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5 Easy Exercises to Do at Home during Monsoon Season

Published : Jul 04, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

“Rains, rains go away, little Johnny wants to work-out for the day” is the rhyme repeated by every fitness enthusiasts who do not want to miss his/her routine workout due to rains in the monsoon season. Rains are liked by all especially because the atmosphere becomes quite pleasant and less hot. But those who exercise daily cannot perform their work-out and are in search of alternatives. Doing exercises at home to keep yourself fit and healthy can be fun and also effective.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home -

• Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a Yoga Asana which is easy to perform. It involves giving salutations to the Sun. Surya Namaskar is a complete workout which helps to stay physically fit and healthy. It helps a person to make one's lower body muscles strong. It helps strengthen ankles, feet and legs.

5 Easy Exercises to do at Home during Monsoon Season

• Spot Run

As the name suggests, spot run is nothing different but running while being on the same spot. This exercise has the same benefits as running and can be of great fun especially when it’s pouring outside. Spot Running will help to make your bones strong and healthy.

Running leads to sweat which leads to loss of electrolytes. Loss of electrolytes causes fatigue and stress if not replenished instantly. If you run daily, you should make sure that you are always high on electrolytes and energy levels. To replenish electrolytes instantly, click here.

• Push – Ups

Push – Ups involves workout of each and every muscle. It strengthens one's muscles and increases endurance. As you constantly lift your body up from the ground and keep on repeating the same this enhances the strength of your joints and also helps one stay away from a shoulder injury.

5 Easy Exercises to do at Home during Monsoon Season

• Indoor Cycling

Cycling early morning in the breeze of fresh air is so relaxing and peaceful. But this is not possible during the rains as there are chances of you slipping and hurting yourself. Yet, you can enjoy your morning cycling by doing the same indoors. Cycling will you to boost your breathing activity.

• Bicycle Crunch

Here you lie down on your mat and your hands behind your head. Then you lift your knees and the try to touch your chest from your left leg while your right leg moves straight. Repeat this exercise alternately to get a flat and toned stomach.

5 Easy Exercises to do at Home during Monsoon Season

People who are unable to exercise due to rains shall make sure that they take active care of their health. This will ensure them a healthy happy life. Building strong immunity helps a person to remain healthy and away from various diseases. A Strong Immunity helps a person to fight cold, cough and other such harms caused by rains.

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