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Unconventional Sports From Around The World

Published : Feb 05, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jan 10, 2023

When you look back in history you realize that staying fit is not a new concept, to begin with. The current state of sports and fitness involving world-class athletes has made its way from native and folk games that were played in smaller communities.

As per today’s practice, it might appear to be bizarre and off-beat to a few people but these sports are equally helpful in keeping you in shape and adding a change in your regular regime of workouts.

Let’s look at some of them for inspiration and entertainment. 

1. Cheese Rolling 

Yes, it’s exactly what the name suggests. Cheese-Rolling is an annual event held at Cooper’s Hill, Gloucester in England. Participants race down a 200-yard-long hill after a round of cheese is sent rolling down. This dangerous sport has injured many in the past but is still played by thousands in an attempt to retain the heritage of Britain.

The Guardian called it a ‘world-famous event’ with winners from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal.

Cheese Rolling - Fast&Up

2. Shin Kicking

Also, known as the English Martial arts, Shin kicking is a combat sport involving two contestants attempting to kick each other on to the shin to force the opponent to the ground. You earn a point each time your opponent falls to the ground.

The combats hold on to each other’s collars attempting to strike the opponent’s foot. One can also pad their legs with as much straw as possible and thankfully are required to wear soft shoes.

Shin Kicking - Fast&Up

3. Unicycle Hockey

This sport is a great way to practice someone’s unicycle skills. This helps with speed, maneuverability and improves your instinctive control of the unicycle. It is quite similar to roller or inline hockey except that each player must be mounted on a unicycle.

The team usually consists of 5 players but there might be no dedicated goalkeeper at few places. You can play this sport at all types of indoor courts, gyms, streets, parking lots, or tennis courts.

Unicycle Hockey - Fast&Up

4. Quidditch

Shout out to all the Happy Potter fans out there. No, this one’s not played on broomsticks but requires as much strategy and planning as in the original piece written by J.K Rowling.

A combination of basketball, rugby, hockey, and dodge ball, this sport came into being in 2005 by the students of Middlebury College in Vermont. This is also called as the Muggle Quidditch.

Unconventional Sports From Around The World

5. Wife Carrying

Everybody remembers the Ayushman starrer ‘Dum Laga ke Haisha’ – our very own Bollywood version of this ancient game. But you’ll be surprised to know that this sport has its origins in Finland, where the act of ‘wife-carrying’ started somewhere in the 19th century.

Wife carrying is a popular sport in Australia, The United States, Hong Kong, India, Germany, The UK, and parts of Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia as well.

Wife Carrying - Fast&Up

6. Dog Boarding

If your furry friend is an adventurer then this is the sport to get them involved with. It’s a good outdoorsy activity to keep both your pet and yourself fit.

Dog Boarding - Fast&Up

Hope this inspires you to try out some new sports of your own. To get the most out of your sport check out Fast&Up Sport Supplements

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