Immune Booster Supplements for Diabetics - Fast&Up

Immune Booster Supplements for Diabetics

Is it possible to boost your immunity if you have diabetes?

Immune Supplements For Diabetics - Fast&Up

There are several studies that confirm that people with diabetes have higher chances of contracting infections as compared to others. With high sugar content in blood it directly impacts or renders immune function. There are changes at the cellular levels in the cells, with high blood sugar levels in the body, immune system cells do not kill the invading harmful pathogen because of the high sugar environment.

Once blood sugars level drop to normal range immune system responses and wards off infections.

What are most likely infections one can contract if they have diabetes?

 When you have diabetes, you are more prone to foot infections, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, weak immune system and surgical site infections. In case of infection by yeast, they colonize mucous membrane in people with diabetes. These Candida cells then interfere with normal infection - fighting White Blood Cells infections. With negative impact on WBCs results in yeast infection.

Mechanism of action

Immune system is like a warrior mechanism that helps us protect the body from various kinds of infections and diseases. But what happens when you have diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes: In this type immune cells attack beta cells in the pancreas, leading to its inability to produce insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar level in the body.

Type 2 Diabetes: This is caused by inability of the body to produce insulin in addition to the body’s own resistance to insulin which effectively makes it unusable.

In both types of diabetes, the immune system is impacted in several ways. Diabetics of any type results in higher susceptibility to infections as White Blood Cells function is severely impacted resulting in weekend immune system.

So the diabetic cannot boost their immunity? No, the good news is that one can boost their immune system with the right nutrition supplement along with regular exercise, balanced diet, good sleep habits and eliminating smoking and drinking. All this helps to improve the immune system and has a positive impact.

Supplementation with Diabetic friendly Fast&Up Charge Plus

Packed with Ayush Recommended Herbs for Immunity, Fast&Up Charge Plus is an advanced ayurvedic formula for advanced immunity and protection. It is formulated with power of super herbs such as Amla with goodness of Giloy that helps strengthen daily immune system with additional benefit of natural Tannins and Bioflavanoids that help enhance antioxidant properties of Vitamin C along with essential nutrients Zinc and Vitamin D3 which are vital nutrients for smooth functioning of immune system.

Fast&Up Charge Plus Advanced Ayurvedic Supplements

Each effervescent table of Fast&Up Charge Plus is designed with an advanced nutrient delivery system of Swiss effervescent technology that helps provide faster nutrient absorption and higher bioavailability with no GI distress. Fast&Up Charge Plus is diabetic friendly with no added sugars. But it is always recommended to contact your healthcare professionals before starting with tablets.

Bottom Line

When it comes to immunity boosters, there are a plethora of supplements available loaded with excess sugars, artificial colours or flavours and ingredients that affect the immune system. Charge Plus with Ayush recommended herb with no added sugar helps to boost immunity without causing any side effects or interfering with body functions.

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