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Shafali Verma – The New Cricket Sensation Uses Fast&Up Products

Published : Mar 05, 2020 5 mins read Updated On : Sep 19, 2023

Are you a fan of cricket? Are you watching the ongoing Women's T-20 World Cup? Then you may already know who Shafali Verma is, right? And if you don't, don't worry, we'll tell you! Shafali Verma is currently the teen sensation and the knight in the shining armor for the women's cricket team of India. The team has managed to reach the semi-finals riding on her spectacular batting. She has earned praises from some of the big names in the field of cricket including the great Virender Sehwag. Her exceptional scores are one of the main reasons that India is still in the run, despite the not-so-good performance of the other players of the team.

Shafali Verma – The New Cricket Sensation Uses Fast&Up Products
Did you know that this powerful and unstoppable start of the Indian Women's Cricket Team is just 16 years old? And at such a young age, she has already won her second 'Player of the Match' award in the ongoing Women's T20 World Cup. Against New Zealand, her 34-ball 46 not only took India to their third win in three games, but also made sure that they are in the semi-final.

Shafali has strong family values, as she credited her father for her extraordinary performance. And did I tell you that she had already made a record? Well, at the age of 16, she has scored 114 runs in this tournament and that too at a strike rate of 172.72 and at a single World Cup!

Let's come to her best-ever and the most extraordinary cricket move that made her the talk of the entire nation. The Indian Women's Cricket Team was having a match against the team of Sri Lanka. This happened when Shashikala Siriwardene was bowling Shafali in the ninth over of the second innings. The spinner bowled a wide delivery on the very first ball of that over. Shafali could have left it and India could have got a bonus run. Instead, the rising superstar walked across the stumps and played a powerful pull shot behind the stumps. This made the ball go above the fine leg fielder's head and cross the boundary ropes. What a great shot it was!

Now, do you know that this cricket sensation consumes Fast&Up BCAA and Fast&Up Reload to fulfil her regular nutrition needs? Well, yes! And this makes us, the team of Fast&Up, really happy and proud. Eager to know what these two products from the house of Fast&Up do and what their benefits are? Read on.

Let's start with Fast&Up BCAA.

There are 20 types of amino acids in your body that help in the formation of different types of proteins. Among these 20, 9 are known as essential amino acids. This means that your body can't produce it and you need to have a good diet to get it. Among these 9, 3 are known as BCAAs or Branched-chain Amino Acids. They are valine, isoleucine and leucine. We don’t always have a BCAA-rich diet and that makes taking BCAA supplement such as Fast&Up BCAA important.
Shafali Verma – The New Cricket Sensation Uses Fast&Up Products

What is there in Fast&Up BCAA?

Fast&Up BCAA contains the BCAAs – leucine, isoleucine and valine in an ideal ratio of 2:1:1. Also, it contains electrolytes and several other essential vitamins so that you can recover quickly after your high-intensity workout. If you are an athlete or a sportsperson like Shafali Verma, then this BCAA supplement can be of great help to you.

Benefits of taking Fast&Up BCAA

  • You'll have an increased muscle growth as amino acids can be of great help for building your muscles
  • If you consume this drink during workouts, it can help in reducing both physical as well as mental fatigue
  • Do your muscles feel sore after your workout sessions? Then have this BCAA drink to reduce it
  • This BCAA supplement can take part in increasing your muscle mass
  • Do you suffer from high blood sugar levels? If so, then have this drink which can help you maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • Fast&Up BCAA can help you in losing weight. Try this if you want to boost your weight loss process
  • It can improve your performance if you take it before your workout session

How to take Fast&Up BCAA?

One box of Fast&Up BCAA comes with a pack of 10 sachets. It is available in powdered form. In order to have it, just take 500ml water in a glass. Open one sachet and pour it into it. Shake well and once it dissolves, drink it. You can have this BCAA drink during workouts and even on days when you're not working out.

Now let's talk about Fast&Up Reload

Once your workout is over, you need to rehydrate yourself. Did you know that? In the form of sweat, your body loses a lot of fluid while you workout. And if your body is dehydrated, you can have muscle cramps, fatigue, dry joints and low heart rate. Now, you don't want that right? This is why your body needs to stay hydrated all the time. You can take help of Fast&Up Reload as well.
Shafali Verma – The New Cricket Sensation Uses Fast&Up Products

What is there in Fast&Up Reload?

Fast&Up Reload is a hydration supplement that contains a unique mix of carbohydrates, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes. Also, it contains chlorides, magnesium, potassium and sodium. All these nutrients play an important part in providing your body with instant hydration and replenishment.

Benefits of taking Fast&Up Reload

  • It replenishes the water and electrolytes content in your body and helps you in performing better during workouts
  • If you're having diseases such as diarrhoea, your body can feel dehydrated. Have Fast&Up Reload to feel hydrated
  • If the temperature is really hot, it can affect your body's cooling system, leading to high body temperature and even heat stroke. Fast&Up Reload can help you with this

How to take Fast&Up Reload

One tube of Fast&Up Reload contains 20 tablets. It comes in the form of effervescent tablets and in the flavor Blueberry. To use, just drop one into 250ml water and drink it.

Want to stay fit and fierce like Shafali Verma? Order Fast&Up BCAA and Fast&Up Reload now!

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