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5 Tips to keep your Kid beat the Heat in Summer Season

Published : Mar 17, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024
Summer in childhood is full of playtime, no studies, happy memories & yummy energy drinksSummer Hydration Tips for  Kids - Fast&Up

For Kids born in the 90's and early 2000’s, summer was incomplete without a long break from school and ample time to play either cricket or football or other games like hide-and-seek, chor-police, etc. Kids these days may have a quite different lifestyle dominated by smartphones and other gadgets. However, they do go out to play, many have their sports coaching session while many enrol their names in summer activity camps.

Spending time in Sun is healthy as the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, having said that it also causes your kid to sweat leading to dehydration. This scorching heat and dehydration can combine to trouble your kid with many health issues and Moms have to be wary of it. Here are 5 tips to help your kid beat the Summer Heat – 

1. Dress code to follow - Light Clothes

If you think that making your kid over-clothed will help him/ her keep summer heat at bay then you are completely mistaken as it will lead to profound sweating and loss of essential fluids. Yes, clothes do help to safeguard from heat but make sure he/ she wears light-clothing while stepping out of the house to avoid any issue caused due to heat.

Summer Hydration Tips for Kids - Dressing - Fast&Up

2. Timely Hydration is Vital!

Intense heat leads to sweat and kids get dehydrated. Here, as a mum, keep a check on his/ her pee as it will let you know whether your child is adequately hydrated or not. If you see that pee colour is yellowish that it may mean your kid is not adequately hydrated. Ensure that your child eats fruits and other fluids so that he can cope with summer heat and stay hydrated and energetic throughout the day.

3. Lead by Example

Kids always watch what their parents do and they try to imitate them. If you want your kid to adopt healthy habits to beat the heat then you too need to adopt healthy habits as kids observe and learn quite quickly. You need to adopt a proper diet comprising of fruits and vegetables to lead by an example to beat the heat.

Summer Hydration Tips for Kids - Proper Diet - Fast&Up

4. Beware of Summer illnesses

Moms and Dads need to be extra protective of their kids especially when the temperature rises. The chances of heat stroke, dehydration, skin rashes, dry cold, etc. increase during peak summer season. Keep your child indoor during the afternoon, ensure intake of fluids and make them wear comfortable clothes to help them stay cool and healthy.

5. Only Water is not Enough!

Heat causes sweat which leads to loss of essential electrolytes from the body. Many Moms have this wrong notion that making their kids drink loads of water will solve the dehydration problem but it is not 100% true. Moms need to ensure that with water they also give their child some electrolytes drink so that their child stays adequately hydrated, fit, active and energetic.

These were some healthy tips to enable your kid to beat summer heat. Hydration is the key and to stay hydrated fruits and fluids combined with the best electrolyte drinks in India are essential to beat the intense summer heat. However, as a parent make sure that you do not make your kid drink such drinks which are loaded with sugar as they are unhealthy for your child.

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