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5 Best Ways to boost Your Running Energy

Published : Oct 29, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 11, 2023

Best Ways to boost Your Running Energy

Many runners complain that they run out of energy few minutes into their run and this is the case with most of them. One of the primary reasons of energy loss and feeling of fatigue for runners is that they do not give due importance to their diet plan and ultimately their nutrition plan. Chronic fatigue can hamper your runs and if you want to avoid such situation of lack of energy during your runs, you should give importance to diet as much as you give importance to your fitness, sometimes more.

Now runners may ask how can they keep up their energy or maintain sustained energy level for longer periods. The answer to this question is quite simple – Dietary Changes. Once you ensure that you meet your daily nutrition requirements, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your running goals.

  • Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate

When your body gets dehydrated, your energy levels fall and subsequently your cannot perform at your best. Various studies conducted on effects of dehydration on performance includes reduced endurance, speed, stamina and increased fatigue. So here’s the catch – you need to hydrate throughout the day and more importantly hydrate during your run. For better results, add electrolytes to your water and consume them at regular intervals during your run to maintain improved energy levels.

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  • Reduce Stress, Sleep Well

When you are stressed, automatically you feel inactive. To fight stress, engage in relaxation activities like yoga, meditation, listening music, etc. One of the common negative impact of stress is less sleep. Whey your body doesn’t get adequate night sleep, it is not properly relaxed resulting into feeling of drowsiness throughout the day. To fight stress and get a restful sleep, try adding more magnesium to your diet as Mg is known to combat stress and helps you get good sleep.

  • Wholesome Diet is the Key!

A nutrient-dense diet covered of all the bases gives you the fuel you need to run longer and faster. As a runner, you must consider these things –

  • Protein – Good for muscle growth and strength, keeps you full for long, boosts energy and is essential for overall health and well-being.
  • Healthy Fats – Help boost energy and keep hearty healthy but don’t consume extremely sugared drinks that only increase your calorie intake and nothing else.
  • Carbs – Rich in fiber and helps improve energy levels. Choose leafy greens and fresh fruits to meet your carbs requirements.

  • Cut The Caffeine

Many athletes trust caffeinated drinks to give them the needed energy boost before their run/ workout. However, excessive caffeine intake can have a bad impact on the body and results can be opposing. Instead, one should try to avoid caffeine based energy drinks and opt for plant-based energy supplements that are rich in beetroot and alpinia galanga as they help to boost blood flow and stamina, help promote energy and support sustained attention and energy without crash.

5 Best Ways to boost Your Running Energy

  • Joint Care is a Necessity

As a runner, you move your joints more frequently than many other individuals do and thus, it becomes necessary to take of your joints that help you move all day. You should look to improve flexibility by engaging in activities like yoga, pilates, etc. Additionally, chose plant-based joint care supplements that have rosehips in them to help improve joint mobility and flexibility and keep the risk of joint related diseases at bay.

Adopt these changes in your lifestyle and give more importance to nutrition and you will see improved results. One can only perform best when energy levels are high.

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