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Fast&Up Reload: The Hydrating Energy Drink

Published : Jul 25, 2017 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022
Are you working out in excess heat? Do you exercise for long durations? Or simply do you find yourself dehydrated? Fast&Up Reload Energy drink offers plenty benefits to replace lost nutrients and provide energy within no time. Loaded with electrolytes and carbohydrates this energy drink not only replenishes lost fluids but also optimizes overall performance.

Fast&Up Reload Energy drink

Fast&Up Reload Energy drink is popular with athletes for its benefits in hydrating and energizing on the go. It is a major source of Sodium, Maltodextrin and Chloride, which enhance athletic performance. With an unique combination of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C, Reload reduces muscle fatigue thus optimizing the overall performance. On the major side, the new effervescent technology of Fast&Up Reload promotes faster absorption and is gentler on your digestive tract.

Should you take it before workout or during?

As we all know, it's a mandate to start exercising well hydrated. Study suggests that a dehydrated body can't absorb carbohydrates efficiently. Also, it is necessary to keep muscle fatigue in check during workout. Fast&Up Reload Energy Drink is made to cover both pre-workout and during workout needs. Moreover, Reload helps to top up carbohydrates store thus producing instant energy boost. Note: While working out it's important to get enough electrolytes and carbohydrates on board.

Is there any benefit of consuming Reload Energy Drink after exercising?

You need to determine on when you'll next be working out to determine the necessity of drinking Reload. However, if you have done a tough exercise session and will be doing another one in the next 48 hours, you'll definitely benefit from drinking Reload energy drink as it promotes extra carbohydrate on board. Study says that consuming energy drinks rich in caffeine after exercise promotes muscle recovery and balanced levels of glycogen in muscles.Reload Energy Drink

Why Reload sports drink outweighs water?

Water may quench your thirst, but it can't replenish any lost electrolytes, vitamins or carbohydrates that Reload sports drink can. Apart from sweating, urination too discharges all these minerals from the body. Unlike Fast&Up Reload, Water causes more frequent urination. So, Reload not only shoots up all essential electrolytes and vitamins but helps the body hold on to these nutrients for a longer duration. Of Course water is vital for re-hydration but additional nutrients in Fast&Up Reload energy drink makes it a better choice than water for all fitness enthusiasts. Whether it's for fluid replenishment or instant energy boost, Fast&Up Reload can be your best choice to outperform yourself. Effervescent technology of Reload ensures swift absorption of nutrients into the body. Moreover, this energy drink is easy to carry and easy to drink. Want to see how Fast&Up Reload re-Energizes you? Drop, Dissolve & Drink it here. Explore more about our Pre-workout, Post-Workout and During-workout drinks.
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