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10 Books Every Sports Fanatic Should Read

Published : Jun 02, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

1) The Art of Cricket by Donald Bradman

This is known as the Bible of cricket. Although published first in 1958, the contents still remains relevant even in modern cricket where over-analysis leaves a cricketer under intense scrutiny. The author, hailed as the greatest batsman world cricket owns, offers a veritable feast for the worshippers of the game. The book describes the ideal way to play the game and this is a must in your library of cricket books, for those who play and those who follow.

Fast&up Best Sports Books- The Art of Cricket by Donald Bradman

2) Barefoot to boots

An incredible journey of Indian football. In Barefoot to Boots, writer reveals Indian football’s glorious legacy through compelling descriptions of on-field action, stories of memorable matches, lively anecdotes, and exclusive conversations with legendary players and officials.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Barefoot to boots

3) Messi Vs Ronaldo

Ever wondered what this rivalry is the most loved rivalry in football? And what led to this love-hate relationship between the two legendary footballers? In 2009 Real Madrid paid £80m, a then record fee, to sign the superstar in an effort to keep pace with a Barcelona side that had won it all. In doing so, they sparked a rivalry like no other; Messi vs Ronaldo. Drawing on testimonies from those closest to the two stars, Luca Caioli tells the inside story of this fascinating rivalry.
Fast&up Best Sports Books - Messi Vs Ronaldo

4) Free hit

The 2017 ICC Women's Cricket World Cup saw the Indian team make it to the finals, and although it lost the game, the tournament marked an unprecedented high for viewership for women's cricket in India. Free Hit is a story of how women's cricket in India got here, and throws light on the gender-based pay gaps, sponsorship challenges, and the sheer indifference of cricketing officials it faced along the way. 

Fast&up Best sports Books - Free hit

5) Playing it my way

Need we say anything about this one? Irrespective of whether you're a cricket fan or not, Sachin's autobiography is a must read simply because of the fact that he's the greatest cricketer and arguably one of the best Indian athletes in history. In his own words, “No autobiography can claim to document every detail of the author's life,” but this is as close as we can get to know about his life and what kept him motivated through this glorious journey.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Playing It My Way

6) Ace against Odds- Sania Mirza

Former world doubles number one in tennis, Sania Mirza is an inspiration for millions of women athletes who aim to make it big in the field. In a country where sports is dominated hugely by men, Sania made her mark and was ranked number one in India for 9 years straight. The book is about the highs and lows of her journey and what went on in the life of the star even when everything appeared fine on the outside.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Ace against Odds- Sania Mirza

7) The Greatest: My Own Story- Muhammad Ali

“Let them remember you as a winner, never come back beaten.” Packed with quotes like this, Muhammad Ali's autobiography will give you motivation, goosebumps and a peek into the life of The Greatest.

Fast&up Best Sports Books -The Greatest: My Own Story- Muhammad Ali

8) Unbreakable- Mary Kom

As if being a woman athlete wasn't enough, Mary Kom had to also face difficulties of being from a family of landless agricultural laborers and playing a sport which comes with its own share of struggles. The book describes how she overcame adversities to become not only one of the most celebrated athletes and an Olympic medalist but also the champion of a sport thought of as that suitable for men. Read the book for an overwhelming story of this rebel who fought against all odds, and emerged victorious.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Unbreakable- Mary Kom

9) Golden Girl- The Autobiography of P.T. Usha

Another sprinter and another heartbreaking finish. PT Usha missed a bronze medal in Olympics 1984 by 100th of a second but her efforts did not go in vain. She is and will forever remain the inspiration for every athlete out there. Aptly named Golden Girl, PT Usha's autobiography is packed with inspiration and should definitely be on your list of books to read.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Golden Girl- The Autobiography of P.T. Usha

10) Once a Runner: A Novel

When it comes to the running world, this is a classic. In fact, this book might be one of the most favorite pieces of fiction among elite runners. If you are training hard and serious about becoming the best competitive runner you can be, then this book is perfect for you.

Fast&up Best Sports Books - Once a Runner  A Novel

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