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List Of High Protein Rich Foods for Vegans

Published : Feb 08, 2022 3 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

List Of High Protein Rich Foods

A vegetarian diet equals loads of delicious veggies with dairy products and equal richness in terms of nutrients. While a vegetarian diet is exceptionally healthy and rich in minerals, the amount of protein that a normal vegetarian diet provides is normally frowned upon with the major point being that protein is usually obtained from non-vegetarian sources in bulk.

While this might be true to an extent, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get enough protein if you’re a vegetarian. There are a number of protein-rich foods for a vegetarian kingdom that when introduced to your normal diet in sufficient quantities can grant you the right amount of protein.

In terms of proteins and veggies, we have compiled a list of delicious and healthy protein-rich foods for vegetarians that you can introduce into your diet for a nutrient-rich balance. 

  • Lentils and beans:

Protein Rich Food - Lentils And Beans

Dal has been a traditionally favorite curry in Indian cuisine with a variety of different lentils, all of them being equally good in terms of their protein content. Among one of the most famous Indian sources of proteins, there are various beans that contain an abundance of protein/gram.

Among the beans are kidney beans, gram beans, chickpeas, etc., all delicious in taste and healthy in terms of nutrition.

  • Paneer:

Protein Rich Food - Paneer

A vegetarian diet unlike a vegan diet also includes dairy foods, such as curd, milk, butter, paneer, cheese, etc., with each of them good sources of protein. However, the one that tops the list when it comes to its protein content is Paneer. With cheese and milk also being rich in protein, Paneer contains as much as 14g of protein per 100g which surprisingly enough is the same as 100g of eggs.

And this protein source for vegetarian India is indeed delicious with so many different recipes to try out, from butter paneer to paneer bhurji to the exquisite paneer quesadillas.

  • Oats:

Protein Rich Food -Oats

The word oats itself brings in front an entire list of fitness goals, being the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and it is indeed! Oats are nutritious and known for their fiber and protein content, being a really good food source of proteins. And even though oats make you shout ‘BORING!’, like paneer there are different ways you can experiment with oats.

You can make oats idlis, baked oats, chocolate oats, pancakes, etc., to make a tasty and healthy fibrous breakfast that also makes your body feel healthy and good. 

  • Brown Rice:

Protein Rich Food - Brown Rice

While the protein content in white rice is minutely higher than in brown rice with the former containing 2.7g of protein and the latter providing 2.6g of protein per 100g, the difference is the minerals and vitamins that are in abundance in the case of brown rice.

In fact, brown rice has also been used in various plant protein powders along with green peas and lentils because of its high vitamin and mineral ratio along with its impressive veg protein-rich food content. 

  • Quinoa: 

List Of High Protein Rich Foods for Vegans - Quinoa

  • Nuts: 

Protein Rich Food - Nuts

Almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, etc., are all super rich in protein and when combined together, they form a complete high-protein meal. Plus, they can also make your stomach full which means that a healthy assemblage of cashews, peanuts, and almonds with a dash of salt and pepper can make a simple yet nutritional meal.

In fact, peanut butter is renowned widely for its protein content, being a favorite of gym goers and individuals who love an active lifestyle and the same applies to almond butter as well. Coupled with various delicious smoothies and pastries, you can make any sweet temptations healthy just with a dash of peanut butter.

  • Yellow Peas:

We know we did mention beans and lentils already but this one does deserve a separate pointer since it is super rich in protein. Yellow peas are nutritious when it comes to vitamins, minerals, and fibers but what strikes an appeal is the 25g of protein 100g of yellow peas contains.
This higher protein content makes it one of the favorites when it comes to planting protein powders, just like our brown rice. And it's always a delight to have a bowl of hot split pea/yellow pea soup in the winter.

There you go, a complete protein-filled list of food sources for our veggie-loving friends. Go on then, try out various recipes with paneer or quinoa or oats or any of the healthy protein food sources and complete your everyday nutrition with rich protein delicacies.

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