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Top 5 benefits of Vitamin C for Kids

Vitamin C is one of the important vitamins that a kid needs during his/ her growth days. As a parent you will be aware of the various benefits of many vitamins and minerals for your child and Vitamin C is no different. Vitamin C is widely known for its immunity boosting power but it has a host of other benefits too. Here are top 5 benefits of Vitamin C for your Kids – 

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Aids Healthy Bone growth

Healthy growth of bones and teeth is one the many important roles that Vitamin C plays. By ensuring that your child gets enough vitamin C during childhood days will ensure healthy bone growth and development. Stronger bones will only mean that during adult stages there will be less bone health issues concerning your child.

Supports Iron Absorption

Another important nutrient for your child’s health is Iron and Vitamin C plays a role here too by supporting absorption of iron in the body. Iron is important for general health and development and also essential for blood. Deficiency of Iron in the body will lead to various health consequences but Vitamin C can protect your kid from them.

Boosts Immune System

One of the most vital functions of Vitamin C is boosting and maintain a healthy and strong immune system. Vitamin C not only boosts your child’s immune system but also helps to reduce the duration of cold and flu. This makes Vitamin C a must-have for your kids strong and healthy life.

Vitamin C Supplements for Kids - Fast&Up

Supports Skin Health

Many of you may not be aware that Vitamin C supports skin health too. It helps to maintain the collagen formed alongside supporting connective tissue health. Vitamin C supports your child’s skin health by ensuring strong and healthy tissues.

Protects Healthy Body Cells

Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C reduces free radicals formed in the body to help prevent damaging of healthy body cells. These radicals can cause severe damage to cell membranes and other structures and Vitamin C can safeguard your child against them by countering them to neutralize their effects.

All the above benefits only support the fact that Vitamin C is essential for your child’s health and you should ensure that your child gents enough Vitamin C daily. You can fulfil this requirement with the help of Fast&Up Charge Kidz.

Fast&Up Charge Kidz is an original effervescent nutrition which helps to boost your child’s immunity. It contains Amla and Vitamin C which helps to protect your kid from infectious germs. Charge Kidz has 8 Immunity Boosting Nutrients in one yummy Mango flavoured drink. It has super immunity herbs like Curcumin, Ginger and Tulsi which again help to strengthen his/her body’s defense's.

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