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Importance of Hydration in Children

Harvard studies show that more than 50 percent of children are to be inadequately hydrated and 25 percent of the kids do not drink water daily. The consumption of fluid intake is substantially less in children when compared to adults as they are less heat tolerant increasing their chances of drying up. Also, they are physically active which leads to loss of body water. Therefore, it is very important for kids to stay hydrated

Importance of Hydration in Childs - Fast&Up

Staying hydrated increases the overall performance and growth of your kids. It also increases concentration, agility and boosts energy levels. It helps in the overall functioning of the body as it is a prerequisite for a healthy body and a peaceful mind. However, hydration doesn’t just mean drinking water. There are fruits, vegetables, juices etc which have water. Kids being so dwelled up into their own world ignore the fact that consumption of fluids plays a significant role in one’s life. If not taken care it can create consequences in the near future.

If you feel that your kid’s fluid intake is not proper then start giving them fluids in smaller portions. Water and milk are the best options for hydrating your kid’s body. It is a healthy alternative when compared to sugary drinks resulting in weight gain. Children should avoid drinking caffeine as it would hamper their sleep cycle. Water is the best choice as it will keep your kids body hydrated throughout the day without affecting their health.

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There is no fixed quantity of water that needs to be consumed. First and foremost is to listen to your own body. If you feel thirsty, drink water. Kids often ignore this point. Try giving them any fluid before they go out to play outdoors. Always make them carry a water bottle, it will remind them to drink water. Adopting small changes can prevent the kid’s body from dehydration.

Keeping a water intake track for your kids can be exacting. Instead, try Fast&Up Reload Kidz Instant Electrolyte Energy to hydrate your kid’s body just by dissolving this yummy berry flavour tablet into 250ml water making them energetic and zestful.

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