Lovepreet Singh's Reason to Chooses FAST&UP BCAA



Lovepreet Singh is one of the nation’s finest bodybuilders and assuredly proved this with his impressive track record across bodybuilding contest around the nation. He hails from Jalandhar and has made the city proud as he is an accomplished bodybuilder, nutritionist, and bodybuilding supplement connoisseur! We are also proud to say he is indeed a Fast&Up athlete, so let’s take a closer look as to why this Jalandhar sensation he chose Fast&Up’s BCAA to be incorporated into his diet and fuel his muscles with the nutrition they need to compete with the best in Punjab, Jalandhar as well as the world’s best!

Lovepreet Singh uses it as a pre-workout supplement as well as a post-workout supplement because Fast&Up BCAA is created with a formula that delivers 5g of three major amino acids – L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine in an ideal 2:1:1 ratio. Fast&Up BCAA bodybuilding supplements power your workout with added muscle activation and an array of essential amino acids for energy along with an essential mix of electrolytes and vitamins for a performance-driven phase of intra-workout. With 10.5g of pure amino acids, Lovepreet Singh enthusiastically testifies to the fact that this pre-workout supplement helps provide muscle strength, support muscle recovery, reduce muscle breakdown and boost muscle endurance to maintain your fitness goals on both training and rest days. Mr. Karmakar has also assured us that he relishes the BCAA, in his hometown of Jalandhar as it ensures rapid absorption, superior taste and instant dissolution for intra training muscle anabolic support on both training and rest days.

Moreover, did you know that 10% of sports nutrition failed a banned substance test? However, Fast&Up’s innovative and intelligent technology makes BCAA an informed choice product so that our BCAA can be used by athletes and can be assured to have a clean sheet during doping tests. If you too are from Jalandhar and follow in Lovepreet’s footsteps go to your nearest nutrition store to get your hands on our prized BCAA in Jalandhar. So, we at Fast&Up are excited to assist every aspiring native Jalandhar bodybuilder with the right supply of BCAA that boosts their journey to remarkable athleticism. So, again, we urge all Jalandhar residents who aspire to be like Lovepreet to get our BCAA from your nearest nutrition store in Jalandhar and stock up with Fast&Up’s prized workout supplement. To get on board click here!

Vatsalya Khanna

-Expert and Writer

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