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Will Energy Gels Help You Run a Better Mile?

Published : Apr 02, 2020 4 mins read Updated On : Jul 19, 2022

Almost all runners love to hate energy gels, but as per major nutritionists, the energy gels are stapled fuel belts for runners. After every 60 minutes, the runners feel tired, so to meet the energy levels and run the extra-mile, the energy gels are needed, and they help in replenishing the calories lost. Before choosing any gels, one should be aware of the nutrient content it holds.

What are energy gels?

On the top of the glycogen floors, the energy levels are designed that usually get depleted during long-distance running. Sugar is the most preferred form of fuel for a body, and energy gels comprise of simple sugar. To make the most optimum utilization of the product, one should look for brands that offer different forms of carbohydrates like glucose and fructose. In warm weather, they are essential to be consumed as they provide electrolytes. If a person sweats excessively, then he or she should prefer buying a gel that contains at least 100mg of Sodium. Some brands of energy gels also contain caffeine that makes running the extra mile easy. It is easy to gear up for the marathon season by planning your fueling plan well in advance.

How to consume energy gels?

To get a carb-heavy calorie kick one should consume energy gels. The energy gels are available in various forms like drinks, bars, and gels. All the forms of energy gels are easily absorbed in the bloodstream. One has to choose the type to get the best results. Energy bars are the slowest to show efforts as one needs to chew them and require breaking. Energy drinks are the quickest form that can be absorbed as well as they contain electrolytes that help in replacing those lost in sweat. After energy drinks, gels are the second quickest form that can be absorbed, and it delivers around 100 calories in one go. Energy gels are ideal for runners who are looking for a quick surge.

How do energy gels work?

The body gets fuel from carbohydrates, but they are not stored for a longer duration. The faster one runs, the body requires more fuel. After 90 minutes or a maximum of 120 minutes of running, half of the glycogen stored by the muscles is empty. As the energy gels are a simple form of sugars and contain 25g of carbohydrates firstly, they are absorbed in the bloodstream, forming glucose, and then it is absorbed by the active muscles and organs, promising a spike in energy. Energy gels aren't a direct replacement as one can't control the amount of glycogen absorbed by the muscles. One gel promises 45 minutes of running to a runner. Some energy gels also contain various ingredients like electrolytes that aid to replace lost minerals and caffeine that aids in opening up the blood vessels and also helps to increase the energy levels plus giving a boost to the mind.

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Perfect time to consume energy levels

The ideal time to consume energy gels varies from a body to body. The different body structure has a different capacity to absorb and process carbohydrates. Some may feel the effect in 15 minutes, while some may feel the impact in just 3 minutes. The absorption rate slows down when blood is diverted away from the stomach to the muscles. The most crucial rule one shouldn't forget is practicing with the energy gels during the training period to ensure how much energy gels are required by the body. The energy gels are always recommended to be consumed with water as without water, the gels take longer time to digest and enter the bloodstream. Never consume energy gels with energy drinks as it increases the risk of high sugar.

Pros of using energy gels

• Aids in balancing the body- Some brands of energy gels have added electrolytes that aid the runner in keeping the body balanced when the body is stressed or dehydrated.

• Aids in improving the performance- All runners aim to improve their performance every day. The energy gels contain ginseng, amino acids, and vitamins that aid in improving the performance as well as reducing muscle damage.

• Improves energy levels- The caffeine present in the energy gels enhances the body's energy levels that make running easy for runners.

• Easy to open- The energy gels are convenient to open with as they are packed with easy to peel notch.

• Easy to carry- The energy gels can be carried easily as they are light in weight.

• Immediate effect- On consuming the energy gels, one can see the immediate effect as the gels are easily absorbed and digested by the body.

Cons of using energy gels

• Dehydration- If one fails to take energy gels with water, then the body shall get dehydrated.

• Bitter taste- Sometimes, the energy gels aren't great in taste that makes runners unhappy to eat.

• Sticky- On messing the energy gels, it gets sticky, which makes it challenging to carry them.

• Expensive- The cost of the energy gels depends on the brand one chooses to buy. At times energy gels cost more than the energy than a sports drink.

Ways to take the energy gels

• During a workout- During a workout regime, one can tear open the package and squeeze out the gel and then insert the open end of the pouch. Once the gel squeezed into the mouth, chew it rather than swallowing it. Drink an adequate amount of water after consumption.

• During a race- After eating a carbohydrate-rich breakfast on the race day, consume energy gel after every 30 minutes, so the carbohydrates level doesn't deplete during the race.

Fast&Up Instant Energy Gels for Runners

Energy gels are mostly easy to be consumed by all runners as it helps them to run better. FastandUp Energy gels are specially designed for the athletes. The condensed carbohydrate gel not only promotes recovery but also serves as an energy house for the athletes and runners. They are smooth for your digestive system.

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