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11 Marathon Milestones: A Runner's Emotional Journey

Published : Jan 18, 2018 5 mins read Updated On : Dec 07, 2023

Don?t run away from your feelings!

So you are running for one the biggest races in the country? The run in Mumbai is what every runner waits for. You work hard, train dedicatedly, follow the perfect diet but nothing can truly prepare you for the emotional roller coaster that is running a marathon! There will be highs (Fast&Up Energy Gel obviously), lows, tears, mind games, laughter, perseverance, resignation and glory among other irrational feelings. Don't panic! It is completely normal and once you are aware of the stages your mind can go through, you can pre-empt them and deal with each situation. So here are the 11 emotional stages you go through on your D-day! NERVES If you aren't nervous during the morning of your marathon then you probably dont feel any emotion! You are running for one of the biggest races in the country - butterflies fluttering in your stomach is very much allowed. TMM2-1

NONCHALANCE The race has begun and the nerves have relaxed. The crowd is cheering you, it feels good to be running and you begin to feel that you have can totally ace this!


SOLIDARITY The crowd has reduced as the race route has meandered into less populated areas. Here, you get to chat with fellow runners and you feel as sense of solidarity. You an athlete, these are your people and you are where you belong.


THE MOMENT OF TRUTH The talking has reduced and you are looking at your watch. You are feeling ok physically but the reality has set in that this is no training run and you are in for the long run today. You will be running the 42 Kms today and everyone you know is aware of it so there is no pulling out now. DOUBT The mind has taken an unexpected turn, negative thoughts have settled in. So you are reasoning with yourself, why the marathon was a good idea even if your thoughts are saying otherwise. The mid is growing darker and before you know it, you are wondering if you can actually complete this distance at all.


Yes you did a long distance run two weeks ago, but it left you sore and now you have to run at least 10 kms more, is that even possible? This is a daunting task, but you realise soon enough that months of training will get you to the finish line no matter what. ANGER ?Whose idea was this anyway?? ?I hate hate hate right now!? ?GOD, WHY GOD?!?


You and you alone decided to do a marathon but right now it is everybody else?s fault. A happy half marathon runners sees you struggling and tries to encourage you but all you can this is, ?Easy for you to say, you will be done in the next 7 kms? and you hate the runner even more! You feel like shouting at this person because somehow it is their fault too! Luckily, your energy is occupied to keep you running so all you can do is grunt and keep going. PS - After the marathon is done, you will the runner and give them a hug (previous feelings forgotten) ? SELF PITY ?So. Much. Pain? ?It isn?t normal to run so much? ?Why did I do this? I cannot run!? ?Why did I even think I can run? You?ve never known chafing quite like this and the sweat from your forehead is running and going into your mouth. What you taste is self-loathing. PS - Have you tried Fast&Up Reload for your during run hydration? Apart from the self-loathing, taste the refreshing berry flavour which will help to rehydrate you and keep you going! TMM2-7

THE SECOND WIND It comes when you least expect it and will help you run the few kilometers. As you begin to accept this feeling and remove all the dark thoughts, you begin to think - ?I could actually finish this thing? It doesn?t last long though, you have sped up but now you are slowing down again. With this pace, the pain returns - the brutal pain of your naivety. TMM2-8 

CLARITY This moment, it is what makes running worth it. Everything is clear now, you see the world and yourself in a different light. If you can survive this, you can do anything. The finish line is more than that, it is a new you waiting for you - this new person for whom world domination is a possible reality!



ADRENALINE RUSH The last few kilometer when the crowd is cheering for you. It is just 2 more kilometers to finish your marathon and you cannot wait any longer! You will sprint these last few kilometers, or at least try to. Your urgency levels are heightened as you see the finish line and tell yourself - ?It?s nearly over!!!? Your aching body and muscles mean you?re pretty vulnerable, so you?re a big bag of emotion at the finish line. SUPERIORITY With a marathon medal around your neck you?ll start to look at people in the street and ask yourself if they have done a marathon. Humility won?t return for at least a week and soreness won?t leave! Opt for Fast&Up Recover within 30 minutes of completing your marathon to reduce soreness and initiate quick recovery that will ensure you party hard just like you aced your run! TMM2-10 

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