Multivitamins Everyday, Vitamins and Minerals Benefits

Why should I take multivitamins everyday?


Many of us always focus on a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy approach for everything because health is wealth, right? We might follow a daily routine of balanced diet combined with routine brisk walk, exercise, yoga, crossfit, etc. But do we get enough of the essential nutrition that we intend to get even after strictly following all of these healthy practices? NOT REALLY!


Even after eating everything only healthy and maintaining a healthy diet, we fail to get the required amount of the essential vitamins and minerals due to various factors like farming practices, food production practices, processing techniques and cooking which makes our food less nutrient dense than they were in previous years. Such factors make our healthy diet void of the necessary and required nutrition that we expect from it. And even after eating healthy, we still feel that there is nutritional gap which makes us feel lethargic, weak and not healthy enough.


FACTORS AFFECTING DAILY NUTRITION REQUIREMENTS ? Crops are picked before they are ripe in before the nutrition is optimal. Often the ripening occurs after the crop is picked so foods can last longer and on the shelf, however it can affect the nutritional quality and taste ? In addition to toxicity concerns, Pesticides can reduce mineral absorption in crops ? Many foods today contain refined sugar. Excess levels can deplete nutrients in the body & cause weight gain ? Cooking at high temperature over 118 F (47?C) can destroy enzymes and many vitamins ? Refined foods lack fiber and many nutrients ? Increased consumption of junk food, re-heating of food ? Allergies, food tolerances, diet practices and unhealthy lifestyle What we eat is only half a part of the 1000 piece puzzle that body is in itself. There is so much more to the puzzle that needs to be known and understood for us to be able to complete this amazing puzzle called ?Healthy?. PUZZLE--Healthy The crucial part of this amazing ?Healthy? puzzle is VITAMINS AND MINERALS.


Vitamins and Minerals are substances required by the body to carry out important processes in the body, function normally and stay healthy. There are enzymes in our body who play a vital role in the enzymatic processes in the body required for carrying out multiple mechanisms in the human body. These essential vitamins and minerals activate enzymatic systems that are crucial for cellular function. Vitamins and Minerals help maintain cellular efficiency. The transformation of energy sources, such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins into cellular energy requires several micronutrients as coenzymes and cofactors of enzymatic reactions. For our body to function efficiently, they need to be activated. The food we eat, need vitamins and minerals for metabolism and need to be activated to perform functions effectively. Vitamins and Minerals helps our body with this much needed activation. Vitamins and Minerals activate our body to provide with the ever-increasing energy demands and well-being throughout the day and everyday. These vital elements called vitamins and minerals are needed in recommended amounts everyday for maintaining overall well-being and vitality.


The best way to avail ourselves with these much needed vitamins and minerals is through Multivitamin supplementation.


MULTIVITAMIN as a formulation contains three or more vitamins with or without minerals. You need multivitamins for normal body functions, mental alertness, to maintain immunity and overall well-being. Multivitamins provide you with a balanced combination of all essential vitamins and minerals in recommended daily amounts. They help bridge nutritional gaps which we is created due to lack of nutrition in our daily diet. Multivitamins help maintain good health and vitality.


As the word Multi says, there are MULTI-BENEFITS of MULTIVITAMINS.

PURPLE - VITALIZE HEALTH BENEFITS OF MULTIVITAMINS: Helps boost metabolism Helps maintain cellular efficiency Helps improve energy Helps reduce stress and anxiety Helps improve mood Helps support healthy ageing Helps improve physical and mental health Helps prevent nutrient deficiency related diseases Helps maintain overall health and well-being


VITALIZE_BOX_FRONT_300X300 FAST&UP VITALIZE, INDIA?S FIRST EFFERVESCENT MULTIVITAMIN IS THE BEST MULTIVITAMIN IN THE MARKET. Effervescence helps in quick absorption, better bioavailability, optimal dosage and effective and convenient supplementation. Effervescent form promises to be the best form of supplementation for multivitamins. FAST&UP VITALIZE is a comprehensive combination of 12 Vitamins, 9 Minerals and 1 Natural Nitrate Beetroot Extract. Fast&Up Vitalize helps fill nutritional gaps and provide essential nutrition with daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals in the required amounts. Fast&Up Vitalize helps you live life to the fullest in your personal and professional life. Together with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, FAST&UP VITALIZE creates a powerful synergy to:

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Due to high order volume, delivery may be slightly delayed