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Top 4 Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

Published : May 17, 2021 10 mins read Updated On : Mar 20, 2024

With life around us all moving at such a hectic pace, a lot of people go through the problem of dehydration. For those who are not aware of what dehydration is, it is a situation wherein your body loses more fluid than it consumes.

This can happen because of many reasons and it might take a dangerous shape if not treated well on time. Now, most of you might be wondering how dehydration can be cured. Well, this blog has got you covered in this.

Top 4 Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

What is an Oral Rehydration Solution?

An oral Rehydration solution is the best treatment for dehydration. It largely involves drinking beverages made up of water, sugar, and electrolytes, especially potassium and sodium. I, being a zestful athlete have also gone through such problems and today I feel elated to share with you all the benefits of ORS and how YOURS can be of great help to all those who end up feeling dizzy, dull, and dehydrated. The combination of salt and sugar solution optimizes the absorption of fluid in the intestines, which helps quickly replenish fluids. The salt and sugar solution benefits treating dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting

What are the major benefits of using ORS?

ORS, being a blend of water, and modest salts like potassium and sodium along with sugar has some binge-worthy benefits that can help one overcome the problems of dehydration.

  • Provide necessary body hydration

The main essence of using ORS is to keep the body hydrated by balancing the fluid content of the body and serving all the necessary components that can compensate for the water loss through skin, urine, sweat, and breathing. A lot of people also face problems of diarrhea since there is too much water lost in the body due to it and the cells and tissues are depleted of water and nutrients.

So, to refill the body with all the essential nutrients ORS is the best solution to cope with such problems. A lot of athletes can relate to such situations and hence, ORS is a recommended solution that can be used.

  • A one-step solution to treat dehydration

Dehydration has now become a very common trouble that a lot of people go through these days. Too much stress, exercise, running, or excessive use of the body can lead to sweat and breathing problems which ultimately leads to the loss of essential body components and fluids. This eventually gives rise to all the other problems like vomiting, diarrhea, fever, excessive sweating, and increased urination as a chain reaction.

Hence, to prevent such ill effects and keep your body hydrated, ORS again comes into the picture. All the athletes and fitness enthusiasts who tend to run or work out in hot humid weather also face the same issues. It is a matter of concern when such common problems of dehydration become serious.

It may also lead to worries like

Kidney or urinary problems - Repeated and prolonged periods of dehydration may lead to urinary tract infections, kidney stones (calcium stone formation), and kidney failure.

Heat injury – If one doesn’t take enough water while training, vigorous exercise and heavy perspiration may cause dehydration and heat injury. Mild heat cramps may later lead to the worst heat exhaustion. Often experienced by fitness freaks and athletes.

Seizures - Electrolyte imbalance, such as low potassium and hyponatremia (low sodium levels), disrupt electrical messages. It leads to uncontrolled muscle contractions, causing seizures and unconsciousness.

Low blood volume shocks - It’s also called Hypovolemic shock, which is considered the most serious and life-threatening complication of dehydration. This causes a drop in blood sugar and oxygen levels in the body. This can be very dangerous and harmful to people’s lives.

So, to avoid these mishaps, ORS can be the best and easy cure that can help one stay out of dehydration and always keep the body fluids in control.

Top 4 Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

  • Improves focus and motor function

It is always said that things taken in access are also harmful. Similarly, after working out or maybe after a long sprint one always thinks about grabbing a beverage that can make up for the loss of fluids in the body. However, too much sugar, caffeine, and other additives in beverages may cause more concentrated blood and dehydrated body cells and tissues than expected, which can disseminate focus and cognitive functioning and affect one’s motor function.

So, to avoid excessive intake of fluids, ORS can be the best solution that is highly recommended to all. The reason is, that oral rehydration salts will specifically formulate and give you the right amount of electrolytes and water your body needs.

  • Facilitates better performance

With respect to a better performance check, it is seen that a single dose of ORS is also enough and a lot to bring back your normal fluid balance. It leads to better-informed decisions, safety, performance, etc. among athletes who specially work out in the heat. The tapping point of ORS benefits helps in giving the body the proper amount of salt and sugar, potassium, sodium, glucose, and water necessities that a body actually requires.

  • Attain a better mindset and character 

Drinking water doesn’t only quench one’s thirst but also satisfies the mood or inner self. Water can be the best remedy to settle one’s mood, health, body temperature, and one’s satisfaction. It leverages one’s mood and thinking at large. Similarly, to upscale and modify the thirst water intake, adding ORS tablets can be the best solution.

It will not only improve your fluid balance but will also help in mitigating your feelings of inadequacy, irritability, and anxiety. Even for staunch runners or athletes, having peace of mind and resistance is important and this can only be possible by drinking beverages that help them in improving their efficiency and strength.

So in all, taking oral rehydration solutions helps treat and prevent dehydration among people suffering from diarrhea, excessive sweat due to intense physical exercise, or are ill (with fever). Also, oral rehydration therapy can improve focus and cognitive function, boost athletic performance, and complete daily routines efficiently.

Uses of Oral Rehydration Solution

The main use of ORS is to recharge the body's fluid levels. Usually, it’s used to treat moderate-level dehydration caused due to diarrhea, vomiting, or other reasons. It is seen that athletes tend to lose essential minerals like potassium and sodium via sweat which can be a reason for their experiencing the problems of dehydration at large.

Here’s where I recommend ORS treatment because O.R.S Hydration Tablets supply your ordinary drinking water with important electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins that help in hydration drink aid in replacing electrolytes and minerals lost through the sweaty process of exercise. Some of you would also have questions as to whether our electrolytes are good for athletes, then it’s a yes from my end because electrolytes are generally used to sustain total body water, as deficits might increase cardiovascular and thermal strain and degrade one’s aerobic performance.

Another question that people have is whether ORS can be used during workouts or not, so to answer this question, ORS tablets provide your body with all the necessities it requires to refill its reserves after excess workouts or exercise. They're quite easy to throw into a gym bag and add to your bottle of water for a complete solution to rehydration pre-, post-, or even during your workout routine.

Top 4 Benefits of ORS Rehydration Drinks

ORS drinks uses

There are several ORS drinks that one can make use of but to take a personal note on this, I have a few recommendations that will surely help you out in selecting the best ones. To get started, one can definitely try this product named Reload. Since the main trouble starts when we tend to lose water and electrolytes, the moment we sweat, hence reloading your body with the necessary amount of electrolytes, reloading can be efficient in doing this. Its Hypotonic Effervescent Electrolytes help faster hydrate.

It is powered with 5 Instant Electrolytes-Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Chlorides + Vitamins and low sugar for instant hydration. It’s an informed certified choice and very easy to use. One just needs to take a glass of water, drop the tablet, let the tablet dissolve completely in the water, and then drink. Another product that I personally recommend is Reload Caffeine.

Reload Caffeine helps in instant electrolyte replacement and the Caffeine Boost helps to provide instant and effective hydration along with a physical and mental boost to ace performance. To consume this one can follow the same procedure as used in Reload. Last but not the least, Reload ORS, specifically for oral rehydration solutions can be the best drink that I recommend to athletes in specific.

The reason is, that Reload ORS is the formula of fast-acting Clinical Electrolytes + D-Glucose + Zinc for faster electrolyte replacement and all those who experience severe dehydration, vomiting, weakness, and fever. It’s a one-stop solution that can help one overcome all these ill effects.

To consume these, one has to dissolve 1 effervescent tablet in 250ml water, wait until totally dissolved, and then drink and feel recharged. So, these are some of the products that one can surely make use of whenever they feel dehydrated or suffer from any related symptoms.

Main advantages of ORS tablets

ORS has shown to be a distinct perk while exercising. It helps the body to stay hydrated, and regulates one’s body temperature and heart rate more effectively, which ultimately makes sure that there are no complications taking place. Exercise basically puts all the muscles on the test which creates a lot of pain, cramps, etc. ORS has got you covered in this.

It helps in releasing such pains and provides instant help in such situations. The benefits of ORS Hydration Tablets also have a big impact on your mental functionalities by reducing fatigue, increasing concentration, and improving the pace at which messages are transmitted from the brain to the muscles. Drinking water might not just be enough since maintaining the correct amounts of fluid is a task.

ORS powder is a healthy option with the proper amount of electrolytes and essential salts, it helps balance the fluid levels in one’s body optimally. As water does not contain electrolytes, ORS is important for the body to remain healthily hydrated.

One can make a perfect ORS sports drink by adding 1-2 tablets per 500ml of water, by doing so one will not only get the required proportion of nutrients but will also help in regaining the lost salts from one’s body via sweat. It’s more of reloading and rejuvenating yourself with more strength, a good thought process, and a good mood.

Last Notes:

So, I am sure all the readers of this blog have gotten an idea about what ORS is and how useful it is to treat problems like dehydration along with its bounteous benefits that can keep us well hydrated, maintain fluid balance and boost our performance.

Being an athlete, I would recommend all my fellow readers to take note of the importance of oral rehydration solution, since it’s absolutely not that ORS is only catered to athletes or sportspersons, but it is for all those who go through problems like dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc.

With respect to any specific side effects, it is seen that a lot of people who consume ORS tablets have not been affected by any sort of side effects, however, if anyone experiences any side effects like dizziness, unusual weakness, swelling of ankles/feet, mental/mood changes (such as irritability, restlessness), seizures, then the best solution is to visit the doctor immediately.

For athletes in specific, ORS can bring the best out of you. Since athletes lose a lot of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals during exercise, ORS can help them reload and regain all the electrolytes and can also help them boost their strength and focus considerably.

Hence, it’s time for all fellow readers to get their packs of ORS tablets and see the change by themselves. I can just recommend but you all can implement it and see the results by yourselves. I hope this blog and all the information have been of great help to you.

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