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5 Right Corner Defenders to Watch Out For in PKL 2019

Published : Aug 14, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 26, 2022

Right Corner is a very crucial position on the mat of Kabaddi and every team wants that this position is occupied by one of the very best in this business. Pro Kabaddi league over the years has transformed into a very intense and difficult tournament where these corners have been instrumental in those team’s success who have reigned as Champions in any season.

Here are 5 Right Corners to watch out for in PKL 7 -

  • Saurabh Nandal

Leading the charge for Bulls defence from the right corner will be Saurabh Nandal. Saurabh is a promising talent who made his debut for Bulls in Season 7. The best part about Saurabh is that he always puts pressure on opposition raiders and has a very good strike rate which helps him save many points for his team.

5 Right Corner Defenders to Watch Out For in PKL 2019

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5 Right Corner Defenders to Watch Out For in PKL 2019

  • Nitesh Kumar

The first man to score 100 points in a single season of PKL is Nitesh Kumar who achieved this feat in Season 6 playing for UP Yoddhas. He is among the very best when it comes to ankle holds and is one of the most versatile defenders of the league. This season his captaincy skill will also be under test.

  • Mohit Chillar

Another Superstar Defender coming from Chillar Family is Tamil Thalahivas Mohit Chiller. Since the inception of the league, Chiller has been among the top defenders in every PKL season. He is the fourth most successful defender in the league and has both thighs holds and dashes in his arsenal.

5 Right Corner Defenders to Watch Out For in PKL 2019

  • Ravinder Pahal

The defender who creates chahal-pahal in the opposition raider’s mind is Ravindar Pahal. He is the bravest of em’ all and plays with an attacking min-set. His back holds and dashes are what make him a dangerous man and a perfect complement for the left corner defender.

  • Abozar Mohajer Mighani

An Iranian Import who has now become a recognized name in PKL is Telugu Titans Abozar Mighani. His ace move is his back hold and is a very fearless player on the mat. Titans have put a lot of hopes in him to lead their team to their maiden title this season.

5 Right Corner Defenders to Watch Out For in PKL 2019

When Abozar on the mat he plays with very high intensity. He is always pumped to perform better during the entire duration of the match. As his energy levels are always high he can bring out his A-game.

A kabaddi match is played for 40 minutes each. For that duration, these Kabaddi defenders put in a lot of their effort and energy to help their team win. After playing such an intense game, it is necessary for a player to recover from the match to be ready for the next match as matches in Kabaddi are usually played on consecutive days. Fast&Up Recover is an ideal post-workout drink that promotes protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown to help a defender prepare for your next game.

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