Importance of Electrolytes Before and After Exercise - Fast&Up

Importance of Electrolytes Before and After Exercise

Stay Hydrated, Stay Fit, Exercise Well

Importance of Electrolytes Before and After Exercise - Fast&Up

Hydration and Electrolytes are always a point of discussion among those who actively exercise and give importance to their health and fitness. Those who exercise regularly, know the significance of electrolytes and keep a stock of such hydration supplements. Such electrolyte drinks help in both pre exercise boost and after exercise hydration and recovery. Both are vital for better performance and to maintain excellent fitness levels.

How Dehydration Affects Exercise?

As you start doing exercise you lose important minerals and electrolytes through sweat, breathing and other body functions. This has a direct impact on your performance. Dehydration results in slower reaction time, increased dizziness and fatigue, lower concentration level and quick fall in energy. Dehydration directly affects performance and may reduce your endurance to half.

Importance of Electrolytes After Exercise - Fast&Up

If you don’t hydrate your body on a timely basis you will have to suffer from symptoms of dehydration. Hydrating with the help of electrolyte drinks helps you to retain fluid during exercise, maintain energy, benefits joints and helps avoid fatigue thereby helping you to ace your exercise performance. Most people know the importance of hydration but are not aware when it is needed. And so to inform all those who love to exercise and workout or even play sports, you ought to hydrate before, during and after your activity session.

Before Exercise

Just like you do warm up to get ready for your intense activity to follow, you need to hydrate before the exercise to give your body the boost it needs. You may consume your electrolytes an hour before so that they have enough time to get digested in your body. It helps to ensure that blood flow is smooth and heart is pumping well to prepare for intense sessions to follow. Many people also opt for pre-workout supplements before they start their workout.

During Exercise

Importance of Electrolytes During Exercise - Fast&Up

Now, as you start to work-out so you will lose electrolytes through sweat and this makes it necessary to hydrate during the exertion. You can keep your electrolyte drink ready and keep on sipping it every 15-20 minutes. Take small sips at regular intervals rather than going for an entire drink at one go. If you are in for a long haul, then you may prefer to take electrolytes with carbohydrates to give further boost to energy and performance with the help of Fast&Up Reload.

After Exercise

Once you have completed your workout, you need to rehydrate in order to ensure smooth and fast recovery. You should prioritise on replenishing the lost electrolytes to not only ensure quick recovery but also to make yourself safe from injury that may happen if you don’t rehydrate in time. Also, one can take help of after exercise supplements to aid your recovery process.

The Bottom Line

Hydration with the help of electrolyte is a must for everyone who indulges in exercise. Many athletes prefer to take help of hydration supplements. While choosing such hydration drinks, you should look out for minerals like magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. Such supplements will help avoid cramps, replenish nutrients and maintain body temperature. To buy the best Electrolyte drink for Hydration, click here.

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