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Protein Powder Supplements:

Protein is the second most prevalent element in our cells after water. Proteins are made up of biochemical 'building blocks' referred amino acids. Protein is one of the most vital macronutrients and thus, the daily needs of protein should be catered to. Proteins help in repair and regeneration and in other basic bodily functions.

Protein is a structural component of bone, muscle, and skin. The body needs protein to generate hormones, enzymes, and other compounds. Protein helps in weight management. Consuming protein-rich foods and consuming supplements may make a person feel satiated for longer periods. Feeling full causes people to eat smaller portions and snack less frequently, which can help them stay at a healthy weight or lose weight if needed.

It helps in reducing hunger levels, boosts metabolism, reduces cravings, and helps maintain weight loss. Protein aids in muscle recovery.
Protein supplements can help with recovery by minimizing muscle damage and enhancing muscle function and protein synthesis after exercise. Protein is required for muscular development. Protein supplementation has been shown to stimulate muscular hypertrophy and increase muscle strength gains in both untrained and trained people. The benefits of protein are diverse and thus, are vital.

Protein supplements usually come in the form of protein powders, which are concentrated protein sources derived from animals or plants. Plant-based protein or vegan protein powder are made from plants like soybeans, peas, rice, or hemp. Plant protein is as good as animal protein if taken in the right combination to get the benefits of all the nine essential amino acids.

Vegan proteins are also linked to providing other health benefits other than muscle growth and strength as they may reduce the risk of heart diseases, may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, may help in reducing cholesterol, and help in weight management.

Meanwhile, milk helps in making casein or whey protein. Milk is made up of around 20% whey (liquid portion) and 80% casein protein (curdled component). To create whey protein powder, the liquid portion is subjected to different procedures such as ultra-microfiltration and spray drying. Other substances that may be present in the powders include added sugars, artificial flavors, thickeners, vitamins, and minerals.

There are three main forms of Protein powders:

  • Concentrates: These are made by extracting protein from entire foods with heat, acid, or enzymes. These are typically composed of 60–80 percent protein, with the remaining 20–40% made up of fat and carbs.
  • Isolates: A second filtration procedure eliminates even more fat and carbohydrates, concentrating the protein even more. Protein isolate powders are composed of 90–95 percent protein.
  • Hydrolysates: Hydrolysates are more readily absorbed by your body and muscles because they are produced by additional heating with acid or enzymes, which breaks the bonds between amino acids.

How to choose the right protein?

Before deciding on a protein supplement, it is usually a good idea to evaluate your daily protein needs and fitness goals. Check the composition, nutritional details, allergy information, and lab results. If you want to be sure, you are getting a genuine protein supplement, only buy from an approved merchant. The product should be certified and devoid of steroids and other banned substances.

Isolate and hydrolyzed proteins are superior solutions for a ripped and shredded body during a high-intensity workout. People who want to gain weight can also use protein concentrate. Because of their decreased lactose content, isolate and hydrolysate proteins are also beneficial to lactose-intolerant individuals.

While protein requirements vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle, supplementing with protein is crucial for those who do not get enough protein from the diet alone. With the fast-based growing lifestyles, it is very difficult for natural foods to provide maximum nutrients due to high processing techniques, which deplete most of the important nutrients, that the body requires. For this reason, Fast&Up ensures on delivering high-quality protein supplements with quality being our first priority.

Fast&Up Whey Advanced

Whey Advanced is fast digesting, easy mixing, banned substance free with no added sugar and low lactose content, maneuvered with a combination of Isolate and Hydrolyzed Whey. Each scoop of 30.4g provides 24g of micro-filtered whey protein.

Fast&Up Whey Essentials 

Whey Essentials is a premium high quality and clean whey protein blend of Isolate + Concentrate whey with Grass Fed Whey, sourced from Europe. It provides 100% complete protein. It provides 24g protein, 5.5g BCAA, and 4g Glutamine for better muscle strength, endurance, and recovery and has the digestive enzymes to prevent bloating.

Fast&Up Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. Each serving of 31g Whey Isolate provides 26g clean protein with 6g naturally occurring BCAAs that fuel muscle recovery and boost muscle protein synthesis to prevent muscle breakdown and 4.5g Glutamine that is vital for better recovery, supports gut health, improves immunity.

Fast&Up Whey Concentrate

Whey Concentrate is a premium high-quality, clean whey protein concentrates with grass-fed whey sourced from Europe. This protein has undergone the process of ultrafiltration to provide 80% pure protein. Each serving (32g) offers 24g of protein per serving and is ideal for general health, gym professionals, and bodybuilders to build lean muscle mass and endurance during their training.

Fast&Up Plant Protein

Plant Protein contains 100% pure plant-based protein powder with added benefits of Vegan MCTs and Beetroot extract, 6g of BCAA, and 6g of Glutamine to help build muscles, faster post-workout muscle recovery, and overall well-being. It offers 31g of pure protein powder and is Informed Sports certified.

Fast&Up Plant Protein for Men

A Vegan Protein source specially designed for men contains 100% pure plant-based protein powder with a powerful combination of super herbs and multivitamins. Provides 24g of pure whey protein isolate that boosts metabolism, and testosterone levels and helps build strength and stamina. This gluten-free Protein that’s More, as it is Cleaner, More Green & has More Protein.

Fast&Up Plant Protein for Women

Protein supplements formulated for women offer a complete protein blend with the goodness of superfoods and super herbs. The amount of Protein for Women provides 18g of protein, which helps to build strength, stamina, energy, endurance, and weight management along with staying fit with a toned body.

Fast&Up Plant Protein for Weight Management

Provides 20.16g of High quality and 100% Protein with Clinically Researched and Tested Carnipure™ that offers complete protein with the goodness of thermogenic herbs. The thermogenic herb blend helps boost metabolism. It helps burn stored fat into energy and helps you feel full for longer.

With health and fitness at the forefront of modern trends, it is no surprise that protein supplements have become a staple of training and that ingesting them is seen as a critical component of living a healthy lifestyle. Protein supplements help boost faster muscle recovery, regulate hunger levels along with improved daily health.

With the growing trend in fitness, Fast&Up ensures to provide easy-to-use protein with better performance and endurance. We offer you a diverse range of protein powders that are easy to digest and come in delicious flavors with high-quality ingredients and faster absorption.
Science has evolved with newer technology and we aim to serve your nutritional needs and requirements based on your preferences.


Q: What are the protein supplements?

A: Protein supplements are protein powders that one can consume by mixing them in water or milk.

Q: What is the purpose of protein supplements?

A: They provide you with your daily protein needs. They help in muscle building, muscle recovery, and improve immunity.

Q: Is it OK to have protein powder every day?

A: Yes, it is completely OK to consume protein powder every day.

Q: Is protein safe for health?

A: Yes, protein is safe for health. Protein is the most important macronutrient in the body

Q: Can I take whey protein without a workout or exercise?

A: Yes, you can whey protein without a workout or exercise as it helps in general wellbeing

Q: How to choose the Best Protein Powder?

A: Understand the needs of your body. look for the quality of protein. Make sure there is no added sugar or harmful ingredients

Q: Different Types of Protein Powders?

A: The major types of protein supplements are Whey, Casein, Soy, Pea, Brown rice, Egg, and Hemp



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