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5 Winter Workouts to Keep You Active in Cold Weather

Published : Dec 20, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

Winter Workouts

Let's face the TRUTH - that winter makes all of us lethargic and you don't feel like doing anything else but to sleep and daily exercising doesn't stand a chance. However, your body needs exercise in winter too. According to the American Heart Association, one must exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity every week in summer as well as the winter season. However, this does not mean that you go all out while exercising and are injured or get a muscle strain. So let us look at 5 winter workouts to keep you active in the cold weather -

  • Brisk WALKING

Walking is one of the easiest possible workouts that any individual can perform. This workout does not require any equipment and you can simply plug in your headphones and walk, listening to your favorite music. Walking helps to burn fat and over a period of time, walking helps better utilize fat as a source of fuel as it taps into fat stores and triglycerides in the body to turn them into energy. Go for walk daily at least for 30 minutes.

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  • Sweat it Out with YOGA

Winter Workouts - Sweat it Out with YOGA

Another important physical exercise or workout, which can help you, stay active during the winters as well as boost your cognitive and emotional wellness is Yoga. Some people feel that yoga is only about breathing but it is much more than that as it is a complete body workout, which helps you to burn enough calories to stay fit and active. It helps to improve your flexibility, endurance and strength and also, it helps decrease cortisol levels in the body that further helps fight stress.

  • Climb Up and Down the STAIRS

Stairs is what all you need for this workout. Climbing up and down the stairs is an easy workout exercise that you can perform daily to stay fit during the winter season. Climbing the stairs helps your body to generate enough heat to help you stay warm during the time when the mercury levels drop down severely. This in turn helps to burn more fat and in addition, it helps achieved weight management goals.

  • GROOVE to your Fav Song

Surprise, surprise! Dancing is not just a leisure or fun activity that helps alleviate your mood but it also involves breaking a lot of sweat thereby helping you achieve your fitness goals. When you dance, you burn approximately 90 to 266 calories per half an hour depending upon several factors like your intensity, gender and weight. Thus, dancing is an amazing workout to burn calories in a fun way. If you haven't done it yet then do try – ZUMBA.

Winter Workouts - GROOVE to your Fav Song

  • RUN – It's a lot of FUN

Running is one of easiest activity that you can perform to keep yourself active during winter months. Running is associated with several health benefits like maintaining gut, brain and heart health, improving cardiovascular health, aiding weight loss and maintaining energy throughout the day. In case if you are not fond of running, then you can opt for other similar activity like cycling or swimming too, to maintain your fitness levels during the colder months.

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Performing one of these workout daily will help will help you to stay active in the winter months. Along with this, you need to focus on your dietary choices as well, as nutrition plays an important part in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. After your workout, you must refuel yourself with protein shake or protein snack that will help you to recover faster and healthier due to the presence of the amino acids. You can also opt to fuel yourself with plant or whey protein supplement.

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