Cricket Nutrition: Supplements to Provide Immediate Recovery

Cricket Nutrition

A cricketer is an athlete who uses endurance power in the game, which means that he needs a continuous supply of energy for a longer time as compared to another sportsperson who is into strength-based sports. Due to this difference, their body’s requirement is different and so requires different needs in terms of diet and supplements to provide immediate recovery, optimum energy levels, and electrolyte balance.

Fast & Up is one of the best sports nutrition product brands which caters to the needs of the athletes. It has an array of supplements which aids in the sports performance which the cricketer should include in their schedule daily which is as follows:

Fast & Up Activate 1 tablet in 200ml water 30 minutes pre-workout
Fast & Up Reload & Caffeine 1 tablet in 200ml water
Fast & Up Reload 1 tablet in 500ml water tablet in 200ml water
Fast & Up BCAA 1 scoop in 500ml water
Fast & Up Energy Gel 1 gel every 45 minutes of activity
Fast & Up Recover 2 tablet in 5000100215ml water
Fast & Up Vitalize 1 tablet in 200ml water daily in the morning
Fast & Up Charge 1 tablet in 200ml water
Fast & Up Magnesio 1 tablet in 200ml water

The above supplements help in pre, during and post activity nutrition for better performance and for the recovery. Fast&Up also includes other supplements like Fast & Up Fortify effervescent tablets that contain Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamin D3 which helps in the development, maintenance and strengthening of healthy bones enhance calcium absorption which is to be a post meal daily dissolved in 200ml of water. And Fast & Up Charge which is good for immunity obtained from natural Vitamin C Amla extract which also contains Zinc which is to be had post meals daily dissolved in 200ml of water.


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Sayali Naik

-Expert and Writer