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Water or Sports Drinks for Tennis

Published : Jun 03, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 20, 2023

Sports nutrition and sports hydration go hand in hand. A player’s body requires plenty of water and fuel to perform with power and endurance on the court. However, what you drink certainly leaves an impact on your performance. Hence, choosing the right drink or right fuel is of utmost importance.

For an aspiring tennis player, they need to observe how the professionals of the game follow their hydration routine. What they drink? How much they drink? What are things they make sure to add up in hydration? And many such questions. Here are few things we clear it out for you before you head for selection a sports drink for yourself.

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The Science behind Sports Hydration

According to tennis experts dehydration of as minimum as 1 to 2 percent of body weight has been shown to reduce performance. There various reasons why your body can fall short of water when you play. Dehydration restricts your body’s various functions like metabolic activities, circulations, and hormonal regulation. When you play an intense match these systems provides you endurance. Energy level starts to reduce at quicker pace when you are dehydrated because your body isn’t able to process and send out the oxygen, minerals, hormones and nutrients it requires.

Staying Hydrated During a Match

How much fluid your body requires is often directed by your body itself. When you start feeling low in energy that’s when you know you need to sip in some fluids. The optimal way to stay hydrated without affecting your performance during a match is to drink little and drink often – every time you take a break on the court, take a sip. Keep a water bottle or your sports drink (or both) on hand. Setting a timer during your practice is an ideal way to ensure you aren’t letting too much time pass between sips. 

Water or Sports Drinks for Tennis

Sports Drinks for Tennis Matches?

As per research, it has been proven that sports drinks are an ideal way for tennis players to keep hydrated. It can benefit you pre match, during your match and post matches and training. These drinks differ from normal plain water because they contain electrolytes, added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants which carry electrical signals throughout your body. These signals helps in performing different types of movement in the body such ad muscle contraction, brain commands, fluid movement, and a number of other functions require electrolytes. Sports drinks can help with hand-eye coordination, strength, and more during a tennis match.

However, you need to make sure you’re drinking the right type of sports drinks. There may be few brands that consists of unnecessary sugars and artificial colors. Hence it is important to read the label and do some research to make sure you’re getting the benefit of electrolytes, without loading up on sugar or chemicals.

Staying Hydrated Between Matches

Merely drinking water while you play won’t help you stay hydrated because the more you sweat the more you lose electrolytes and water alone doesn’t stay in your body for longer duration of time as it flushed out through sweating hence the nutrients and electrolytes aren’t absorbed at its fullest, which refrain you to stay hydrated.

Hence, sipping up electrolyte based drink during your matches is the best alternative one can have. One such drink is Fast&Up Reload. Fast&Up Reload is a sport drink that comprises of electrolytes, minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants and since it comes with an effervescent technology, it absorbs quicker and reacts faster. It helps to give you instant energy and hydration while reducing fatigue and muscle cramps.

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