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Unlocking the Power of Carnitine for Effective Weight Loss

Published : Aug 12, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 03, 2023

The Health Ministry of India released a report in January 2021 that states that 21% of Indians are overweight and 7% are obese. Last year in September 2020, the National Institute of Nutrition raised the ideal weight of Indians by 5kg to 65kg and 55kg for men and women respectively.

Carnitine to Help Lose Weight

Losing extra pounds that you have gained is not an easy task and many people adopt extreme measures to shred the excess fat like doing high-intensity workouts or fasting for several days, adopting a hard weight-loss diet, or relying on some weight-loss magic pill. Some people even do all of these but in vain.

A simple way to burn excess fat and lose weight is by adding more Carnitine to your daily diet with the help of Carnitine Supplements.

What is Carnitine?

Carnitine is an amino acid that plays a significant role in boosting the body’s metabolism. This occurs as Carnitine improves mitochondrial functions and increases cellular energy. It even plays a major in burning fat, speeding muscle recovery, and delaying muscle fatigue.

The body with help of other amino acids like methionine and lysine produces L-Carnitine. However, those who follow a plant-based diet or do not get enough nutrients from other animal sources may be carnitine deficient and that’s where Carnitine supplements can help bridge the gap. Few may have certain genetic conditions making it difficult to produce enough carnitine and thus, they have to resort to carnitine supplements.

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How Carnitine Helps Lose Weight?

Carnitine helps to burn fat. It aids the transport of fatty acids from foods to the mitochondria of the cells. There it is converted into energy. This plays a dual role in burning fat during workouts and delaying muscle fatigue as well as avoiding post-workout energy drop that most people on a strict diet may feel. The energy produced is used by all the body parts to carry out their functions in a smooth manner. 

Carnitine to Help Lose Weight

Is Carnitine only for Weight loss?

As mentioned above, Carnitine not only aids to burn fat and lose weight but also is important to ensure that muscle fatigue is delayed and the recovery speed is enhanced. Most fitness enthusiasts and athletes have observed improvement in their performance by consuming carnitine supplements on a regular basis and have also experienced muscle gain.

L-Carnitine aids your brain function by making it easier for you to focus for a longer time duration, especially for those people who have carnitine-deficient diets. Some studies have also shown that carnitine may slow down the aging process due to its positive impact on cellular health.

Which is the best Carnitine Supplement to Burn Fat?

Fast&Up L-Carnitine Tartrate is the purest and high-quality L-Carnitine Tartrate 1000mg with Fast absorption & action. It is a clinically researched and tested Carnipure™ supplement that helps to effectively burn fats & convert stored fat into cellular energy. Fast&Up Carnitine Tartrate helps enhance workout performance, helps you get lean faster, and is ideal for those fitness enthusiasts who want to attain a good physique.

Carnitine to Help Lose Weight

L-Carnitine supplements are caffeine-free. It does not contain any other stimulants, which are generally found in most energy drinks or pre-workout supplements. The best time to take an l-carnitine supplement is 20 minutes before your workout to boost performance. You can even consume it in the morning on an empty stomach to burn fat.

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