Why Is The Vegan Diet Trending And What Are Its Benefits?

Why Is The Vegan Diet Trending And What Are Its Benefits?

A pure vegan diet consists solely of plant-based ingredients with no products acquired from animals, including eggs, dairy products and honey. The reasons people give for embracing this lifestyle change are threefold.

Animal welfare

The cruel chicken farming practices and information concerning removal of new-born calves from forcibly impregnated cows, exposure of horrific conditions within the live export trade, have highlighted the trauma domesticated animals endure, motivating people to exclude non vegetarian foods from their diets for ethical reasons. Their love of animals and desire to protect them instead of seeing them suffer, fuels their food choices and makes the people vegan.

Health benefits

Research suggests that some meats are high in saturated fat and eating it exceedingly may result in high cholesterol, increased risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The World Health Organisation (WHO) stated there was sufficient evidence linking the consumption of processed meat to colorectal cancer. Food intolerances and allergies also persuade people to remove animal products from their meal plans.
Why is the Vegan diet trending and what are its benefits?
Environmental concerns

A study proclaimed that the single most effective way to reduce an individual’s impact on our planet is to maintain an animal free diet. The study states plant-based diets are responsible for less land degradation, water use, methane production, and greenhouse gas emissions, than animal product diets, etc – all of which contribute to global warming. Ecologists have even suggested the grain we feed to livestock could be fed directly to humans, a possible solution to assist reducing world hunger. In response to these concerns, many farmers are now implementing sustainable agricultural systems and high-welfare humane practices to ease animal suffering and lower their environmental footprint.

Is a vegan diet healthier?

Meat is an excellent source of minerals, vitamins and protein and does not have to be cut out of your diet completely. Australian Dietary Requirements recommend limiting our quantities and using lean meat as a garnish only. WHO confirms it has not yet been firmly established that consuming red meat causes cancer and stipulate many more deaths result from alcohol, tobacco smoking and air pollution.

Adhering to a vegan diet does not automatically make you healthier. Some artificial meats contain more salts, additives and preservatives than animal products. It is crucial for vegans to ensure they consume specific nutrients. B12 only exists in animal products so unless foods fortified with this vitamin are consumed, a supplement is essential. Iron sourced through a vegan diet is not as easily absorbed by the body so it is suggested vitamin C-rich foods are incorporated into meals. Dairy milk is rich in minerals, protein, vitamins, riboflavin, potassium and calcium, etc. but calcium can be obtained from green leafy vegetables, almonds and calcium-fortified almond milk. Omega-3 fats are found in plants but the rate our bodies convert it to the more beneficial form found in marine life, is low, so a supplement is recommended.
Why is the Vegan diet trending and what are its benefits?
How is Vegan diet trending now?

Introducing plant-based foods to our diet has never been easier with the abundance of blogs,  recipes and cookbooks available. Restaurants are succumbing to demand, offering more plant-based options other than the usual Greek salad. There are cafes serving homemade vegan food only, and restaurants including vegan sections on their menu. Our bodies and planet may benefit from adding lentil soup to our diets, but respect for people’s choices and encouragement to explore at our own pace has to be more successful. Also, vegan friendly supplements are trending now.
Why is the Vegan diet trending and what are its benefits?
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