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The Ultimate Guide to Plant-Based Protein Powders for Post-Exercise Recovery

Published : Feb 03, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 21, 2024

We all know the power of a protein-rich diet for a healthy lifestyle. Getting enough protein is crucial to all your daily activities from your weight management to your immunity. If you are a regular gym -goer then you understand the importance of the role of protein powder in muscle recovery post-workout. But what if you are a vegan and don’t want to consume protein sourced from an animal source? Do you wonder if you can use plant-based protein powder in your post-recovery? Would plant-based protein powders provide the same benefits as animal-based proteins? Let’s try to find out.

Why Plant-Based Protein Powders are great for Post Workout

Plant-based protein especially that which is sourced from peas and brown rice can be just as effective as whey for a post-workout drink. There are many advantages of plant-based protein powder over traditional whey protein.

  • Easily digestible
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Neutral taste
  • Mix well with water
  • No allergy

Why Plant-Based Protein Powders are great for Post Workout

Muscle recovery and weight management

Plant-based protein supplements specifically brown rice and pea protein – are equally effective at helping you in muscle building and recovery. One study observed how brown rice protein, was clinically shown to be equal to whey protein for building muscle, and strength and aiding in exercise recovery. Another big advantage of plant-based protein powders is that they are rich in fiber. Plants contain large amounts of fiber, which helps indigestion. Plant-based proteins are also beneficial to your body as they act as metabolism boosters. Plant-based protein takes longer to metabolize by your body because of the fiber. The longer your body works on metabolizing the plant protein, the better your body is at burning the extra fat you are trying to get rid of. Plant-based protein powder performs dual action, it helps you achieve your weight loss goals and you have your fiber and protein all in one convenient spot.

Muscle Mass & Strength

Increased protein intake is responsible for greater strength and muscle mass gains. It allows for greater muscle mass preservation when consumed during periods of exercise, limits age-related muscle loss, and provides a greater muscle protein synthetic response when distributed across meals

Alkalising properties

Plant protein can help us to balance our bodies’ pH levels. Due to our lifestyle, our food choices have become unhealthy. Many times we eat food that is unhealthy and disturbs the pH level of our body. To balance this, our bodies have to take minerals from our bones and other places. Plant proteins that have high amounts of chlorophyll (the greener, the better) provide the alkalinity that our bodies require.

Provides vitamins and minerals

Not only does plant-based protein provide good quality protein but also is filled with antioxidants and other vitamins that you can’t get in animal protein. There are many minerals that your body can use to keep it healthy and strong.

Provides slimming saturated fats

Certain saturated fats can be helpful in weight management. Coconut fat is considered one of the best in helping people with weight loss. Protein powder made from coconut contains saturated fatty acids beneficial for weight management.

Plant-based proteins are amazing to achieve your post-workout goals. There are multiple other benefits of plant-based protein such as weight management, muscle building, and providing fewer calories. So if you are on the fence about whether to use plant protein don’t hesitate and start your journey of a healthy life with plant-based protein powder. 

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