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Importance Of Fitness In Short Forms Of Cricket

Published : Sep 21, 2020 1 mins read Updated On : Sep 16, 2023

Cricket is seen by numerous individuals as a game that depends more on abilities as opposed to the physicality of the players, or if nothing else that is the manner by which it used to be seen. 

Importance Of Fitness In Short Forms Of Cricket

However, modern times have seen an increased scrutiny on fitness as a whole and sport is no exemption to that. Cricket may have been slower on the take-up yet the cutting edge game is brimming with elite players.

Fitness plays a significant part in a cricketer's life. Fit players are capable of fielding well in any case, additionally, they can likewise perform well in their role, and for instance, a fit batsman is capable of running quickly between the wickets and can likewise play a wide scope of shots from spread drives to scoops 

Importance Of Fitness In Short Forms Of Cricket

Earlier, making hundreds was known to be a serious deal and we would seldom observe sixes being hit. These days, you rarely notice a match without sixes, truth be told, 7 double hundreds have been scored after 2010. All the credit goes to more hours in the gym and healthy eating regimens. This makes the competition considerably more serious as well as draws in new crowds.

Back in the initial days, cricket players weren't fit as the game was commonly founded on bowling and batting. Nonetheless, the significance of fielding has prompted considerably more serious matches just as taking extraordinary catches. Airborne catches are ordinary things now, and they happen on regular basis in different ways.

Additionally, we have even observed professionals like MS Dhoni highlight the significance of fitness in Cricket. In 2007, the Indian Captain said that 'a batsman will give you runs when he is in good form but a good fielder will save you runs at any,' this highlights the significant role of fielding in cricket and that is achieved by being fit. 

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To conclude this debate, fitness does play a crucial role in Cricket as it permits players to accomplish high statures in their role and field well.

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