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Why boosting immunity is important in childhood

A kid’s quality of life is directly related to his immunity, physical abilities and good health. Hence, strengthening the body’s defence mechanism right from childhood takes you a long way when the kid reaches adulthood. According to research, kids have less efficient immune systems compared to adults hence they are at a higher risk of contracting an infection and also require more time to recover from it.

As for Immunity, the process starts its development right from birth itself. The immune system builds antibodies to tackle viral diseases. A major stepping stone in the development of the immune system of a child is witnessed when the kid starts going to school. During this tenure, children come in contact with various pathogens, diseases which there are very rare chances they would encounter at home.

Disease like winter flu is a seasonal problem and few kid’s bodies are unable to form antibodies to it. If the child is ill every month and the disease prolongs for one week or more chances are the kid is suffering from immune disorder. In situations like these, a paediatrician will most likely recommend an immunological examination and recommend taking immunity boosting food or supplements. 

What are the nutrients that are required for a child’s immunity?

A child's immunity can be strengthened not just for a specific disease but for throughout the year. Foods which boost immunity include cabbage, vitamin C, vitamin B contained in food, potatoes, kiwi, broccoli and peppers. One should also include dairy products with probiotics. Sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals in the individual's body play a major role in forming the immune system.

Vitamins and dietary supplements to boost the immune system

The primary factors are a healthy lifestyle and a varied diet. For a kid’s immune system to perform, their body must have sufficient amounts of vitamin A, C, and zinc. Although without a healthy lifestyle and eating fruits and vegetables, vitamins won’t alone suffice to boost the immune system.

What is Fast&Up Charge Kidz?

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