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Vegan Pre-Workout Foods Perfect for Any Athlete

Published : Nov 01, 2021 3 mins read Updated On : Mar 21, 2024

Let's take a quick check. Raise your hand if you aren’t always energetic during your workouts. Raise your hand if you tend to take longer breaks due to mid-workout exhaustion. If you did raise your hand on either of the questions, then it's about time you gave the pre-workout meal a thought. For athletes, pre-workout meals are a mandate; they should never be missed. Skipping a pre-workout meal is one of the common mistakes that athletes or gym goers make, be they a beginner or trained professional.

Vegan Pre-Workout Foods Perfect for Any Athlete

But would eating right before my workout makes me feel nauseous or sluggish in the gym? Such discomfort, mid-workout, is something none of us would want to experience. Taking your pre-workout meal 45 minutes before your workout benefits your respective workouts with -

  • Better performance
  • Delayed fatigue
  • Reduced protein breakdown
  • Supports muscle gains

So, what should I eat before hitting the gym? The answer to your question depends on your workout. Adding carbs to your pre-workout meals during strength training would give your body the with long-lasting energy. On days you train your endurance, add slow-digesting fats for long-lasting energy.

Let's keep these basic additions in mind and discuss further, which foods make an ideal pre-workout meal for athletes who follow a vegetarian diet.

1. Carbohydrates:

As mentioned earlier, carbs play a key role in providing the body with energy-boosting nutrients and then further metabolizing them. If your goal is to improve and maintain your performance, add a fair amount of carbs to your pre-workout meal. Our muscles make use of glucose that comes from consuming carbs as fuel. The extra glucose is then stored majorly in your liver and muscles. This stored glucose (glycogen) is then used by the body during intense workouts. Consuming a good amount of carbs has been known to increase the numbers of these glycogen stores in the body. Pick sweet potatoes, brown rice, white long-grain rice, oats muesli, or whole wheat bread.

2. Protein:

Protein for athletes, is one of the highly recommended and consumed nutrients, for its muscle-repairing qualities. Numerous recorded studies have now surfaced and suggest that consuming protein before your training shows a positive effect on your athletic performance, increases your muscle protein synthesis, furthermore stimulates better muscle growth, and aids muscle recovery. Consuming protein along with carbs is also a great idea. Chickpeas, Green or red lentils, or kidney beans would be good picks for your pre-workout meal.

3. Caffeine:

Caffeine is a great way to enhance your performance and endurance, plus it helps you get those extra beneficial reps in your sets. Caffeine increases free fatty acid utilization and deducts glycogen breakdown, which is the science behind improved performance during your training. This is why you would find about 200 g of caffeine in each serving of a pre-workout supplement. Caffeine being a source of energy boost, can also cause energy crashes, resulting in fatigue. A plant-based energy booster, which is made caffeine-free, would be a safer option to avoid caffeine's energy-draining effects.

4. Supplements

You would find a number of vegan supplements around you, like a pre-workout supplement. What a pre-workout supplement does is that improve your performance, focus, and recovery and delay fatigue after an intense workout session. Another great option that a number of athletes and fitness enthusiasts consider is Fast&Up Energy Superfoods. Made with a blend of natural ingredients, the Energy Superfoods gives your body the energy boost, without a crash, that your body needs to gain the best from their respective workout, furthermore enhancing performance and building better focus and attention. A complete package of essentials to go about with a good workout/training session.

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