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Understanding Vitamin D3 Deficiency: Common Symptoms and Solutions

Published : Feb 25, 2022 1 mins read Updated On : Dec 07, 2023

Vitamin D3 also called the “Sunshine Vitamin” is a fat-soluble vitamin produced by our skin naturally when exposed to sunlight. We often neglect the importance of Vitamin D and do not monitor its level regularly.

It is necessary for a wide range of body functions, which include good Immunity, good health of bones and teeth, and a healthy heart. The major and most important function of Vitamin D is the proper absorption of calcium in the body. Although we can get Vitamin D3 through our diet by incorporating food items like milk, yogurt, eggs, and fortified cereal, we still need to supplement our body with Vitamin D3 to bridge the nutrition gap in our diet.

We need to be careful of the following Vitamin D deficiency symptoms -

  • Falling sick more often than usual

Vitamin D3 plays a major role in building the body’s immune system and helping our body fight infections from viruses and bacteria efficiently that make us ill.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms5

  • Feeling tired or unenergetic

Low levels of Vitamin D3 are directly linked to low levels of energy and increased fatigue. Taking Vitamin d3 supplements may increase energy levels.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms4

  • Pain in Bones

Vitamin D plays an important role in the proper absorption of calcium for healthy bones. Proper supplementation of Vitamin D helps to maintain bone mass density and reduces the risk of fractures.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms3

  • Delayed wound healing

Vitamin D helps in fighting inflammation and helps in tissue rebuilding and regeneration of the skin. Vitamin D deficiency is often linked to delayed wound healing.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms2

  • Anxiety and Depression

Vitamin D deficiency often hampers mental health and results in anxiety and depression. Maintaining proper Vitamin D levels helps maintain good mental health.

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms1

  • Vitamin D supplementation

As a lot of vitamin D sources are animal-based, it becomes challenging for the vegetarian population to keep up with the Vitamin D levels.

Fast&Up is introducing a plant-based Vitamin D3, which is completely vegan and is derived from Lichens that is a symbiotic association between algae and fungus.

Why Fast&Up plant-based Vitamin D3?

  • Helps in the absorption of Calcium
  • Helps in bone Mineralization and bone health
  • Helps in the prevention of rickets and Osteomalacia
  • Helps in building a stronger Immune system
  • Helps in boosting energy levels

Vitamin D3 Deficiency Symptoms

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