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Top 4 Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

Oral Rehydration Solution or ORS as it is commonly known as is a mixture of electrolytes with sugar and water. This solution when consumed helps to restore the electrolyte balance lost due to either sweat, vomiting or diarrhea. Majorly the ORS focuses on increasing the potassium or sodium content in the body to help intestines to absorb more water. Many studies have found that ORS is an effective solution to help those suffering from diarrhea. There are many other benefits associated with consumption of ORS rehydration drink which are as follows –

Excellent for Dehydration

ORS being a combination of sugar and water with electrolytes has benefits for those suffering from dehydration. When the body loses excess glucose or when dehydration leads to loss of salts from the body, consuming ORS drinks can help restore the lost salts and glucose. This helps to replenish the body with required minerals and electrolytes, which it may lose during any illness.

Helps Fight Diarrhea

ORS Benefits

Studies have proved that having ORS can help prevent and treat dehydration thereby reducing other complications which are commonly seen in those suffering from diarrhea. In diarrhea, the body loses salts and fluids which can be restored with the help or ORS drink. The ORS drink contains sugar as well which helps the intestine to absorb these salts and electrolytes quickly and efficiently.

Helps Reduce Fatigue & Weakness

The main reason behind the occurrence of fatigue and weakness is the body is due to the loss of fluids. This loss causes you to feel dizzy and even sometimes you may feel sleepy. By drinking ORS you can reduce fatigue and weakness easily due to its primary role of replenishing fluids into the body to make you feel active and energetic.

Beneficial for Athletes

Rehydration is an important aspect in every athlete’s life. They sweat a lot when on field or training or working out in the gym. Consuming rehydration supplements can make an athlete feel active and help improve performances which can otherwise deteriorate due to loss of energy caused due to loss of electrolytes. It also keeps an athlete safe from injury.

Dehydration for Electrolyte Drinks

ORS is the simplest and easiest hydrating solution which can be prepared instantly and acts immediately against weakness, fatigue, and dehydration.

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