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Importance Of Hydration In Cricket

Published : Sep 21, 2020 1 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024

Well, hydration is essential for all of us but in case of cricketers it is even more important. Why?

When players are hydrated they have better concentration levels and take direction better. It also allows your players to execute their skills better.

Cricket players are generally at a risk to get dehydration as they perform under hot and damp weather conditions, hence, they must consume satisfactory amount of liquids to prevent cardiovascular elements and to keep up sweat rates. 

Importance Of Hydration In Cricket

The reason for sweating could be credited to numerous components, for example, high temperature, higher moistness, garments like knee cushion, elbow cushion, cap additionally traps the perspiration and doesn't permit the skin to relax.

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Because of sweat creation the plasma osmolarity builds which influences the body’s cooling limit. Also this high osmolarity stimulates the kidneys to discharge concentrated pee (more sodium and less water). This thus builds the sensation of thirst because of diminishing blood volume. Anyway, this thirst sensation is a useless indicator since this sensation occurs when the player has lost 1.5 to 2.0 liters of liquid. If the player starts to consume liquid during this state, he would not be able to return to the adequate hydration state at all prompting a rise in body temperature, resulting in heat stress risk and severe dehydration. Common signs of heat stress includes exhaustion, vision obstructions, and inability to talk. An immediate action is to be taken if a player shows the symptoms of heat stress.

The aim is to keep up body fluids to a level that would prevent any liquid shortfall that lessens body weight to a level that would measurably affect the performance. The players should adapt to a liquid and electrolyte strategy that can acceptably supplant sweat loss.

Importance Of Hydration In Cricket 

To support hydration and prevent low blood electrolytes levels, sports energy drinks and electrolyte supplements should be consumed. Ideally a player must consume a supplement that contain about 150 to 200 milligram of sodium. Such refreshment, if consumed during a match (250 every 20 minutes) will guarantee an appropriate hydration for a longer period of time.

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