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Melatonin's Role in Runner's Recovery Journey

Published : Jan 24, 2024 3 mins read Updated On : Jan 25, 2024

Melatonin's Role in Runner's Recovery Journey

Over the past 18 years, Tata Mumbai Marathon has not only ignited a fitness revolution and catapulted Indian runners onto the global stage but has also become a symbol of unity, compassion, and social impact. Beyond being a top-tier marathon with international acclaim, the Tata Mumbai Marathon stands as a testament to the collective strength of a city and its people, proving that it's not just about running; it's about realizing the Possible Dream. With over 46,000 participants annually and a fundraising platform benefitting numerous NGOs, the event has not only transformed the landscape of distance running in India but has also left an indelible mark on the global stage. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is not merely a race; it is a celebration of the human spirit and the endless possibilities that come with chasing dreams.

As runners, our relentless pursuit of peak performance demands a thorough understanding of the recovery process. Sleep, the often-underestimated component of recovery, plays a crucial role in muscle repair, immune function, and overall well-being. Recognizing the significance of quality sleep, athletes, including runners, have turned to melatonin in their quest for optimal recovery. In this exploration, we delve into the science behind melatonin's potential benefits for runners.

Research indicates that melatonin, though not shown to significantly impact morning performance, reveals promise in aiding recovery. In a study, thirty-two percent of surveyed runners reported using melatonin, ranking it as the second-highest recovery modality after stretching. Contrary to common misconceptions, melatonin's function goes beyond inducing sleep; it subtly shifts the circadian rhythm, facilitating an easier transition into restful sleep.

Melatonin in Runner's Recovery:

However, when it comes to recovery, the story takes a compelling turn. Melatonin emerged as a key player in improving recovery scores and resting heart rate (RHR). A substantial 32% of runners reported using melatonin, ranking it as the second-highest recovery modality after stretching. Melatonin, as confirmed by research in the journal Frontiers in Endocrinology, subtly shifts the circadian rhythm, helping the body recognize bedtime and facilitating easier sleep initiation. For runners, this means more than just falling asleep – it signifies the potential for a more restorative and efficient recovery.

Complementing the benefits of melatonin is the often-overlooked practice of breathwork. Ally Mazerolle, a lead breathwork teacher, explains its significance for runners. As running induces a stress response, breathwork stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, signalling the body to enter a state of rest, digest, and recover. This recovery period is essential for rebuilding and repairing the body from the stress incurred during exercise.


Beyond its influence on circadian rhythms, recent research in the journal “Biology of Sport” on the Effects of melatonin ingestion on physical performance and biochemical responses following exhaustive running exercise in soccer players underscores melatonin's profound impact on mitigating oxidative stress and enhancing recovery post-exercise.

The findings of the study indicate that melatonin supplementation significantly reduces lipid peroxidation, helps with defence mechanisms against oxidative stress, and diminishes muscle damage induced by exhaustive running exercises. For runners, this translates to a promising prospect – melatonin not only aids in optimizing sleep but also acts as a potent antioxidant, actively supporting the body's resilience against the oxidative demands of intense physical activity. As runners embrace melatonin as a recovery aid, they may find themselves experiencing reduced muscle damage and enhanced overall recovery, paving the way for sustained performance and well-being.

As we prioritize our well-being and recovery, incorporating melatonin into our routine emerges as a necessary choice. The proven benefits of melatonin in enhancing sleep quality and recovery scores align seamlessly with a runner's pursuit of excellence. Fast&Up Melatonin – is a natural drug-free way to facilitate faster and more effective sleep. With Swiss Effervescent technology for optimal absorption and higher bioavailability, it is easy-to-consume, with a delightful strawberry flavour.

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