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NutriESA 2019

Published : Aug 09, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

The center for the latest scientific innovations and knowledge in the world of fitness, nutrition, and health is the Exercise Science Academy (ESA). As a professional or simply a fitness enthusiast, we urge you to be a part of their upcoming and stimulating -NutriESA- which is a 2-day event that will be taking place on the 10th and 11th of August. Fast&Up, a leading nutraceutical company that fuels athletes across the world with intelligent and scientifically informed nutrition will be the title partner of this event. Rest assured, the invigorating activities will keep you updated, informed and entertained.

Exercise Science Academy (ESA), since 2003 has gained a reputation for excellence in developing and delivering quality teaching and conveying scientific knowledge to the members of the Health & Fitness fraternity, fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts. This is reflected in our partnership with the Elite American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the premier exercise science body in the world, who have authorized ESA as the certifying body for all ACSM workshops and certification in India. Since 2003, ESA has been conducting several other Health & Fitness courses and workshops apart from the ACSM certifications and workshops. 

The team of faculty at ESA is the most successful, elite and sought-after member of the fitness and health industry. They are pioneers in their respective fields and currently represent and manage some of the leading national/international athletes and sportsmen in our country. It is only fitting that Fast&Up is the title partner for an event like NutriESA. It’s a line of prized effervescent sports nutrition fuels athletes across India to maximize their potential and paves the path for any individual, athlete or not, who desires healthy living that is powered by an active lifestyle.

Furthermore, NutriESA is a 2-day ACSM approved event successfully entering into its second year of excellent learning for Nutrition Consultants, Nutritionist, and Health enthusiasts. With over 60 participants from all over India, the event aims to expose our attendees to a wider horizon in various fields of Nutrition, help enhance not only their core knowledge but also professional expertise. The sessions would be a combination of theory, assessments and practically presented by the ace experts and professionals of the country.

The 2-day event is filled with discussions and fun activities all aiming towards interaction & networking, empowering the participants with tremendous knowledge that would set them apart in their respective fields. Few of our eminent presenters at the NutriESA 2019 include • Kinita Kadakia Patel (Sports Nutritionist &Official nutritionist – Mumbai Indians IPL team), Krushmi Chheda (Sports Scientist & Nutritionist ), Mihira Khopkar (Clinical Sports Nutrition Specialist), Disha Jhaveri Shah (Clinical Nutritionist), and presenters from Fast&Up includes Mona Mehta ( M.Sc in Nutraceuticals) who will expand on Nutraceuticals and Nagaraj Harsha who will enlighten us on the nutrition you need to ace the race.

All in all, the NutriESA is going to be an event that you will regret to miss, as it offers deep insight and opinions on the current melieu of nutrition and fitness, that we wish you stay updated with. So, we hope to see you there on the 10th and 11th of August!

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