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What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is a super vitamin also called ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and cannot be stored by the body. Hence vitamin C should be consumed externally every day, either through natural foods or vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C-rich foods help build and maintain strong bones and improve skin condition.

Vitamin C helps create collagen, a protein necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy teeth, bones, gums, cartilage, vertebrates, skin, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is also known as an antioxidant vitamin because vitamin C aids in minimising oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C is important for your immune system.

What are Vitamin C Tablets?

Vitamin C tablets are nutritional supplements that provide Vitamin C needed by the body. They help to fulfil the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C tablets are also available in an effervescent form which is easy to consume.

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What are the Benefits of Vitamin C Supplements?

• Helps to Boost Immunity

Vitamin C helps to reduce free radical accumulation in the body and helps prevent oxidative stress. Vitamin C helps fire up our body’s immune system and fight things like ageing and inflammation, which has been linked to reducing many chronic diseases.
Vitamin C also helps to prevent gout disease. Gout is a painful condition caused by inflammation of joints. It is caused due to accumulation of uric acid, a waste product in the body. Vitamin C helps reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood and thus helps prevent gout.

• Helps to prevent Iron deficiency

Iron plays an important role in oxygen transportation in the body. Vitamin C helps make sure that the body’s iron levels are up. This is because consuming Vitamin C helps increase iron absorption in the body. Vitamin C helps convert naturally obtained iron like those obtained from plants easier to absorb by the body.

• Helps to prevent diseases

Vitamin C plays a key role in boosting the immune system. Vitamin C also helps in the process of producing white blood cells and lymphocytes, which are the main soldiers against infections.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the skin and is also proven to reduce wound healing. Vitamin C supplements are given to pneumonia patients to help them recover faster.

• Reduces the risk of dementia

Many Studies have pointed out that oxidative stress near the brain and the spine can increase the risk of dementia. Vitamin C helps reduce oxidative stress; it helps reduce the risk of dementia and memory loss. Vitamin C also helps lower high blood pressure and your risk of getting any cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin C for men

According to ICMR, men need 80mg of Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C helps men in many different ways. It helps to boost the immune system in men. Vitamin C also helps to eliminate the harmful effect of free radicals that cause damage to cells. Vitamin C also helps to improve the resistance to viruses and other diseases.

Vitamin C for Women

According to ICMR, women need 75mg of Vitamin C every day. Vitamin C helps women to fight to prevent premature ageing, fine lines and harmful effects of the sun. Vitamin C also helps to remove acne and clear the skin. It also provides antioxidant support that protects the skin from UV damage, pollution & free radical damage.

How to consume Effervescent Vitamin C?

Effervescent vitamin C supplements are easy to consume. Drop one tablet in 250 ml of water, wait till it dissolves completely and drinks.

Why Fast&Up Vitamin C?

Fast&Up Vitamin C supplements contain natural amla extract, not ascorbic acid, which is prepared artificially. Fast&Up charge pus also contains an advanced Immunity Booster that consists of Natural Vitamin C from Amla, and Giloy, along with Vitamin D3 and Zinc. Fast&Up vitamin C supplement helps improve immune system function and protects from harmful pathogens.

Fast&Up Vitamin C supplements are also useful to the elderly, parents, and those who step outside for work, interact with a wider group and travel frequently. Fast&Up Charge kids is a Vitamin C supplement specially designed for kids. It contains natural amla extract along with herbs like Curcumin, Ginger & Tulsi, and Pro Immunity Vitamins & Minerals like Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, and Zinc to help build strong immunity booster and keep your children healthy and active all day.

Fast&Up vitamin C tablets are available in an effervescent form, which makes them easier to consume and absorb. They also provide high bioavailability. Fast&Up Vitamin C has No added sugar, is Non-GMO, and Soy-Free.

Are Vitamin C supplements safe to consume?

Yes, vitamin C supplements are safe to consume. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of the supplement. Look for safety indicators like FSSAI compliant, GMP certified, and banned substance free.


1. Is it good to take a vitamin C supplement every day?

It is good to take vitamin C supplements every day. Vitamin C is an essential daily vitamin. It helps to boost immunity, provides an antioxidant effect, and helps prevent daily infection.

2. What is the ideal time to consume Vitamin C Tablets?

You can consume vitamin C anytime during the day after any meal or breakfast.

3. How much vitamin C is too much?

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, each person needs 40 mg of vitamin C daily. Anything more than that can be considered as too much vitamin.



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