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Simta Sharma Discusses All You Need to Know About TMM 2020!

Published : Dec 13, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Mar 17, 2023

Like many others, Simta Sharma too stood by the roadside to see those running the annual Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) every year. However, Simta started running to deal with bouts of epilepsy and hyperthyroidism, what followed was a drastic change in her health from thereon. She not even started discovering an improvement in terms of health but also decided to take running as a fulltime sport. Her many of few achievements include

Valsad City Half Marathon - 2nd - 01:39:2, Atul Run - 1st - 01:41:41, Adidas Uprising 10K - 1st - 00:46:47, IDBI Mumbai Half Marathon - 1st - 01:43:34, Bengaluru Stadium Relay Run (Fast & Up) - 2nd - 25Km in 2 Hours and so on.

Here’s what she has to say all about the upcoming TMM 2020

Smita Sharma discusses all you need to know about TMM 2020!
1) Advice to runners running TMM
I would advise all those who are running TMM to train hard for the day. Don’t run without training. Don’t run too fast initially. Make a slow start and then gradually pick up once you feel comfortable. Take a proper protein diet. Taper well, eat good carbs during the race week.

2) Your Favourite TMM experience
Running on the Sea-Link is the best part of TMM. And the cheering crowd starting from Peddar road till the finish line is just mesmerizing.

 3) Importance of nutrition in running
Nutrition is a key factor of any runner. “Food is Fuel”. Plan your diet well which should consist of protein, minerals, fibers, carbohydrates, and vitamins. Drink lots of water. Always plan your pre-race meal and recovery meals. It will help you to train strong and remain healthy.

4) Why Fast&Up Reload is their go-to hydration for running
Fast&Up Reload is go-to hydration as it provides instant electrolytes, carbohydrates, and vitamins which are required during your runs. It has so many good flavors.

5) How TMM changed running habits in India.
TMM has played the biggest role in getting the running culture in India. Because of this running culture, the daily habits of people have changed like waking you early, going to bed early, eating good food, etc. Every year the number of people who train for TMM has been increasing by good margins. Because of their dream run category and the newly introduced Women’s 10k category many people have been able to participate in this biggest event of the country.

If you are a first-time runner want to try out running then its a good option to join SBI Green Marathon and the best thing is you can participate in your own city at your convenience. if you’re from Bengaluru then it’s a great start to run for frog run which consists of 3k, 5k, 10k run.

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