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Can Electrolyte Drinks Cause Constipation?

Electrolyte Drinks for Constipation - Fast&Up

What is Constipation?

Constipation can be defined as the condition when bowel movements become less and it becomes difficult for any person to pass stool. If you have less than three bowel movements per week, it can be said that you have constipation. However, this varies from one individual to another. Some key features that will help you know more about constipation are –

  • Dry & Hard Stools
  • Painful Bowel Movement & Difficulty in Passing Bowel
  • Feeling of Non-emptiness of Bowel

What are the Causes & Symptoms of Constipation?

Some of the common causes of Constipation include –

  • Lower fiber consumption
  • Dehydration
  • Not being active or not doing enough exercise
  • Resisting the need to have a bowel movement
  • Stress
  • Increase dairy consumption
  • Change in normal routine
  • Side-effect caused to change in medication

These were some of the common causes of constipation while the symptoms include the following –

  • Less than 3 bowel movements per week
  • Dry, hard and/or lumpy stools
  • Difficulty in passing stool and experiencing pain
  • Excessive feeling of bloating or nauseous
  • Feeling of Non-emptiness of Bowel
  • Stomach ache or cramps

Causes & Symptoms of Constipation

Which Foods cause Constipation?

Eating some food items can help you relieve the symptoms of constipation while eating certain food items like these makes it worse – bananas, chewing gums, white rice, caffeine, gluten, white bread, persimmon, red meat, alcohol, dairy products, processed or frozen food and chips among other may cause constipation. Many of these food items either cause dehydration or lead to problems of indigestion causing constipation. However, this depends on case to case basis and eating these foods will not cause constipation every time.

Can Electrolyte Drink Cause Constipation?

NO. The direct answer to this question is that electrolytes drinks don’t cause constipation, instead they help the person suffering from constipation to feel better. As dehydration is one of the common symptoms seen in all those having constipation and electrolyte drinks have ingredients like sodium, potassium, chlorine, magnesium and others which help to fight and relieve the symptoms of dehydration thereby helping those having to deal with constipation. Thus, consuming electrolyte supplements is always a must-have for all those struggling with dehydration and constipation.
Which Electrolyte Drink Is The Best?

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