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5 Natural Immunity Boosters To Add to Your Daily Diet

Published : Mar 09, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

Eating what is right for your body is very important as it helps to develop a strong immunity. This is especially true for those who are vulnerable to common cold and flu where developing and maintaining a strong immunity will help them keep such health issues at bay. You need to include a few immunity boosting ingredients to your diet to help you to achieve the goal of healthy lifestyle.

5 Natural Immunity Boosters to add to your daily Diet - Fast&Up

Here are 5 Natural Immunity Boosters to develop a strong immunity -

1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are an immense source of Vitamin C which is popularly known to help develop and maintain a strong immunity. Also, those already suffering from mild cold and fever can recover quickly with the aid of Vitamin C. Almost all citrus fruits like oranges, limes, grapefruits, amlas, etc. have Vitamin C in large quantity

2. Ginger

Often we hear from our elders that – “ek adrak wali chai se meri sardi dur bhaag jaayegi” and this fact is true as Ginger is another natural ingredient which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce sore throat and related diseases. It supports your body in the fight against harmful pathogens that are present in the surrounding environment.

Natural Herbal Immunity Booster - Ginger - Fast&Up

3. Turmeric

Turmeric, also known as the Golden Spice, has Curcumin as the key ingredient present in it which helps develop a strong immunity. Curcumin is a powerful anti-oxidant and combining this to its anti-inflammatory property makes Curcumin the best nutrient to form a shield around it to protect it against all the harms of the environment.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is a storehouse of vital minerals and vitamins. It is one of the healthiest vegetables that you can take in order to boost your immune system as it contains various essential vitamins and has antioxidant properties too to aid you in your goal to make your immune system robust.

5. Tulsi

Tulsi is a plant which is found in many Indian households due to the wide variety of benefits that it has to offer. One among them is that Tulsi helps to develop a strong immune system by helping our body to fight against the germs that attack it and make you sick. Tulsi has medicinal properties too. Having Tulsi daily can help you to develop a stronger immune system.

Natural Immunity Boosters - Tulsi - Fast&Up

Above were 5 Natural Immunity Boosters that you should add to your diet to strengthen your immune system. However, due to our busy lifestyles we may not be able to have all of them every day and thus, you should plan your diet or taking the help of immunity boosting supplements can also help your cause.

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