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What is Fast&Up Glutamine? Why we have to use it?

Published : Apr 02, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

Are you sore, not just today but every other day after your workout or training? Well, this is a common thing to experience after your workout. Now, what can you do to relieve your muscle soreness so that you can continue your workout routine every day? The first and the foremost thing that you need to do is optimize your post-training muscle recovery. The faster your muscles recover from your post workout muscle soreness, the better your training and workout will be. And you’ll get to see improved results.

L-Glutamine plays an important role in assisting your muscles in rebuilding and repairing themselves, so that your muscles soreness can be prevented and you can recover faster. If you have chronic muscle soreness, it can cause exhaustion, become debilitating and cause severe discomfort. Now, you don’t want that to happen, right? So the best thing that you can do is take L –Glutamine supplements. And one such supplement is Glutamine from the house of Fast&Up!

What is L –Glutamine?

In your body, this is a naturally occurring and one of the most abundant conditionally essential amino acids. In your muscle tissue, it makes up approx. 60 percent of the amino acid pool. About 90 percent of glutamine is made in the skeletal muscles. Did we tell you that it is one of the very few amino acids that are able to cross the barriers between your blood and brain? This enables it to enter the brain freely. Also, it is essential in the process of nitrogen transport between tissues. The Fast&Up Glutamine contains this essential amino acid.

How does L –Glutamine work?

The main role that is played by the L –Glutamine is that it helps in utilizing atoms. In order to repair and rebuild tissues, Glutamine helps in directing the body when and where to place nitrogen atoms. You require maintaining a positive nitrogen balance so that your strength and muscle mass can be built. As L –Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid, synthesis can be limited in certain situations.

There may be times when you have an intense workout session. During these times, your body actually uses as well as deplete all of its glutamine. This decreases your stamina and strength and makes your body recover at a much slower pace. When you take Fast&Up Glutamine as a supplement, it makes sure that your body has enough supply of glutamine stores. This, in turn, maintains a positive protein balance to protect you from workout induced muscles mass breakdown and reduce muscle soreness.

How Fast&Up Glutamine can benefit your body?

Fast&Up Glutamine Powder

  • Boosts immune system functions
Did you know that one of the most important functions of glutamine is to boost the immune system? It’s a crucial source of fuel for immune cells. This includes white blood cells as well as certain intestinal cells. If your body needs more glutamine than it can produce it, then it may break down the sources of protein such as your muscles in order to release more of this amino acid. When there is less glutamine in your body than it’s required, it can affect the function of your immune system. This is one of the major reasons why high-glutamine diet or glutamine supplements such as Fast&Up Glutamine and high-protein diets are suggested by doctors after severe injuries such as burns. According to studies, glutamine supplements such as Fast&Up Glutamine may decrease infections, improve health and lead to shorter stays at the hospital after surgeries. Did we tell you that it can improve your survival chances and reduce your medical costs in case you’re critically ill? Great, isn’t it?

  • Improves exercise performance and muscle gain

Glutamine plays a key role in building blocks of protein. According to studies, glutamine supplements such as Fast&Up Glutamine improve exercise performance and muscle gain. In one study, some people were given glutamine supplements for six weeks during their weight training. By the end of the study, it was seen that those people had an improved strength and muscle mass. Some researches have shown that glutamine supplements such as Fast&Up Glutamine may improve recovery after an intense workout and decrease muscle soreness.

  • Improves intestinal health

The benefits that glutamine provides your immune system with, are related to its role in improving your intestinal health. In your body, the largest portion of the immune system in the intestines. The reasons behind this include the trillions of bacteria that live in your intestines and the many intestinal cells with immune functions. For immune and intestinal cells, glutamine plays the role of an important source of energy. Also, it helps in maintaining the barrier between the rest of your body and the insides of your intestines, thereby protecting you from leaky gut. This stops the harmful toxins or bacteria residing in your intestines from spreading to the rest of your body. Also, glutamine is essential for the normal growth as well as maintenance of the cells that are inside your intestine.

How can Fast&Up Glutamine help you if you take it as a post-workout supplement?

High-intensity workout and a prolonged period of exercise can decrease your intramuscular concentrations of glutamine. This makes it important for you to take Fast&Up Glutamine supplement to replenish your stores of L –Glutamine. It plays an essential role in:

 Reducing muscle soreness
 Faster recovery
 Decreasing muscle mass breakdown
 Better immune system
 Decreasing DOMS
 Increasing muscle building
 Hydration

What is Fast&Up Glutamine? Why we have to use it?

How to use Fast&Up Glutamine – the best post workout supplement for recovery

This supplement with 5g L –Glutamine comes in a powdered form. In order to take it after your high-intensity training, all you need to do is take 250ml of water in a glass. Then pour 1 scoop of this powdered supplement in it. Mix it well and drink it – and you’re all set to continue your training the next day. One tub of Fast&Up Glutamine can last up to 60 servings. Buy now!

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