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WADA Compliant Protein Supplement

Published : Mar 04, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Do what is Right and not what is Easy:

WADA Compliant Protein Supplement - Fast&Up

You play to Win. Winning is the ultimate aim of any Sportsman. However, when a sportsman forgets that participation and true sportsmanship is something that should drive him towards success than he may opt for means to win which are not advisable. In the quest to become better than others; sports people train, practice and take supplements to ensure they get the best nutrition. But sometimes, improper direction and negligence may lead to such paths which is not safe and land them into serious troubles.

Using Protein Supplements is not new in the field of sports to enhance performance and many athletes use them. However, you need to make sure that your protein supplement is safe and dope-free in order to not violate any rules and regulations laid down by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) to ensure that it is safe from any violation.

What is WADA? What does it do?

WADA or The World Anti-Doping Agency is an international independent agency established in 1999. It was created with a mission to have safe and doping-free sporting environment. It is an independent agency created to promote, coordinate and monitor fight against doping in sports around the world. The main aim is to make sure that Athletes don’t take any substance that is unsafe for them and for the sport that they play and subsequently punish those who are found guilty of violating the rules and regulations.

Did you know?

WADA doesn’t not grant any certification of Safety to any Supplements, it only makes a list of WADA prohibited substances.
One may have a doubt here that if WADA doesn’t give any certification than how to know if the supplements that you are taking are safe and free from banned substances? The answer to this question is Informed Sport Certification.

What is Informed Sport? What does it certify?

Informed Sport is a world-wide testing and certification programme for sports and nutritional supplements. In addition to this, they regularly review product and manufacturing facilities to ensure the requirements are met post certification.

Informed Sport tests supplements against WADA prohibited substances and also tests on those substances prohibited by other sporting bodies. Every batch of supplement is tested in addition to regular blind testing to ensure product integrity.

How is Informed Sport different from Informed Choice?

Informed Sport Vs Informed Choice

What it means when any supplement has Informed Sport Logo?

Informed Sport Logo on any supplements means that the product is tested and certified which gives assurance to a sports person or anyone using the product that supplement is regularly tested against prohibited and banned substances. This certifies that the product has gone through rigorous tests of over 220 substances which are considered as banned. To know more one can visit official website of Informed Sport.

Which Indian Protein Supplement is Informed Sport Certified?

Fast&Up has got Protein Supplement which is Informed Sports Certified. Every batch of Fast&Up Terra Plant Protein Isolate is tested for banned substances under Informed Sport. Protein is a key element as it is regarded as the building block of life. Fast&Up Plant Protein is a high quality supplement with effective combination of Pea and Brown Rice to provide 30g Protein add to that 5.8g BCAA and 5.5g Glutamine for muscle building, recovery and general well-being. It has added Vegan MCT’s and Beetroot extract for energy and comes in two delicious flavor – Ghana Chocolate and Mango.

Informed Sport Certified Indian Protein Supplement - Fast&up

Fast&Up Terra Plant Protein Isolate – Packed with Plant Power for Muscle Building and Repair.

  • Scientifically formulated with a blend of premium quality plant protein sourced from Yellow Peas and Brown Rice.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile + Maximum Absorption
  • Boosts energy, metabolism, promotes fat loss and helps in muscle building
  • For athletes, body-builder, fitness enthusiasts and normal people who want to live an active lifestyle.

Fast&Up Terra Plant Protein Isolate is premium quality Supplement which is Informed Sport Certified and also WADA Compliant.

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