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Published : Feb 19, 2019 4 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

A footballer holding a football in his hand inside a full stadium with Fast&Up Reload tube kept beside him

FOOTBALL is a high-intensity sport which requires several facets like speed, endurance, energy, skill, and strength. The duration of every match of football is 90 minutes plus overtime (as needed) and splits into two 45 minute halves with a 15-minute pause halves (i.e., halftime). This high-intensity game needs real endurance to survive and ace the game. Needless to say, performance nutrition and hydration is a must to achieve GOALS!

Endurance exercise is defined as a continuous aerobic exercise of more than 60 minutes in duration. While football is a 90-minute endurance game, every football player is expected to give his 100% on the field and prove his mettle (not to forget about the heat stress around). It is important to realize that while performance cannot be compromised, nor can nutrition. Every football player needs 100% nutrition too. Being 100% active on the field which is flanked with heat stress, the player has undeniably high hydration demands. This is due to the increased fluids lost through sweat. All bodily functions, including breathing, cause water loss, which means that water needs to be replaced rapidly. In a sport like a football, the opportunity for adequate fluid intake or effective hydration during a football match is rare. Hydration for football is indeed imperative. The above mentioned is definitely incongruous with the immediate need for effective hydration for football.


·         Begin workouts in a well-hydrated state

·         Maintain hydration during practice

·         Minimize muscle cramps, fatigue and injury

·         Maximize performance

Fast&Up Reload tubes with a silhouette of a footballer kicking the football

However, it has been observed that dehydration of even 2% body mass can impair football performance. This includes intermittent high intensity dribbling and sprinting skills as exercise or training performance begins to decline once water loss from body as it extends 2% of an individual’s body mass. If one doesn’t hydrate himself enough to replenish sweat losses, there are high chances that one will face the demons of dehydration and for real. During football, excessive loss of electrolytes or fluids from the body can leave one overheated, tired which might hurt one with impaired performance. This proves that hydration for football is indeed imperative for an endurance sport and an effective hydration strategy is required.

Fast&Up Reload tubes with a silhouette of a footballer kicking the football

While we understand that achieving #HydrationGoals is a difficult challenge in its own, here’s something that can help you fight against the detrimental effects of dehydration (because DEHYDRATION IS DEADLY, right?).


To remain hydrated during football matches, opt for Fast&Up Reload – the best hydration drink for football.

Instant Energy Drink for runners


FAST&UP RELOAD is India’s First Hypotonic Hydration Supplement which helps provide instant hydration during endurance events like football. While we lose sweat, we lose electrolytes. Fast&Up Reload is formulated with a comprehensive blend of hydration boosting ingredients like Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates and Antioxidants.


Energy Drink for Athlets

Made with premium effervescent technology, Fast&Up Reload supplement is not only better but also the most effective hydration supplement with faster absorption and action. And wait, guess what which is also low on sugar. YES, LOW SUGAR HYDRATION DRINK (sounds like a perfect hydration drink, isn’t it?). This low sugar electrolyte drink is also certified with a globally recognized quality assurance body named Informed Choice which certifies its quality as a clean, safe and dope free hydration product with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). This means that Informed-Choice Certified, Fast&Up Reload is WADA Compliant and is tested in globally accredited labs for its quality and purity and does not contain any banned substances which might harm or affect the performance of any football athlete.

Best Electrolyte Drink 

Made in India, Informed Choice Certified Fast&Up Reload supplement is indeed the best hydration drink that hydrates better than water. Trusted by country’s best football clubs and athletes, Fast&Up Reload is truly unbeatable in the hydration game.

·         Official Hydration Partner of FC GOA 2017

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Gokul am Kerala FC 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Minerva Punjab FC 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Dream United 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Corporate Super Cup held by FC Pune City in 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Shubham Sarangi, Delhi Dynamos 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Iain Hume, FC Pune City 2018

·         Official Nutrition Partner of Lucian Gian, FC Pune City 2018

·         Supply of hydration to many leading football clubs and athletes


Just Drop, Dissolve and Drink.

Drop 1 tablet in 250 ml of water, Wait till it Dissolves completely (no need to stir or shake) and Drink. For 500 ml of water, use 2 effervescent tablets. This hydration drink can be consumed during training or whenever you need to hydrate yourself.

KICK – THIRST – SCORE (hydration game simplified, thank us later)

These Informed-Choice Certified Electrolytes are available in three flavors - Citrus, Berry, and Cola.

Adhith KJ Senior Physiotherapist carrying Fast&Up bottles 

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