain maximum from your performance with just a drink.

Fast&Up Activate is the best preworkout supplement as it is tailored with a blend of performance boosting ingredients like L-Arginine which has the potential effect to increase vasodilation and improve exercise performance. L-Arginine supplements achieve this by increasing Nitric Oxide (NO) content in blood vessels and increase their diameter, which then allows more blood and active nutrients to circulate around the body. 1500 mg L-Arginine supplements helps reduce the feeling of breathlessness and delays fatigue. Our skeletal muscles are the main reservoir of L-Carnitine in the body. 250 mg of L-Carnitine in the pre workout drink plays an important role in fat metabolism. Antioxidants in the preworkout drink prevents damage to muscle tissues. Lycopene in the supplement acts as a powerful antioxidant. It helps prevent exercise-induced damage to skeletal muscle fibers. The presence of Zinc in the pre-workout supplement positively influences performance. Easy to carry and gentle on your Stomach, Fast&Up Activate is the best pre workout supplement to help you give your best in your workout or training.


Energy 366.2 kcal 18.31 KCal
Fat 0.6 g 0.03 g
Protein 63 g 3.15 g
Carbohydrate 27.2 g 1.36 g
Total Sugars 20.2 g 1.01 g

Each effervescent tablet contains:

L-Arginine1500 mg
L- Carnitine250 mg
Lycopene (10%)12.5 mg
Zinc Sulphate Equivalent to Elemental Zinc2.5 mg

1. What is unique about Fast & Up Activate?
Fast&Up Activate is the best pre-workout supplement with a blend of performance-boosting ingredients containing L-Arginine which increases Nitric Oxide (NO) content in blood vessels and increase their diameter, which then allows more blood and active nutrients to circulate around the body. Our skeletal muscles are the main reservoir of L-Carnitine in the body. 250 mg of L-Carnitine in the pre-workout drink plays an important role in fat metabolism. Antioxidants in the drink prevents damage to muscle tissues.

2. Why use Fast & Up Activate?
Fast&Up Activate pre-workout supplement is a powerful pre-workout supplement formulated with 1500 mg L-Arginine, 250 mg L-Carnitine to ensure that you are ready for your training which will help boost performance with increased energy and stamina and helps increase blood flow and enhance oxygen availability to muscle cells.

3. For whom Fast & Up Activate is useful?
Fast & Up Activate is essential for anyone who is into exercising or sports activity to boost their performance in the activity and to breakdown their fat levels as well.

4. When to use it?
The Fast & Up Activate is a pre-workout that is to be taken 20-30 mins prior to the workout to increase vasodilation, the blood flow to the muscles and improve the exercise/game performance.

5. How to use it?
Drop 1 effervescent tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it Dissolves completely and Drink it 20-30 mins pre-workout.

6. Can you consume it directly?
It's made from the unique effervescent technology and so it is to be had after dissolving in the water and have it in a drink form so that the nutrients are absorbed effectively.

7. How many tablets a day?
A normal person can take 1 tablet per day. But a person who is extra active and spending a lot of energy in any physical activity can easily intake 2 tablets per day pre-workout or game.

8. How much water to be used?
You can dissolve one tablet in 250 ml of water and consume it pre-workout

9. What is the minimum age to consume the tablets?
It can be taken by anyone who is above 14 years of age.

10. Is it fine to take Fast & Up Activate on an empty stomach?
Yes, it is fine to take Fast & Up Activate on an empty stomach.

11. Can it be taken before any kind of workout?
Yes, it can be taken prior to 30 mins of any kind of workout or sport.

12. Does Fast & Up Activate contain Caffeine?
No, it does not contain Caffeine. Fast & Up Reload + Caffeine hydration drink contains 30 mg of Caffeine.

13. Does Fast & Up Activate has any side effects?
It does not have any side effects. In fact, it's easy to use, easy on the stomach and works very effectively.

14. Does it helps in promoting stamina?
Yes, it helps in instant energy boost and helps increase performance with increased energy and stamina.

15. Does it contain added sugar?
No, it does not contain any added sugar. The sweetener used in the tablet is Sucralose which is completely safe and is diabetic friendly.

16. Fast & Up Activate is available in which all flavors?
Fast & Up Activate is available in Orange flavor.

17. Does it helps in promoting good sports performance?
It helps in promoting good sports performance with increased energy and stamina, helps increase blood flow and enhances oxygen availability to muscle cells.

18. Is there soda in the product?
The products do not have soda, it is the unique effervescent technology that creates the fizz

19. Does it have chemicals, how can it replace the natural foods?
The products are not meant to replace natural food, they are supplements the body with ingredients that are available in the human body but not produced in enough quantities due to today's lifestyle and diet.

Product Reviews

Lana Tochhawng

is the product safe for patient having chronic gastritis deudonitis with sever proctitis?
Shiv Nath Verma

This is my first experience with that. Excellent product with very good taste.
Shiv Nath Verma

This is my first experience with fast&up.
Taranveer Singh

Great product for pre workout
vishvarajsinh jadeja

khali pate used kar sakte he plesh replay me

Would love to have at cheaper price

Have been using fast n up activate before runs and it's extremely helpful and energising. Also the fortify have had amazing results on bone health

Always fan of fast n up
Ramesh Kumar k

Good service

Yogender rajawat


Excellent pre workout energy stimulator
Edward p

Amazing product a must for all athletes
Dinesh s

It was real taste I liked it
Debasmita Rath

This flavour is really yummy.

Harshith D

Good one

Pratik U

Helped during training. Energizes my runs as well!!

It's good

Avid user of all fast and up products. Reload is my favourite

Great product supreme product
Navya Arshi

I like everything about this. Specially the fizzy cola
Aniket pal

Can i take it with caffeine pills for more stamina and endurance
Ganesh Prabhu

Its good to keep hydrated during cycling and running and I always use Fast and Up

Good taste
Puneet kaul

Good energy recovery drink
Dhananjaya Rai

Yet to try.. . Liked the briefing they gave me

Great products. Regularly use them.
Sunder chhetri

I am first time user after getting a good feedback from fellow runners
Pratap k

Not bad
Alok Ranjan

I have been using Fast & up for more than 6 months now both during training runs and races. Superb and must have for runners.
Namrata kaushik

Good product to help energize the runners without piling up extra calories
Radhakrishna M B

Feels good and refresh.

Good test
Vasudev ka

Awesome product must for runners

Love it
Nagraj G.

Cricket does make you tired a lot and you need to be in great form always for both practise matches and tournaments.. Activate is a really cool option to go with instead of soda energy drinks.
Danish Kazi

I carry Activate tube with me for trekking that I attend atleast once a month with my friends… its really tasty and does give a right boost. Atleast we can go on without stuffing ourself heavily..
Derek lobo

I joined gym for as new year resolution and it is going pretty well till now. Thankz TO Activate!!!! For making me lively before workout.
Saket pandit

Activate helped me greatly for my running timings in my college 500m dash…
Pratibha vashisht

Effervescent tabs are great for boosting your workout results! Activate does help in best way …...
Pranav mehra

NO doubt the best supplement you can have before workout! Take ACTIVATE and get activated for your rush………
Param K.

I faced a lot to breathing issues and tiredness while playing footbal before,,, activate was greatly helpful in killing my tiredness….
Rohan ghadshi

I daily take a tablet of activate in water before running.. Its good..
Aditya desai

You can easily notice ur stamina boost once you start taking the activate drink daily before running ! Best to have it with you always while running.
Mansi Prashant Desai

I checked the products online and bought Activate along with other tabs. A must have addition for ur workout supplements list!
Mithesh shah

The drink is tasty with required nutrients you need before going to gym… you can easily see the effect in urself in stamina.
Austin F.

Have read about ACTIVATE on website and definatly does what it claims…
Divya pawar

Fast&up activate can be trusted easily is you wish to boost ur performanceee!
Deepika jadhav

Activate is a lot better than those placebo products online

Quick to dissolve tablets in water… a single bottle is enough for my daily jogging.
Diya Thapa

Rich bubbles that tickle your tongue and gives energy also.. Lovedit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saksham Mehta

I joined swimming with my lil brother to make up for my stamina and stay fit. Activate helped me to deal with stamina issues I had at beginning with swimming but now it just feels good to go on …
Kishan Jaidev Rathi

I travel for my office daily in trains for a long time… its really exhausting.. I cam across FAST&UP Activate on instagram and buyed it online.. The drink is really good and tablets are tasty and not too sweet as well.
Raghav K.

Good to know its nutritive value is so good and balanced for athletes! Good Job Fast&Up……
Vikas Rai

I take fastnup activate before my morning walks and also recommend it to all if you wish to see the difference in ur daily resistance to tiredness

Amazingly having great time with ACTIVATE drink… can go on for a longer time on my cycle. I hate to take lots of breaks during cycling and this product helps me to avoid it at best.
Arun Panchal

I sip in Fastandup Activate drink before my evergy workout… best way to powerup for early reps.
Jyoti atre

It is become a part of my kit bag now to carry Activate tube. Tablet are easy to dissolve and drink also tubes are light just slips in my small bag.
Meenal deshmukh

Usually I don’t feel the need for any drinks before running but Activate changed my perspective. It does have a good impact on peformnce
Kiya Raj

Activate is ideal sports drinks one can have for fitness.. Refreshment is amazing with orange flavour…
Yogesh sawant

I am a fitness trainer and would recommend to use Fast&Up Activate for preworkout.. Good to boost energy before lifting weights.
Swati godbole

The product really helped in my daily run … looking forward to use it for a really long time.
Anandi Venkatesh

I use fastnup activate before all my football matches its awesomeee… also good for practise breaks because I cant gulp in plain water.
Rituraj P.

PERFECT for having it before running…….
Sneha poojary

the nutrition chart on product says it has l-arginine and it does help in improving stamina…. Getting a lot less tired now compared to my earlier exercise routine
Rishita singh

Thanku fastandUP for such a great product…. Taking pre workout drinks to a whole new level.. Keepitup!!!!!!!
Ravi J.

Tablets are well packed and dissolve rapidly in water… great to taste.
Kartik K.

It goes by the ACTIVATEEEE and that’s what I felt with its regular use.. I take it before my workout and loving it extremely….
Bijoy Pal

I go for jogging regularly with my bestie and we both have been using fastandUP activate for a while now. It surely has increased my stamina….
Vishal Atre

being an marathon runner I was looking for a preworkout drink.. I saw Activate ads on facebook and bought it about 6 months ago.. It seems to perform pretty well for me and flavor is tasty too..
Mihika G.

I loved the drink with bubbles.. Tabs are fast acting and I can carry it with ease as well in tubes given by fastandup...
Jayesh Bigania

Way to goooooooo ! Fast&Up Activate is the right choice before cycling…
Vicky ajmera

I am a batminton player and have been using Activate since a year now.. It does show considerable improvements and I feel less tired in matches.
Suresh kadam

Tried Activate for the 1st time and indeed impressed with it…. Good flavor as well
Edwin (Football player)

Using this product for a while, loved the result!
Asmita (Runner)

Amazing taste! Best non-stimulant pre-workout
Parth Singh(Fitness Enthisiast)

Activate is an ultimate product!
Raj mehra

Really good to have a tablet form which is tasty to drink in water.. Helped me a lot with my lap timings for running..
Prashant Bohare

I always buy Activate in pack of 3.... it's much sorted as it's a daily early morning booster
Prashant Bohare

Better product than coffee for instant boost
Vishal Varma (Fitness Enthisiast)

Activate is a great pre-workout supplement...I consume it like a beverage before my workouts
Rutuja (Professional)

I have Fast&Up Activate instead of coffee after lunch, it keeps me active in a healthy way.
Binish Aryan (Housewife)

Purchasing for the 3rd time now. works great. Love all the offers and discounts.Must buy
Vivek Pal (Fitness Enthisiast)

An important part of my active lifestyle. Have a hard time when it goes out of stock, buy it immediately while it is in stock.
Adi Patel (Fitness Enthisiast)

Using this product since 3 years in a row now. It is an integral part of my fitness life. Cannot imagine my day without it. Thank you Fast&Up Activate, you a real saviour
Minal Joshi

Must have for every athlete. Effervescent Pre Workout is a total game-changer for me. Buy without any second thoughts.
Varun Kakkar

Great product. I stopped drinking coffee and needed a little boost. I use this during my workouts and it gives me just a little extra energy.
Jinal O

I can’t drink coffee because it makes me jittery, but these tablets give me energy without the anxiety.
Vineet Kapadia

Must try for anyone who is into active lifestyle
Kapil (Runner)

Awesome taste, awesome results
Kajal Sharma (Swimmer)

1500 mg L-Arginine works best for me as a pre-workout supplement. Go ahead and buy.
V Mehta (Professional)

I drink my water and Activate tablet at 3 PM everyday. It gives me the energy boost I need to power through the rest of my working afternoon and not my evening workout. I have repurchased this two times and will definitely buy it again!
Bhashi Kiran (Homemaker)

Just buy it guys, best pre-workout ever
Rohit Mehra

I use it 30 minutes before training, helps me to feel less tired.
Jai Kishan (Marathoner)

Activates the body before run. I use it everyday 15-30 minutes before my training.
Juhi Mehta (Bodybuilder)

Perfect combination of ingredients required for Pre-Workout product. I use it daily.
Varsha Samtani (Yoga)

Best pre-workout so far, works for real.
Hema Mehta

This product really delays your fatigue. I could run for a longer time without feeling tired. Awesome, just awesome
Ram Bhatt (Runner)

Really felt the benefit. After using the product, I could run for 10K instead of my normal 6-7 K. Great product.
Ketan Mehta (Fitness Enthusiast)

Received product within a day of ordering. Best service, best product.
Geeta (Cyclist)

My favourite product. Tastes amazing. Gives a real kick to my day.
Dipen Mehta (Runner)

Really works. I use it daily for my training. Thank you Fast&Up for such an incredible product.


Does it help with the staimna

Any side effects with this?

Great product

Activate is very very very great product for army racing and other marathon
sumitra (verified_owner)

Its perfect for all hard runs !!

This product is really good.
preyas_18 (verified_owner)

good product
Chandravadan Ajmera (verified_owner)

I have been using this product sine long. It is certainly useful as a prerun supplement.
Zain (verified_owner)

so far so good
Jaideep (verified_owner)

I have used Activate before my long runs and it has been a good addition to my pre-run diet. I don't get cramps and see the difference in my endurance.
Joshua DSilva

Great Stuff ....
ashishsandu (verified_owner)

It works really nice. Just started using it but results are very good.
Chandravadan Ajmera

Fast and up Activate before the work out definitely improves your performance. I am using this product followed by a cup of strong coffee since years. I recommend it along with coffee for amazing performance.

Taking Fast & Up Activate has improved my performance. I would recommend it to long distance runners who need to enhance endurance.

The delivery is super-fast and the product amazing. Must try for anyone seriously into sports and fitness.

I have been a fan of Fast & Up Activate ever since I saw the difference in a friends endurance and stamina. Ordered the 3-packs Activate last month and it lasted long enough to convince me to try other products from Fast & Up.
Sunil Singh

This product works exactly as it claims. I can run for longer duration now without getting exhausted quickly. Will definitely recommend.

Got it delivered in 3 days. The box is safely packed. This is an amazing pre-workout drink. I can track my performance improvement. Fast & Up activate is a reliable drink for anyone. Now, I will try their other sports nutrition supplements.
Anjali Saraogi (verified_owner)

Anjali - 30 june 2017 A good product to kickstart a run or workout. Effervescence helps reboot the body. Mild and pleasant flavouring.This product helped me get back to my workouts post a gruelling Comrades. Now i use it before a hard gym session as well.
Yash Peswani (verified_owner)

The Box was nicely packed by fast and up and this drink is very much useful for those who are long distance runner and it will help with your performance you can buy this product surely it will improve your performance
Chirag Jain (verified_owner)

If youre a runner or cyclist , you understand how important keeping yourself hydrated is. It is absolutely crucial (for runners and non-runners alike) in order to keep your body functioning properly and to keep your muscles from cramping up. This is especially important for runners, and in particular those who run in hotter climates. As you run, you perspire, which can easily lead to dehydration if you arent careful. Instead, you need to stick to a hydration plan that starts before you run, takes place while you run, and continues once you have finished running. Therefore fast and up has all of the required products pre-order workout, reload and recover . I am using it since its inception, strongly recommend it to athletes like us.
Pranav kumar Subramaniyan

I have been regularly using reload for sometime now. Tried my hands on activate during a training run and during the Navy half Marathon in Mumbai few weeks back. Took one 20 mins before the run and was all geared up for the race. Its surely an energy booster. The taste was good and above all it had a feel good factor during the run.
Srivatsan (verified_owner)

I have used the Activate, Reload and Recover Tubes of Fast & Up during my training for the 2016 SCMM Full Marathon. I have been very impressed with all three and especially with Activate since there are very few comparable products in the market. It does definitely give a boost to one's ensuing workout especially when used before the very demanding interval workouts. I liked the taste of the drink as well. I expect to continue using it before my serious training sessions and before all racing events.
Varun S Joshi Experienced Runner and Cyclist

I took ACTIVATE before my 100 K ride as well as 200 K ride and almost immediately it seemed the body was pepped and ready to undertake a nice long ride! Having to use just one tablet in 250 ml meant that I needed to consume less of liquid to get any desired effects. Fantastic to say the least!

Disclaimer: Fast&Up Products are all FSSAI approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please read product packaging carefully prior to purchase and use. The results from the products will vary from person to person. The information/articles  on Fast&Up ( www.fastandup.in or subdomains)  is provided for informational purpose only and is not meant to substitute for the advice provided by your doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Avail Extra 5% OFF on orders above Rs. 2500 with Coupon code 'FREEDOM'
Avail Extra 5% OFF on orders above Rs. 2500 with Coupon code 'FREEDOM'