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World Ice Cream Day

Published : Jul 19, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Dec 07, 2023

Ice Cream – As soon as one hears these words, his/her mouth stars watering. Since childhood, all of us have loved eating Ice cream. May it is that we have had to plead mom/dad to let us eat it especially during monsoon season or we had to save some part of our pocket money to eat that special favourite flavour of yours’. And still, the love and cravings for Ice Cream are the same for all of us.

World Ice Cream Day

Ice Creams are mood makers. They are the best thing to gift to a person who is not in a healthy state of mind or is upset regarding something. This can make the person mood and make him/her happy. Also, Ice Creams are known to stimulate brain activity. They lead to relief of stress and help a person to live at peace. Eating an Ice Cream relaxes a person and thus whenever a person wants to calm down and lighten him/herself than Ice Cream is the best option.

The History behind World Ice Cream Day

Ice Cream has been a part of man’s life ever since the time of milk and has benefited the human community in many ways. Earlier it was made from the snow but later on as the refrigerator was invented Ice Creams gained more popularity because of time place utility. Right from the simple yet delicious vanilla flavored ice cream to all sorts of unique and tastier flavors including the favorite of all of us – Chocolate. Today, ice creams are made instantly with the help of liquid nitrogen

How to Celebrate
Celebration of Ice Cream can be nothing new than going out and having your favorite flavored ice cream. You can also visit an ice cream parlor with your friends or your love and spend some quality time while you are enjoying the taste. One can also enjoy the latest versions of ice creams like an ice cream sandwich or smoky ice cream or a milkshake. Ice Cream Day is one’s chance to forget about everything and try out new and tastier upcoming flavors.

World Ice Cream Day

Did you Know
If you are excessively addicted to ice cream and eat a lot of them than it might lead to some ill effects on your body and health. You might gain weight due to overeating. Also, most of these ice creams have added sugar content which is not good for health. The cold of the ice cream many times activates hypersensitive cough receptors in some people. Ice Creams are known to cause cold which makes a person sick and unhealthy.

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World Ice Cream Day

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