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Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA
Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA

Fast&Up Vegan Omega - 500mg DHA

Vegan Omega Derived from Marine Algae in Gelatin Free Capsules

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Marketed By:
Aeronutrix Sports Products Pvt. Ltd. 315, Woodrow, 19 Veera Desai Road, Andheri West, Mumbai - 400053

Manufactured By:
Vantage Nutrition LLP Gat No. 475B, Village Dhangarwadi, Taluka Khandala, Satara, Maharashtra - 412801

Country of Origin: India




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  • 100% Vegetarian, No Fish oil Used, Sustainably sourced Marine Algae derived Vegan Omega with 250mg DHA
  • Supports Healthy Heart, Good Vision, Helps Improve Brain functions and Maintain Joint health
  • Carrageenan and Gelatin free Veg capsules, Burp Free, Mercury Free and No Fishy After Taste
  •  How to use: Take two capsules with water
  • When to use: Can be taken anytime of the day post any meal

Fast&Up Vegan Omega is High Quality, Pure, and sourced from Marine Algae. It gives 250mg of Algal DHA. It is Mercury Free, Burp free, and does not give any fishy aftertaste. It helps to maintain the normal cholesterol levels required for good cardiovascular health. It helps to maintain flexibility and mobility in joints. It also helps to reduce joint pain and inflammation. vegan Omega 3 supplement helps in improving focus and memory. It also contributes to enhancing overall cognitive functions and proper brain development. Omega also helps in improving vision, reduces the risk of eye diseases, and helps to maintain healthy eyes. Omega plays an important role in boosting the body's immunity and improving the body's immune responses. To sum up, omega-3 vegan sources help in maintaining a healthy heart, joints, eyes, and brain and also boost the body's immunity. It is perfect daily nutrition for anyone who is a fitness enthusiast, who wants to maintain daily well-being, and someone who prefers a plant-based diet.

vegan omega 3 capsules are made with veg Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and not with gelatin making them suitable for the vegan population. We have used V-FILLTM technology, which ensures leak-proof liquid-filled capsules and also ensures enhanced nutrient absorption. It is 100% vegetarian, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Non-GMO, Fast absorbing, of High quality, Highly Bioavailable, Mercury Free, Burp Free, and does not give a fishy aftertaste. It is gentle on the stomach and flavorless. Fast&Up Vegan Omega 3 supplements can be consumed once daily after breakfast, lunch, or any other meal.

Nutritional Info (Approx Values):

NUTRIENTS Per Capsule(0.770g ) 
250 g *
Energy7.55 kcal 0.38% 
Protein0.00 g0.00%
0.14 g**
Total Sugar 0.00 g**
Fat 0.78 g 1.56%
SFA  0.26 g0.38%
0.08 g **
0.43 g
Trans Fat
0.00 g

0.00 g


0.36 g

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( 5.0)

Vegan omega

After turning Vegan, i was looking for a quality Vegan DHA option. So, i started with Vegan Omega. This tablet has worked wonders for me and has helped fulfil my daily DHA. Additionally, it has no fishy aftertaste or burps. The 250mg Algal DHA also supported my Joint health. This tablet were smaller than usual Omega capsules or tablets and were very easy to consume and did not cause any side effects like constipation or bloating. The packaging also attractive and the parcel arrived in perfect condition with seal packed. I highly recommend everyone to start consuming the same.

By Sai

1. What is unique about Fast&Up Vegan Omega?

Fast&Up Vegan Omega is with 250mg DHA and is Pure and High Quality sourced from Marine Algae. It is made with V-FILL™ technology, which ensures leak-proof capsules and higher nutrient absorption. It is Mercury free, burp free and does not give a fishy after taste.

2. What are the benefits of Fast&Up Vegan Omega?

Fast&Up Vegan Omega is good for heart health, healthy brain function and joints, better vision, and Immunity Boosting.

3. Who can consume Vegan Omega?

Fast&Up Vegan Omega is a daily nutrition, which is a perfect choice for anyone who prefers a plant-based diet, is a Fitness enthusiast, and is looking for overall wellbeing.

4. What is the recommended age to consume Fast&Up Vegan?

It is recommended to use Fast&Up by anyone whose 14 years and above.

5. Is the capsule made from Gelatin?

No, the capsules are made from Veg Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.

6. What is the source of Vegan Omega?

It is derived from a Marine alga of Schizochytrium species.

7. Is it safe to consume Vegan Omega daily?

It is completely safe to consume Vegan Omega daily.



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