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How does Glutamine helps to build immunity

Published : Aug 18, 2020 3 mins read Updated On : Sep 15, 2023

Glutamine is an important amino acid that plays significant role in muscle recovery, muscle building and immunity. It is building block of protein and has critical role in immune system. Glutamine is produced by the body and is also present n dietary foods, but with increased requirement one can easily bridge that gap with supplementation.

There are times when the requirement of Glutamine increases than the ability of body to meet its demand and hence is known as conditionally important amino acid, meaning it has to be obtained from diet or from supplementation form.

Role of Glutamine in Immunity

- Fuel source of immune cells
- Supports defense system cells like T cell, Macrophages and Neutrophils to do their job
- Helps to maintain structural integrity of intestinal lining, 70% of our immunity is located in gut

Why is our gut health affected?

There may be various factors that affect gut health like

- Poor diets
- Overuse of antibiotics
- Excessive alcohol intake
- Infections
- Over eating junk foods
- Acidity

There are other myriad of reason associated with gut health. Glutamine has the ability to maintain and support healthy gut and strong immunity.

Role of Glutamine in Immunity

Fuel source of Immune cells

There are various role that Glutamine plays in the immune system. One of the important role is it act as fuel source of immune cells including white blood cells and some intestinal cells as well.

Most cells in the body function with transport of nutrients, but immune cells work under strict nutrient restricted environment. The source for most cells is glucose, but with immune cells like lymphocytes, neutrophils and macrophages utilize glutamine in higher levels or to greater extent that glucose. For this reason, glutamine is considered fuel source of immune system, where a low blood concentration may impair immune cell functioning resulting in week immunity and higher susceptibility to infections.

Glutamine and Immune Cells

Neutrophils: Glutamine is the major source of energy for neutrophils as well. Glutamine also helps to produce superoxide anion that presents with antimicrobial property. Glutamine helps to enhance superoxide production in neutrophil probably via generation of ATP and regulation of expression of components of NADPH oxidase complex.

Macrophages: Amino acid levels in the body play an important role when it comes to mounting an immune response. During inflammation or immune reaction, amino acid deficiency may result in weak or defective immune cell functions. Macrophage is an integral part of immune system that engulfs foreign particles like bacteria or toxins that crosses their way. Macrophages utilize glutamine at high rates and are dependent on extra cellular sources of amino acid. It also plays significant role in macrophage activation as well.

Lymphocytes: Eric Newsholme’s group was the first to discover and report utilization of glutamine by lymphocytes. Glutamine plays an important role in efficient functioning of lymphocytes in different ways.

Glutamine is important for lymphocytes proliferation, the mechanism by which glutamine modules the functioning of lymphocytes is still unknown. Glutamine acts as precursor in nucleotide synthesis and as fuel source as well.

Intestinal Health

Immunity benefits of Glutamine are related to Intestinal health. Intestine is considered the largest portion of our immune system. In fact 70% of immunity lies in our gut. The reason being that intestinal cells have immune functions and also millions of organism that live in intestine impact our immune health.

Glutamine helps to enhance gut health by improving gut barrier and thereby preventing the entry of harmful bacteria or toxins and chemicals into blood stream.

How does Glutamine helps to build immunity

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