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What is Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein? Benefits of Fusion Protein

Published : Dec 30, 2022 4 mins read Updated On : Mar 18, 2024

Protein supplements are the most commonly used supplements for muscle building and recovery. Based on the source of protein, supplements are divided into plant protein supplements or whey protein supplements. There are multiple types of protein supplements available on the market.

One challenge that people face is that both plant protein and whey protein have some distinct benefits that the other type does not contain. Hence someone who is using one particular type of protein supplement may miss out on those exclusive benefits.

What is Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein? Benefits of Fusion Protein

Fusion protein supplements are unique protein supplements because they contain protein sourced from different types of sources. Fusion protein provides the best of both worlds. They are a clean source of protein that is easy to absorb.

Why Protein is Important in Muscle Building?

Protein is a vital nutrient that helps to repair and build muscle tissues. The body cannot build bigger, stronger muscles when it is protein deficient. In fact, the body starts to break down muscle tissues when it’s not getting enough protein.

Protein provides the foundation for muscle growth. Protein is also important to keep the body running. Protein consumption should be balanced with carbohydrate consumption when muscle building is the goal. Protein helps to prevent muscle degradation and weakness.

What is Fusion Protein

Fusion protein or fusion protein supplements are that are made from two different protein sources. The fusion protein can contain a combination of plant protein and whey protein, whey protein and soy protein, different types of whey protein or different types of plant-based protein.

Fusion protein supplements provide the benefits of two types of protein. The Fusion protein is popular amongst people who have just started working out, people looking for high-quality protein for daily life, people who are beginners in the world of fitness and people looking to fulfil daily protein & micronutrient requirements.

What is Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein Elevate

Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein is unique. It is India’s 1st Fusion Tech Protein made with a proprietary biological protein blend. Fast&Up Fusion Tech contains 24 g Fusion Tech Protein along with 10 g EAA and 5 g BCAA, which helps with optimal muscle growth & recovery.

Fusion Tech Protein is clinically tested for a 2X Faster Rate of Protein Absorption. It is developed using a Faster Sustained Absorption Formula (FSA). The pH, flavour and solubility of Fusion Tech Protein are preserved, and the protein blend is also safe from denaturation. It contains added probiotics & digestive enzymes, has no added sugar, and is available in a rich chocolate flavour.

Benefits of Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein

• Fast&Up Fusion Tech is clinically tested for a 2X Faster Absorption Rate, which ensures 2X Bioavailability & 2X Digestibility of our proprietary biological protein blend in your body.

• Fast&Up Fusion Tech is a technologically advanced protein blend made with a Faster Sustained Absorption Formula (FSA).

• Fast&Up Fusion Tech provides you with 24 g Fusion high-quality protein along with 10 g EAA & 5 g BCAA per serving. It contains probiotics & digestive enzymes for enhanced gut health and easy protein digestion.

• Fast&Up Fusion Tech contains a Naturally Modified Protein structure which gets more easily absorbed in the body and helps achieve a supreme amino acid concentration in your cells, a higher rate of protein synthesis, and an improved body mass composition. The high-quality protein in Fast&Up fusion tech is specially imported from the U.S.A.

How does FSA Formula Help?

At Fast&Up, we’ve used the Faster Sustained Absorption Formula (FSA) to help the development of the most effective, technologically advanced protein on the market. Fast&Up Fusion Tech is made from an ultra-filtered proprietary fusion tech biological protein blend; Fusion Tech Protein was created to provide the highest amino acid profile across all essential amino acids and BCAAs.

Fast&Up has used FSA Formula to drive the improvement of the products, Fast&Up has achieved protein formulations of the highest quality, providing the body with the building blocks it needs to function at its best. By achieving a class-leading amino acid profile and ensuring exceptionally high digestibility, Fast&Up protein powders are now able to unlock a new level of performance for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

How to consume Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein Elevate?

Add 1 Scoop to 200-250 ml of water or milk. Shake well to dissolve & drink to unlock a new level of high performance.

When To Use Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein Elevate?

Fast&Up Fusion Tech can be consumed after workouts, anytime during the day. Fast&Up Fusion Tech is available in Rich Chocolate and creamy Coffee flavours.

At Fast&Up we believe in continuous innovation to bring out the best in class products. Fast&Up Fusion Tech is the ideal fusion protein for your fitness needs. Fusion tech contains an ideal combination of plant protein isolate and whey concentrate that gives faster absorption, bioavailability and digestion. Fast&Up fusion tech is banned substance-free.

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